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Preperation for our opponents:

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Our opponents will be well prepared:

El Salvador (SLV) : Guatemala (GUA)

Friendly 2004 LOS ANGELES USA - 17.07.2004

Panama (PAN) : Guatemala (GUA)

Friendly 2004 PANAMA CITY PANAMA - 23.07.2004

Honduras (HON) : Panama (PAN)

Friendly 2004 TEGUCIGALPA HONDURAS - 28.07.2004

Jamaica (JAM) : Guatemala (GUA)

Friendly 2004 KINGSTON JAMAICA - 28.07.2004

El Salvador (SLV) : Honduras (HON)

Friendly 2004 SAN SALVADOR EL SALVADOR - 03.08.2004

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Rumour has it that Guatemala's game on July 28 was supposed to be OUR game against Jamaica, but the Chapines got it instead because Jamaica preferred to play at home (we wanted to play in South Florida).[}:)]

I guess our best bet for getting most of the players would be to get a friendly in Europe in the first two weeks of August against either a national team preparing for Aug 18 Euro WCQ start or a club team. It would be nice to have some Latinamerican or Carribean competition, but it ain't gonna happen folks. In fact, I doubt anything is going to happen, Yallop will have enough trouble getting everybody in Vancouver by the Sunday before Guatemala for a few days practice.

Big advantage for the opposition is that the big majority of the Central Americans' teams players (and every other team in Concacaf) all play in our Region.

Another question is, how do we prepare for match at FieldTurf at Sparissa away to CR on Septemeber 8? We can't, except for a short team kickaround at home before travel, or there after.

Prediction: no A-Team friendlies at all before January.

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Wait, we already have a friendly set for November vs. England. At Goodison, where Radz might get booed if he´s in Fullham by then. Of course, so might Rooney, if he´s at Chelsea.

Guatemala newspapers reported that their coach went to Swanguard to see the Canada games. Funny, there was no mention in any article that it was Canada´s B-team. He said that the Canadians were good in the air, but slow defensively. Otherwise, he didn´t divulge too much.

I can´t stress enough how much Guate is preparing for this game. They will be together essentially two full months prior to the game against Canada, and will have played 4 friendlies during that time.

This kind of preparation is really tough to match. But, really Yallop´s hands are tied aren´t they. We´ll have to rely on better individual talent, and hope for the best. But I´m worried.

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® from LA below . . . don't look if yr taping it ;)












Guatemala 1 El Salvador 0

Henry Medina of Teculut‡n is your goal-scorer. No idea on the teams or anything. I didn't think Medina was in the picture, so maybe an experimantal team for Guatemala? The Guatemalans made it sound like they dominated and the Salvadoreans had a 'here we go again' kind of reaction. US-based ES fans have been protesting the corruption of their FA and they did that in LA again, so I think they're kind of in a 'of course we lost, the FA never picks the right players/coaches/etc' mode so both sides are biased.

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Guatemala tops El Salvador in friendly

18.7.04 - In preparations for the Semifinal Round of CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying next month, Guatemala topped El Salvador 1:0 in an international friendly at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California USA on Sunday afternoon.

Henry Medina scored the only goal of the match in the 41st minute of the first half as the chapines increase their unbeaten streak to four international games.

Guatemala travels to Ciudad de Panamá this week for an encounter against Panama at the Estadio Rommel Fernández on 23 July.

El Salvador will once again meet Guatemala in friendly at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C. USA on 6 August, before the start of the CONCACAF Qualifiers.


18.07.2004: Los Angeles, California USA; L.A. Memorial Coliseum


Henry MEDINA 41’

GUA: Cristian García – Henry Medina, Pablo Melgar, Néstor Martínez, Angel Sanabria, Mynor Dávila, Fredy Thompson (76: Gustavo Cabrera), Zacarías Antonio, Guillermo Ramírez (46: Gonzalo Romero), Tránsito Montepeque, Dwight Pezzarossi (46: Walter Estrada). Booked: Montepeque, Dávila, Pezzarossi, Romero


SLV: Santos Rivera; Victor Velásquez, Gilberto Murgas, Mario Diaz, Jorge Rodríguez, Erick Dawson, Ernesto Góchez (54: Víctor Merino), Marvin González, Nelson Girón (54: Alfredo Pacheco), José Martínez, William Torres (62: Alexander Escobar). Booked: González, Dawson, Sent off: J. Rodríguez 39’

TD: Juan Ramón PAREDES

23.07.2004: Ciudad de Panamá, PANAMA; Estadio Rommel Fernández (19:00)


06.08.2004: Washington, D.C. USA; RFK Stadium


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Nice !!

Unexpected victory costs Costa Rica

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (AP) - Angry Costa Rican players are arriving home in portions from the Copa America quarter-finals because their national federation made travel plans expecting them to fall in the first round.

Costa Rica shocked Chile 2-1 on July 14 and qualified for the quarter-finals, leaving federation officials to scramble to find new airplane tickets home from Peru and the players bitter.

Only seven players arrived home by midday Monday, two days after a 2-0 loss to Colombia ended their run at the tournament.

Most of the others didn't arrive until late Monday night - following a 10-hour wait at Lima airport. Some more were arriving on Tuesday.

"We're pretty upset because it isn't the first time this has happened," said team captain Luis Marin. "When you go to a tournament you should be ready to classify or not."

Midfielder Steven Bryce added: "We're professionals. It's impossible that we face these problems."

Federation official Milton Castro said the team was expected to crash out of the competition in the first round, even though it made the quarters at the last Copa in 2001.

Castro blamed tournament organizers for the travel snags.

"This is the fault of the Copa organization, which did not prepare for enough flights for the teams that were eliminated," he said. "This isn't the fault of the national administrators."

The federation had little faith in Costa Rica's chances at the Copa because it appointed a new coach only 14 days before the start, and two leading players decided not to take part.

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Honduran boss worried about overseas-based players

17 July 2004

by AFP

Enlarge Photo

Photo Gallery

The Honduran national manager, Raúl Martínez, told a press conference on Friday that he was concerned that most of the team’s overseas players were inactive, with just a month to go before the their crucial qualifier for the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™.

“The issue of the foreign-based players is rather worrying as they are a vital part of the team. We are anxious that they all play a full series of pre-season games so that they arrive in the peak condition for our upcoming qualifiers,” Martínez told reporters.

According to the manager, the nucleus of the Honduran side is based overseas, and includes such key players as Saúl Martínez (Shanghai), David Suazo (Cagliari in Italy), Carlos Pavón (Morelia in Mexico), Iván Guerrero and Edgar Alvarez (Peñarol in Uruguay), Samuel Caballero (Nacional in Uruguay), Maynor Suazo (Salzbug in Austria), Julio León (Reggina in Italy) and Danilo Turcios (Tecos in Mexico).

The only foreign player currently in action is the midfielder Amado Guevara, of USA side Metro Stars.

Many of the players have not yet resumed training even though the date for the side’s first group game is fast approaching. August 18 sees Honduras face regional rivals Costa Rica in the first Group B game in the CONCACAF third round qualifiers for Germany 2006.

Martínez also expressed concern about the lack of communication from certain players. In particular, he mentioned Alvarez, Caballero and Guerrero, all of who he had tried to reach without success.

“It’s still possible that the overseas players will arrive in good condition, but until that happens, we’ll have to monitor the situation carefully. When asked whether he felt there was sufficient time to adequately prepare for the Costa Rica game, the coach replied curtly, “We’re fine”.

Martínez also announced that the home-based squad members would be meeting up next Monday, when they would be starting work on techniques such as close control skills as well as working on team strategy. This would be followed by sessions with the team psychologist on personal development and motivation.

The local players have been unable to start training before now, as the Honduran Football Federation (Fenafuth) had no fitness instructor available. That situation was finally remedied last Thursday, however, with the appointment of the Colombian Dubán Ramírez.

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Seems that all of our opponents in the semi-final round are having problems, if be coaching problems, federation problems, player problems,etc. Sometimes we should be thankful we don't have such a corrupt federation.. even though CSA sucks balls, I don't think they'd do what the Costa Rican Federation did, well hopefully NOT anyways! :)

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July 27

Honduras 0 - Panama 0

-story in Spanish, with lineups

"An Acceptable Test", according to new Honduras coach Raul Martinez Sambulá


my loose translation:


Honduras last night underwent its first test under the leadership of Raul Martinez Sambulá, and they passed to an acceptable degree in spite of having received the disapproval of the homecrowd for a scoreless draw with a "battling" difficult and tricky Panama.

The new “bicolors” [nickname for the national team, for the blue and white] now fully know what it is to face a rival who plays negative football, as Panama’s own captain, the well-known Julio Dely Valdés, acknowledged. His team played hard and close ball, and often cut off all paths to goal, with their excessively strong play.

Both teams had formations of double lines of four, maintaining an order in their lines that put great pressure on the opposing center of the field, limiting creativity and the attacking game. This pleased neither the crowd nor the lovers of the open soccer one little bit. The Canaleros [national nickname for the Panamanians] marked so suffocatingly close that they ended up causing quarrels. Víctor Miranda [Panama] repeatedly fought with Maynor Figueroa, forgetting that it was "a friendly" match. The bicolors were not able to play short ball and were especially not able to penetrate during the first half, when the Panamanian were marking all over the pitch, rendering our finishing hopeless .

Nevertheless, shortly before the interval Sambulá’s men started to open up the opposition and, with later changes, they would improve their performance in the second half.

The visitors achieved their objectives of containing Honduran play, holding them to the end. For instance, the replacement of Carlos Pavón, who was carried off injured, Saúl Martinez was also controlled with intense marking, and Milton Núñez continually sent the ball into the box without reward.

The bicolors’, under the mixed leadership of Walter "the Deer" Lopez, were able to contain the shooting danger of well-known Ricardo James by resorting to fixed tactics, blocking direct shots or crosses into the box that were not taken advantage of by their teammates.

Panama came not to play for a win but just to train, as they admitted through both their captain and manager. If there were scouts present from their semifinal group opponents, they could not have taken many notes in their notebooks.

Being the first test for the new coach, Honduras was only up to par, without being highly productive and not playing at any high quality. However, this test by a frustrating opponent has given him some lessons to consider for a greater challenge, like the one this Saturday in the United States against the champion of the Liberadores Cup, Once Caldas of Colombia


· Héctor Medina

· Maynor Figueroa

· Junior Izaguirre

· Mario Beata

· Iván Guerrero

· Nery Medina

· Walter López

· Wilson Palacios

· Jerry Palacios

· Carlos Pavón

· Milton Núñez

· DT: Raúl Martínez Sambulá

· Substitutions: Saúl Martínez, Mauricio Sabillón, Emil Martínez.


· Ricardo James

· Víctor Miranda

· Luis Moreno

· Luis Henríquez

· Carlos Rivera

· Manuel Torres

· Eduardo Mitre

· Angel Lombardo

· Julio Dely Valdés

· William Aguilar

· José Luis Garcés

· DT: José Eugenio Hernández

· Substitutions: Ricardo Phillips, Julio Medina, Gary Ramos.

Referee: Ricardo Zelaya, Honduras

Yellow Cards: Mitre

Red Cards: 0


Fenafuth [the Honduran National Association] continued their sorry improvising with the kickoff schedule for the match, announcing it for 7:00 p.m., only to delay it for half an hour in order to allow more spectators to arrive. This deeply rooted custom from the days of federation President Rafael Leonardo Callejas, continues to cause problems and discontent amongst supporters of the national team, towards whom the federation is disrespectful. To make matters worse, Vice-president Jorge "Cocoy" Abudoj added insult to injury with a lack of seriousness, in quipping that the supporters should just remain calm and collected, since in Tegucigalpa "there is now more security than in Washington".


Interesting comment at the end of the article that Honduras play

Liberadores Cup Champions Once Caldas of Colombia on Saturday in the United States, although they don't say where.

I wonder if Yallop is still sending scouts to the matches of our opponents this month and next.

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T&T to Warm up Against Guatemala

Mon Aug 2, 2004 08:46

The national football team will take on Guatemala in Guatemala City in a warm-up international on August 11 ahead of their first semi-final round 2006 World Cup qualifier.

The match was finalised by TTFF special adviser Jack Warner on the weekend after an earlier proposed affair in Miami had to be aborted due to the unavailability of the Orange Bowl.

The team resumes training today at the Larry Gomes Stadium followed by a session the following day at UWI, St Augustine. Coach Bertille St Clair is likely to have his quota of overseas-based professionals for the friendly before going into the qualifier against St Vincent and the Grenadines at Arnos Vale.

The next few weeks will see three national teams in action.

The Under --20s go into CFU qualifiers at the Marvin Lee Stadium from Wednesday to Sunday against Guyana, Grenada and Barbados, while the Under - -17s will host Bahamas, Barbados and St Lucia from August 18-22 in Tobago.

The top team from each group will advance to the second round in their respective tournaments with the winners there advancing to the CONCACAF finals next year.

Technical director Lincoln Phillips yesterday said he was very happy with the preparations. He said he expects skipper Angus Eve and company to benefit from the Guatemala friendly.

“It is always good for us to have these games because it seems that’s the only way we can prepare the full team. Many of our players are based away and there is only one day to train with the home-based players because of the Pro League schedule. Going on tour therefore is the best way of us having everyone together which is the most important thing now,” Phillips said yesterday.

“The game against Guatemala is significant coming off a such a good performance in Korea where we missed several first team players. It was great to see the younger ones step up then and now we seem to have a very nice pool of players because the young ones are beginning to get experience. The task now is for Bertille to blend those blossoming players in with the more experienced ones and it’s going to be interesting to see how this blend occurs against Guatemala and in the semi-final stage. We have to be very careful though not to be overly happy on our performances and then be overly sad when we don’t do well. We need to keep our feet on the ground and every player in the outfield and even those who are on the fringe of selection must continue to work hard because this is what our success will be based on along with solid performances from our goalkeeper,” Phillips added.

He also sounded confident of the Under - 20 and Under - 17 team’s chances in the Caribbean zone tournament.

“The Under-20s and Under - 17s have had good preparations. We have seen a lot of players in both age groups and I am particularly pleased with the work done by the scouts. The selection of players from Tobago is also pleasing” said Phillips.

“The teams are a bit more diverse than usual and this is good news. The Under - 17s have been together since April and we are looking for a solid showing from them. The Under-20s on the other hand are a significant group because they will be the nucleus of our next Under - 23 team and how they perform now will give us a fair indication as to what level we are at now and we must go about in preparing the guys for the higher stage.”


Trinidad Guardian

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CRC line up against Honduras:

(some of their best younger players in Olympics at same time)


Porteros: Ricardo González, José Francisco Porras.

Defensas: Harold Wallace, Tray Bennette, Luis Marín, Gilberto Martínez, Mauricio Wright, Carlos Castro, Leonardo González.

Volantes: Douglas Sequeira, Mauricio Solís, Steven Bryce, Cristian Badilla, Alonso Solís, Walter Centeno, Jafeth Soto, Danny Fonseca.

Delanteros: Paulo César Wanchope, Andy Herron, Winston Parks, Rónald Gómez

5 from Heredia,6 from Alajuela,3 legionarios (foreign placed players),6 from Saprissa,1 from CS Cartago

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