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  1. CONCACAF is crap, and the FIFA rankings are crap; they go hand-in-hand. Put the two together... need I say more?
  2. 4996 at tonight's York9/Impact tilt, and judging by the crowd I saw, that was 100% accurate. Exciting game, good vibe in the grounds.
  3. I've seen ads on a YRT bus, but that's pretty much it. The club needs to get the word out better. I bet there are a fair number of people at YorkU, including many footy fans, who've never heard of the team.
  4. This thread reminds me of that History of the Kits thread from years ago on the board. Any way we can access that? It would be great to directly compare all of the kits over the years made by Adidas, Score, Umbro, Nike, etc.
  5. It's unlikely, given that this game wasn't a part of our package. After the home opener against Forge on May 25 (the one in which the stadium was cleared out and people were told the game was cancelled), fans who attended that game were given complimentary tickets to another game, and I chose to use my comp tickets on the Canadian Championship game last night. I suspect enough people made the same decision as me, but faced with another rainy day at the stadium, some people with comp tickets just stayed home.
  6. ^You had a better commute than I did lol. The east end isn't well served by subway. No way 700 were there, but definitely more than 200. I walked around the stadium, and I saw fans occupying a lot of nooks and crannies.
  7. Transit was slow in general. I left home in eastern Scarborough shortly after 4pm, and planned to casually take the bus across Ellesmere/York Mills/Wilson to Wilson Station. Big mistake - waiting times were long, and traffic was about as slow as it gets on that cross-town route. I arrived just in time for the start of the game, though I planned to be at the stadium quite early.
  8. The initial V-Cup game was also included in the York9 package. York9 started a round earlier than Valour, though, so the included tickets were for the match against AS Blainville.
  9. I thought more like 500-600 people, judging by the the crowds that seemed to be just about anywhere other than the actual seating areas. I think there were more people at the concourse level of the main stand rather than sitting in the stand itself.
  10. About 500-600 would be my best guess. I did a rough count of the number sitting in the main stand with the red seats, and there were about 200 there, but there appeared to be far more at the top of that block of seats, huddled under various canopies, etc. It was raining steady for most of the game, so naturally few people wanted to sit in exposed, wet seats. There were a decent number of people in certain VIP tents, too.
  11. Entertaining game. It rained steady throughout most of the match, letting up toward the full-time whistle. No thunder and lightning, and no evac. lol
  12. I am, too. I hope the weather holds up this time.
  13. Exactly. In addition to jersey sales, food and drink sales need to be factored in as well. If tickets are cheap enough, fans will more than compensate for this by treating themselves to a beer or two.
  14. I think $25 (surcharges included) is fine for a lower-end ticket, but high-end tickets shouldn't be drastically more expensive than this. In terms of quality of view, there isn't a big difference between a midfield seat and a seat by the 18-yard area, at least to the point of warranting a three-fold increase in ticket price. Charge $15-20 more for top midfield seats, and these seats will be far less likely to show up as blue on the Ticketmaster page. In my opinion tickets should only cost $50+ in this league if fans are truly getting a premium-level seat - i.e. a ticket includes such perks as free or significantly-discounted food or alcohol, in-seat service, etc. I'm thinking along the lines of what VIP season ticket holders get for Toronto Wolfpack games.
  15. That seems about right to me as well. I estimated 7-8 yards between the corner flag and the 18-yard box, which would yield a pitch between 58 and 60 yards wide.
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