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  1. Well I hope to god he will choose Canada, but it won't surprise me that if he is a Reggae Boyz... :-(
  2. Regardless what everyone thinks of Mitchell, he did led our u20- in 2003 to best finished ever by the U20's by losing out Spain in ET.... Other than that his tenure was disspointing the rest of the way. Best of Luck in your future endaveours Dale!!!
  3. edit: MOD please move this to the Men's National Team section. Mybad!!
  4. Now that Canada is offically out of qualificaiton for 2010, and given that that mickey mouse organization of the CSA, I think it is time to restart the sack the CSA movement. I am not sure if I am going to go Canada Mexico game on the 15th but if I can find a paper and get a Sack the CSA T-shirt that I may go.
  5. The Squad on paper is one thing but if we don't win on the 6th we can kiss our chances good bye!!!
  6. Why is it that viewers in Sportsnet west can't watch Toronto FC's match against New England tonight while we have to settle with This week in baseball and frickin Texas Rangers vs Philidelphia Phillies ball game!! I just don't get that network. My rant for Saturday, June 28th
  7. Villa. The Man of The Tournament So Far. Spain looks like they may want to win a tournament for a change. BTW.. I really wish TSN/Sportsnet picked up the BBC/ITV feed instead of the host broadcast feed. The though of listening to John Helm for 2 hours is just annoying. I would rather have Motty (John Motson) and Mark Lawrenson anyday.
  8. Budgie, was quite a character and will be missed! His passion for the game of football will never be forgotten! RIP Budgie!!!
  9. With Toronto FC and hopefully Montreal and Vancouver in the MLS shortly (we hope). There has to be 3 maybe 4 Canadian Cities that should try to get USL Division 1 teams. Victoria, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Hamilton and Halifax or maybe St. John's should be ideal.
  10. Good luck to the youngster. I hope the nimcompoops at the CSA doesn't blow this youngster away like they did with Hargreaves and JGD2.
  11. I checked out my magic 8 ball this morning and it said that the outcome is doubtful! Not a suprise as long as the CSA is around.
  12. Yes, that is what I what I thought I heard him say with McCown and Brunt!
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