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  1. I like where this thread has gone. USA hosted the WC in '94 with the provision the starts domestic league, they did and the results since speak for the league. Anyone who doesn't think MLS is a part of their success is a fool. Obviously money is the leading factor.
  2. Amen brutha. I am no American supporter as anyone who knows me here would confirm, but damn they are so far ahead of us it makes me sick. And hockey is next. Back the 60's, 70's and 80's most NHL players had summer jobs back in the home land, now they live in the US year 'round. Thus American children, but that is only the tip of it. US money means full year development camps. Ten times the population and ten times the funds leads to elite level status. My oldest is a semi-elite hockey kid at ten years of age. He is already being asked to choose a country. Absolutely insane.
  3. Actually, I think they said Begovic told them that. I am not saying it is correct, but that it was told to them.
  4. I recall writing that we aren't in the same 50 as the US, meaning FIFA ranking. Strictly speaking Martinique and Ventura County dont deserve to be on the same pitch as Canada, yet look at the results. Sport is a funny thing and that's why they actually play the games.
  5. US record for 2013 Date Match Result Goalscorers Venue Attendance Jan. 29, 2013 U.S. Men vs. Canada 0-0 T -- BBVA Compass Stadium Houston, Texas 11,737 Feb. 6, 2013 U.S. Men vs. Honduras * 1-2 L Dempsey Estadio Olimpico San Pedro Sula, Honduras 37,000 March 22, 2013 U.S. Men vs. Costa Rica * 1-0 W Dempsey Dick's Sporting Goods Park Commerce City, Colo. 19,374 March 26, 2013 U.S. Men vs. Mexico * 0-0 T -- Estadio Azteca Mexico City, Mexico 85,500 May 29, 2013 U.S. Men vs. Belgium 2-4 L Cameron, Dempsey FirstEnergy Stadium Cleveland, Ohio 27,720 June 2, 2013 U.S. Men vs.
  6. Yes indeed they are. I laugh at those who think we are even in the same 50. We suck, they don't.
  7. Just threw up in my mouth hearing the ESPN commentators saying Begovic would have played for Canada, only they told him Lars was their choice. What a piece of ****e.
  8. US and Canada. Although US born, I am pretty sure they have been programmed sufficiently that Canada would be the choice.
  9. Yes, if I were you a thorough rethink of time and money is in order.
  10. What an embarrassment. Martinique deserved the win....my how our program has fallen. Harsh reality.
  11. Fox tv crew totally ripping Canada at the half. Comparing them to boys playing against men (Martinique). Looking lost and not a "team"
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