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  1. It's north of Steeles, on the north side of Pioneer Village Station. I'm not sure if the street it's on has a name, but it continues south of Steeles as Northwest Gate.
  2. It used to happen from what I've seen. Fans invaded the field after the Jays won the 1985 AL East pennant, and of course the pitch looked like a great time in St. John's after Canada qualified for the 1986 World Cup. Security was naturally much more lax back then, and King George V Park doesn't exactly look like a fortress for separating fans from the playing surface.
  3. This is probably my only complaint about the stadium arrangement, though admittedly it is a big one. I wonder how the width of this pitch stacks up against the one at Yankee Stadium, which already looks a little silly on TV for NYCFC games.
  4. The finer-resolution pic definitely helps - a lot of the kits feature very subtle details that weren't very noticeable in the stream. The camo pattern in the green Cavalry jersey looks sick. Overall I like Pacific's kit the most, though - it certainly is very striking!
  5. Actually, the video is working on the FB page. https://www.facebook.com/CPLsoccer/
  6. ^Same for me. The video won't load at all.
  7. It looks like Forge's jersey sponsor will be Tim Horton's based on what I can make out.
  8. ^It's only funny when the news is pretend scary hahaha. If York 9 was playing today in particular, I actually wouldn't mind seeing 30 minutes of Jimmy just for a laugh. Nice jersey in the younger photo - I wouldn't mind Scoring one of those classic kits. ?
  9. I think JDG's family had a bit of a rocky relationship with the CSA to say the least, dating back to before the "Sack the CSA" campaign from a good dozen years ago. This is generally what I keep on my mind when I ponder why JDG has spoken so harshly against the CPL. I get the sense of bitterness, but at the same time a person such as JDG needs to rise above that bitterness for the betterment of the game in this country. Like it or not, JDG is an ambassador for soccer in Canada, and continuing to tar and feather the CPL would not only do nothing to grow the game in this country, but it would solidify negative sentiment toward him from the fan base outside of the Ottawa area.
  10. It could be worse I suppose.
  11. I'm in the same boat - I have TFC seasons, but I'll be at the Forge/Y9 game. Gonna watch history unfold!
  12. Just saw the format. I definitely made a "wtf" look at my computer screen. This format is bizarre to say the least. Oh well, I'm looking forward to the competition nonetheless.
  13. The University of Laval is in Quebec City - not to be confused with the City of Laval in the Montreal area.
  14. No one has said what currency the cap is in, so for all we know it could be $750k CAD, which would translate into $562.5k USD. I could envision that applying to players only, with a separate cap for management.
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