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  1. And there it is. It's all part of the Soccer United Marketing money-making machine.
  2. I agree. I don't understand why MLS continues with these lame gimmicky tournaments, especially when it's clear that fixture congestion is a big problem. The MLS playoff structure was trimmed down, and I assume that at least part of the motivation for that was to trim the schedule and wrap the playoffs up earlier. I would rather watch a big playoff game any day instead of a pointless match in a nothing tournament. MLS really has its priorities straight...
  3. This reminds me of the old SuperLiga tournament held between MLS and Liga MX teams around ten years ago, except lamer because it won't have the best teams from either league in it. Honestly, given all of the issues regarding fixture congestion and what not, we don't need tournaments such as these. If the time exists to hold meaningless tournaments, then the same time also exists to throw in additional matches in the Canadian Championship, as an example.
  4. I know. That's why I said "mind you, this includes all sections from corner to corner." I'm not sure why you excluded that part of my post.
  5. Alright, so I officially have no life: I was curious about the capacity of the lower level at THF, so I counted the seats on Ticketmaster. The total combined capacity of the lower bowl is 12,097 (6,183 on the Melrose Ave. side, and 5,914 on the Balsam Ave. side). Mind you, this includes all sections from corner to corner. I'm not too surprised with the number I came up with because the lower level of seats does jut out farther into the corners than seats higher up.
  6. TFC season tickets rose in most cases, though my seasons were kept at the same rate. I doubt the decline in attendance resulted from ticket prices going up - more a result of the decline in the team's performance, as you suggest. I bolded the above part because I feel like most cities are bandwagon cities with respect to their established sports teams. Teams that have prolonged spells of mediocre or lousy play tend to feel it at the gate. The exceptions to this rule seem to be long established teams long established leagues in big markets - i.e. Leafs, Knicks. In Toronto's case (and I'm sure this pattern shows up elsewhere as well), when teams do very well for a period of time, as was the case with both TFC and the Blue Jays not long ago, the bar is raised for the average fan. When a highly-competitive team all of a sudden experiences a drop-off in play, fan interest tends to dry up quickly.
  7. ^I think you've got to have at least some sort of entrance fee for a couple of reasons: New teams are tapping into existing revenue streams, such as the Canadian Soccer Business and the MediaPro streaming deal. Barring any increase in the amount of money filtering down to CPL teams, each team will get a smaller piece of the pie with expansion. Existing teams need to be compensated. An entrance fee represents a long-term commitment to the league. Take away this fee and we could see a revolving door of teams entering and leaving the league, which is really bad for long-term stability.
  8. This. I'm a season ticket holder as well, and I haven't exactly been blown away by the on-field product this year. The team is a bit better, and their playoff chances are better, but they are blowing chances for easy points, just like last year. Much of the sting is missing from their offence this season. The after-market is just about completely dead. It is very difficult to move tickets to games I can't make, without giving away the tickets outright. Barring any huge promotions, I will probably ditch my TFC seasons and retain my Y9 seasons. I can still buy TFC tickets for the odd game next year.
  9. CONCACAF is crap, and the FIFA rankings are crap; they go hand-in-hand. Put the two together... need I say more?
  10. 4996 at tonight's York9/Impact tilt, and judging by the crowd I saw, that was 100% accurate. Exciting game, good vibe in the grounds.
  11. I've seen ads on a YRT bus, but that's pretty much it. The club needs to get the word out better. I bet there are a fair number of people at YorkU, including many footy fans, who've never heard of the team.
  12. This thread reminds me of that History of the Kits thread from years ago on the board. Any way we can access that? It would be great to directly compare all of the kits over the years made by Adidas, Score, Umbro, Nike, etc.
  13. It's unlikely, given that this game wasn't a part of our package. After the home opener against Forge on May 25 (the one in which the stadium was cleared out and people were told the game was cancelled), fans who attended that game were given complimentary tickets to another game, and I chose to use my comp tickets on the Canadian Championship game last night. I suspect enough people made the same decision as me, but faced with another rainy day at the stadium, some people with comp tickets just stayed home.
  14. ^You had a better commute than I did lol. The east end isn't well served by subway. No way 700 were there, but definitely more than 200. I walked around the stadium, and I saw fans occupying a lot of nooks and crannies.
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