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CBC wins World Cup soccer rights

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CBC wins World Cup soccer rights

Last Updated Fri, 15 Sep 2006 10:59:17 EDT

CBC Sports

The world's best soccer players are coming to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Radio-Canada through 2014.

The deal features the 2010 and 2014 World Cup soccer tournaments. It also includes the 2007 men's under-20 World Cup in Canada, the 2007 women's World Cup in China and the 2011 women's World Cup.

"A central tenet of CBC/Radio-Canada's mandate is the sharing of major national and international events," said Robert Rabinovitch, CBC/Radio-Canada president and chief executive officer.

"Soccer is a game that touches new Canadians and old, it touches all cultures and all communities. It is one of the most popular sports in Canada, both to watch and to play. We're looking forward to helping the continued growth of the game across the country."

CBC/Radio-Canada will act as host broadcaster in July for the men's under-20 tournament, which takes place in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton, Victoria and Burnaby, B.C.

"This is truly a momentous day, an historic day for all of Soccer in Canada," said Kevan Pipe, chief operating officer of the Canadian Soccer Association.

"To have CBC/Radio Canada partner with FIFA and the Canadian Soccer Association for the next eight years will take the 'beautiful game' to an even higher level in our country."

The agreement includes rights for all CBC/Radio-Canada platforms, including its eight national radio and television networks, websites, regional stations and affiliates.

CBC/Radio-Canada will be able to make FIFA games available for viewing on mobile phones and through video-on-demand.

Telelatino has also teamed with CBC/Radio Canada as a broadcasting partner under the agreement.

The global television audience for the 2006 World Cup in Germany surpassed 30 billion viewers over the tournament's four weeks.

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--UPDATE FROM CSA (Eric Lamoureux)--

Email I Sent:


I am seeking confirmation as to whether the new TV deal reached with

the CBC extends to rights to televise Canadian Men's National Team

Friendly matches and competitions such as the Gold Cup, and World Cup

Qualifying matches.

Thank you


Not just yet anyway - but getting close.

I would answer with the following

The CSA has had on-going discussions

with the CBC/Radio-Canada on broadcasting rights pertaining to Canadian National soccer team events.

This accord between the CBC/Radio-Canada and FIFA paves the way for the CSA and the CBC/Radio-Canada to commence more serious discussions in means of achieving a positive agreement.

The CSA is excited about the possibility of a partnership with the CBC in means of promoting canadian soccer accross the country in both official languages.

We look forward to conclude these discussions very soon.



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I think CBC is preparing for life after HNIC. The people's sport on the people's network. What a great combo!

As for CBC possibly going after the nat team rights, I think get ready for LAGDOS (Life after Gerry Dobson on Sportsnet). I think the world cup deal with CBC (although not related with the nat team deal) is the slow nail in the coffin for Sportsnet and the national team.

Who knows what is next. I wonder if CBC will go after MLS rights too in the near future?

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Little off topic Canuck in Boston, BGM (CTV/TSN/NHL Network) has indeed offered the NHL $1.4 Billion over 10 years but the league hasn't accepted the offer yet, although negotitions are supposed to begin shortly. CBC still has 2 years remaining on current contract.

Back on topic: Does anybody know if Canadian National Mens and Women's and Youth teams are part of this package or seperate?

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Here is my prediction on the Cdn National team rights:

I dont think that Sportsnet will retain them and that CBC/Radio Canada will take them.

However, I think their will be a cable partner this time around because during WCQ, Gold Cup, etc. their could be some games that CBC might not be able to air live that a cable outlet could. Dont be surprised if The Score or a TSN gets into the mix with the CSA's new deal. I know the USSF (US) has agreements with both ESPN and FSC to show the U.S. national teams.

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There's an article on Canoe yesterday on this. No mention of the national team games (other than our official FIFA participation). TLN is a partner with CBC.

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The article states that that the CBC has secured the rights to the WC and WYC including the matches involving Canada at next year's U20 tourny. That should tell you something about the international matches involving Canada considering that Sportsnet had/has the exclusivity to these games.

Also, to my recollection, I dont think that there was any canadian content on this week's soccercentral on sportsnet. Coincidence?

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Delayed news, but I'm just plouging through my newsfeeds that came in while I was on vacation:


CBC making best use of its resources

141 words

26 September 2006

The Toronto Star




Copyright © 2006 The Toronto Star

FIFA broadcasting rights

Throughout last week, speculation continued over how much CBC Sports has committed to pay for broadcasting rights to a package of FIFA soccer programming of more than 32 events, including World Cup broadcasts in 2010 and 2014. This newspaper has suggested $25 million. We will not comment, except to note that the actual amount is significantly less. Consistent with our mandate and responsibility to Canadian taxpayers, we make the best use of our available resources and this case is no exception.

We are very excited to bring World Cup and related programming to the widest audience of Canadians available to any broadcaster in the country. And any revenues generated will, as usual, be reinvested in our programming.

Nancy Lee, Executive Director,

Television Sports, CBC/Radio-Canada, Toronto

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Also have just added a dedicated soccer section to the sports portion of their web site.

Bravo for that, but the CBC site is still pretty low end.

By the by, the CBC had an excellent football tracker two winters ago (got dropped though), along the lines of the Sport Centre tracker on SkySports. Wonder if it'll be back?

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