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Free Canada Flag

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Get a free 6 feet x 3 feet Canada flag to bring to matches to support our boys with.

Simply find your MP here:


Call the Constituency office and ask them for a Canada flag. They may ask you to drop by to pick one up, however, if you politely ask them to mail it to you, it will be in your house in a couple of days.

I must've asked real nicely......they sent me two!

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quote:Originally posted by Olgier

Mine is from the Bloc Quebecois....lol....not sure that he keeps the Canadian flag.

Ahaha, worth a shot anyways.

If he doesn't have one: we get a funny story.

And maybe if you ask, he'll give you all of his flags, just to get rid of them, I bet demand is low.

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Bah....i cant get a flag....they only give it to public organisation such as school.

They made me call the Canadian Heritage and i had to filled a request to get some flags.

This is my last chance, if it doesnt work, it looks like ill have to use my credit card.

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I just called the office for Chris Charlton, she is the MP for Hamilton Mountain.

They have flags, but you have to live in the riding. I'm sure if you stop by their office and give them someone else's address who happens to live in the riding they will give you a flag or two.

Here is the office address and number:

845 Upper James Street, Unit 230B, 2nd Floor

Hamilton, Ontario

L9C 3A3

Telephone: (905) 574-3331

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