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2011 World Cup Prep


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We're about a month away from the Women's World Cup and the buzz for this team seems to have completely died. Last fall when the team was off winning the CONCACAF Championship, and the Brazil tournament it seemed like everyone in Canada was following the team, they were even getting main stream media coverage... all that seems to be gone all the sudden. I'm not really sure if there is someone to blame or if it's just my ignorance over the past few months. I mean I had no idea Canada played a game yesterday until I saw the score on the CSA site today.

I also feel like the prep for the tournament has been lacking, they don't seem to have played too many games recently and the opponents they have been getting aren't the teams they need to beat if they want to go far in the tournament.

Maybe everything will pick up as we get closer to the World Cup, but right now the hype just seems to have disappeared.

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I wouldn't use the word ridiculous for Karina to be offended. Okay, I agree with you that some people who don't follow this team frequently may think they're on vacation but to base your opinion and bash the team on one or two tweets is ridiculous and quiet frankly ignorant. These are grown, this isn't college. While I would agree that younger players should watch what they say it isn't necessary for all players to tweet work related stuff. There is a good balance of public posts. For instance Rhian Wilkinson's website. She consistently writes journals of on and of field activities. So it is clear that they are in fact training and not on vacation. These women sacrifice a lot, being away from loved ones, missing out on holidays. You put yourself in their shoes and see if you think being offended is ridiculous.

Well stated and maybe some of these "the WNT is on vacation" folks should follow some of the other teams and their player blogs too as it's seems all the females do similar things.

US WNT players visit zoo -

Yep, in USWNT CBA the players have a nursery at their residency and prep camps for the players that have kids.


Stephanie Cox, Nicole Barnhart, Reece Rampone and Rachel Buehler atop a manatee at the Columbus Zoo.

Linsday Tarpley -

Foot Massages and the Great Wall

Two exciting outings

We went and got foot massages as a team…. It was so relaxing and nice. They spent 50 minutes working on our feet! I’ve never had anyone massage my feet for 50 minutes. I definitely could get used to it!

We also went to see the beginning of the Great Wall. The portion of the wall that we visited is called the Dragon Head. It was right on the water and you could go boating, walking, or riding in a little cart. We found a popsicle stand which most of us indulged in. I had a Dreamsicle which brought me back to my childhood days! Also, have you ever heard of Blue Moon ice cream? We got into a discussion today and lots of people didn’t know what it was…..is it a Midwest thing? Blue Moon ice cream is the best!

As far as the weather goes, it was another hot and humid day. Fortunately, it rained a little bit and the weather cooled off. Only a few more days until it is gameday!

Natasha Kai -

Natasha Kai and The Dancing Cow


Amanda Vandervort -

Soccer Science: The Neurotic Genius of Soccer in the Digital Age is the personal blog of Amanda Vandervort, where I discuss digital and social media strategies in soccer. My opinions are my own. Learn more.

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Maybe that explains why they uglied into the Cup ;) (and vandey01 is a star on the media national team, but not a player).

USA 2 - 0 Japan on the weekend off first-half goals from Abby Wambach and Amy Rodriguez (who's looked pretty good lately). Carli Lloyd wore the "C" for the first time. Hope Solo got the clean sheet in her first game since shoulder surgery last Fall and like Patrick Roy in '93 she could literally carry the whole team to the Cup on her back.

Unfortunately Lindsay Tarpley's foot massage didn't save her knee. Gone for the Cup. People may have mixed opinions on that but in mine it's hugely tragic. She was a winner (and Canada killer).

Lisa De Vanna has been booted out of the squad for the second international against New Zealand for an unspecified code of conduct breach. Unfortunately Lisa couldn't adhere to some of the team's non-negotiable behaviour parameters and we have had to make a decision for the benefit of the entire squad.

I think the last time she got reprimanded was for some pics with a stuffed penis on Facebook when some whackjob soccer Mom went church lady on the FA. Again with the social media though.

These women sacrifice a lot, being away from loved ones, missing out on holidays.

Is that not the life of an athlete? A junior hockey player? A "professional" NCAA football or basketball player? Someone of the golf or tennis qualifying tour? Is it a sacrifice? A prison? Or is it a lifestyle people choose because they love it more than anything else on the planet and would drop everything in a heartbeat to do?

The correct answer is it's both and everything is contextual. Regarding "the WNT is on vacation" - nobody said boo before they threatened a strike. When you do that to a country you open the door to have your existence publicly analyzed and questioned. Any Canadian team of men or women in any sport would encounter the same thing.

Yeah Sam, it's deadsville. It's been a busy year and I think everyone's just catching their breath and warming up and starting to get the rust out and ready for the summer. Maybe that explains the game yesterday too.

The French beat the Swiss 2-0 twice in the past year and in Cyprus they started going to the bench on the hour. Two goals different than our result but a couple of crossbars and we're still in the same ballpark. The key thing with the French is what happens when they get together for while in their pre-tournament prep camp. Do they gel or do they go the men's route in South Africa?

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England 2 -0 Sweden. Sweden were the better in the first half and tuned out in the second. English were the opposite.

German team has a staff of 34 this summer (including chef, media and security teams) funded by DFB proceeds on the $3 billion in revenue from the men's Bundesliga.

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Swiss had their "A" team.

Canada: LeBlanc, Zurrer, Kyle, Wilkinson, Matheson, Chapman, Julien, Sinclair, Schmidt, Filigno, Nault

7': 1-0 Switzerland at 7' via Crnogorcevic

27': 1-1 - CSA calls it Matheson's 10th in the 27' but the Swiss call it an own goal at 31'

45': Parker for Kyle

62': Scott for Julien (according to the CSA)

63': Stewart for Nault

64': 2-1 from Julien (according to the Swiss)

68': Timko for Filingo

72': Gayle for Wilkinson

81': Moscato for Schmidt

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Caught an entertaining second half of the USA 2-0 Japan game tonight. The Japanese may be 4th ranked in the world but they're nowhere near there on the field. Hopefully they win their group and we meet them in the quarters because tonight we would have put them down like a baby with a bottle. They have incredible team 5yd speed and are technically skilled and great individually under possession but they left their intent, presence and killer instinct back in Yokohama.

If the Americans were in a finishing mood it would have been 5-0 in the second half. I'm still not sure how Wambach fanned her sitter or how Alex Morgan was in the Japanese six with every other player on the field pretty much out of the 18yd box (including the keeper) and failed to score. And despite Julie Foudy and the other commentator saying otherwise, they probably should have had a late penalty given to them as well.

Nice to get a chance to see a player as classy as Homare Sawa. She's one of those players who's grace you could watch all night long. Also nice to get a chance to see Mana Iwabuchi. She has a pretty rare creative attacking mind for someone so young (just turned 18) and it's great to see them have the guts to give her the games to fully develop and not ride the pines. In the American system she probably wouldn't make the senior team, let alone play 90, for another three years.

The Americans were strong in possession all over the field. The backline was organized and surprisingly effective against the quick darting and fleet-footed Japanese. The USA is a tough team to score on when they have numbers back, but I'm not so sure about when the game opens up. They don't have a lot of quick change of direction in the center and you worry about them when players like Marta, Bajramaj or Schelin get in there with space. For their sake hopefully they never get behind and never have to open a game up wide enough to find out.

This World Cup/Olympics cycle is likely Abby Wambach's swan song and although it won't happen you get the feeling the Americans would be more successful using her in a different role instead of 90 a game. She's a really strong prototype target with a great air game and can receive a ball and either turn it or hold it up. But they have about five talented young attackers who can produce a more dynamic attack and do it for 90 minutes. That would be a better meat and potatoes with Wambach in long stretches where she fit the opponent or as a last 30-40 minutes target and game changer.

In the last World Cup Lisa De Vanna not only killed us but was the Australians best player and delivered them result after result. We tend to see subs as underlings but as Tom Sermani taught everyone sometimes they're the most talented and important player on the team. I think if he was coaching the Americans that would be Abby Wambach in 2011.

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FIFA and Sony Music Entertainment Select "Happiness" by Alexis Jordan as FIFA Women's World Cup 2011™ Official Song

NEW YORK, May 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- FIFA and Sony Music Entertainment today announced that "Happiness" (Dave Aude Remix) by 19-year-old singing sensation Alexis Jordan (Star Roc/Roc Nation/Columbia), has been chosen as the Official Song of the upcoming FIFA Women's World Cup in Germany 2011™. Alexis Jordan will perform the song on July 17 at the closing ceremony of the event in Frankfurt.

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A couple of interesting parts of an interview with Anson Dorrance in Soccer America:

1) Q: What differences do you see in the players coming to college soccer compared to 10, 20, 30 years ago?

A: The top players are similar. But the average players right now are so much better than they were. While the average player is much better, I would be hard-pressed to tell you that players coming into college are more effective than April Heinrichs, or Michelle Akers, or Carin Jennings-Gabarra. The truly elite player we had back in the day would still, if they were young enough, be able to compete as starters on our full national team today.

2) "The model I’m using is Germany, where they now have 17 full-time people within their own federation who do nothing but the development of women’s soccer in Germany."

3) Q: What's the difference between coaching males and females?

A: Basically women are easier to coach but harder to manage. Men are more difficult to coach but easier to manage.

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"Basically women are easier to coach but harder to manage. Men are more difficult to coach but easier to manage."

After 41 years of marriage (to the same woman) I would say this is pretty much true for life in general ;-)

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France's Olympique Lyonnais have the superteam approach to their domestic league so the majority of the French national team will be playing against Turbine Potsdam in the Women's Champions League Final at Craven Cottage in a couple of hours.

The German national team is more watered down through their Frauen-Bundesliga with only five nationals on Potsdam, and of them Anja Mittag and Fatmire Bajramaj in the attack are the danger tonight.

Very well done video preview here: UEFA.com

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I caught about 20 minutes late in the game off justin.tv

The Germans were gang-tackling in the middle and it was working really well. When one of the French players had the ball they would close them down from all sides as quick as possible. More often than not it resulted in a turnover.

The Czech official was right on top of things and made a great non-PK call late in the game. Play of the game in my book.

Right fullback Wendie Renard who scored the first goal was 6'5" with her awesome hair. And scored off a corner as you would expect, but ironically with her toe and not her head.


Throw in Schelin and Lyon's roster is well above Potsdam's and considering the German side fielded they did a good job just getting there.

Bernd Schröder has spent 40 years behind the women's bench in Potsdam. I read an interesting quote of his a little while ago and noted it down:

"The success we have at the [women's] club is also based on the success and the support of the region, the city and our federal minister, who does everything to support and develop sports further."

I found it interesting because regarding women's club programs virtually everywhere in Canada that would read "we have no support whatsoever from the region, the city and our federal minister."

More background on the club and the man:


In 1955, the Betriebssportgemeinschaft Turbine Potsdam was founded. The club was supported by the local energy supplier. The men’s football team played with mediocre success on lower levels.

On New Year’s Eve 1970, Bernd Schröder, an employee of the energy supplier, discovers a strange piece of paper on the company’s blackboard. It says that a women’s football team will be established on March 3, 1971. The identify of the person responsible for this paper was never established.

The women’s team was founded on March 3, 1971 and Bernd Schröder became the first coach. The first match was played on May 25, 1971 at Empor Tangermünde and ended with a 3–0 win for Turbine. The first district championship was played a year later and was won by Turbine.

Schröder was always looking for new players. He concentrated on former track and field athletes who were dropped by their clubs. Schröder became a senior employee in his company, so he could offer jobs and flats for the new players.

In 1979, the first unofficial women’s football championship of the GDR was held - unofficial as women’s football was far from being recognised by the Olympic Games. Turbine was the favourite but missed the final tournament. They also missed the final tournament in 1980. The final tournament in 1981 was held in Potsdam and Schröder was under pressure. He held a training camp by the Baltic Sea. However, the team struggled during the qualification. The team was unbeaten in the final tournament and won their first championship. Each player received 50 East German mark and Schröder was awarded the title "Activist of socialist work".

Turbine also won the championships of 1982 and 1983. Their success was recognized in the rest of Europe and Turbine was invited for tournaments in the Netherlands and Italy. However, Turbine didn't receive any of these invitations. The GDR forbade the team to travel into capitalist countries. The club wasn't even allowed to travel to tournaments in other communist countries in case some teams from western Europe participated. Schröder once asked a Hungarian club to alter the list of teams. They replaced teams from Austria and Yugoslavia by teams from Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia.

The team went to Hungary and was accompanied by a member of the SED party. He realized that there was something wrong. Turbine played in the tournament and Schröder was banned internationally for a year. After the ban, Turbine was invited to a tournament in Poland. This time, Schröder himself altered the list of the teams.

Once again the team was accompanied by an SED member who wanted to force the Polish club to send the Western European teams home. As a compromise, Turbine played a friendly match against the home team. The club was now banned from travelling outside the GDR until further notice.


Can't think of a better person to be standing in front of 14,000 people in Craven Cottage 30 years later.

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FIFA and Sony Music Entertainment Select "Happiness" by Alexis Jordan as FIFA Women's World Cup 2011™ Official Song

NEW YORK, May 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- FIFA and Sony Music Entertainment today announced that "Happiness" (Dave Aude Remix) by 19-year-old singing sensation Alexis Jordan (Star Roc/Roc Nation/Columbia), has been chosen as the Official Song of the upcoming FIFA Women's World Cup in Germany 2011™. Alexis Jordan will perform the song on July 17 at the closing ceremony of the event in Frankfurt.

Not a good choice....horrible pop song that is not an anthem and the video..laughs... look to the pick down below of the German women... I do not think they would .... be looking at a video like this and saying oh ya I see myself in this imagery.

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