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    • Let's say we manage to convince Ancelotti, how long do you think he'll put up with the bush league antics of that dysfunctional Association?
    • I fully expect the CPL to do everything they can now and in the lead up to 2026.  Having followed MLS through several World Cups since even before the Canadian teams arrived, however, I don't think it would be wise to count on a needle-moving World Cup bump for the CPL.  There will be all kinds of fans who never or hardly follow soccer who will suddenly be all over the World Cup, just like so many of us take an interest in rowing or ski jumping every four years when the Olympics arrives.  A few of them will check out the CPL afterward and, by all means, I hope the league grabs them.  I just don't think teams and owners should be expecting thousands of new, long term CPL fans as a result of 2026 no matter how well they advertize.
    • I know I'm jumping the gun a little (we still have one more game at Qatar) but I took a look at our roster for the next four years. Most likely Gone in 2026 Borjan Cavallini Hoilett Hutch Osorio Vitoria Wotherspoon   Maybe/maybe not on the squad Fraser Kaye Larin Pantemis Piette   Foot in the door Kennedy Cornelius Laryea Millar Ugbo Waterman Crepeau (not in the definite column cause of the grave injury)   Definite Adekugbe Buchanan David Davies Eustaquio Johnston Kone Miller St. Clair.   So as you can see we have a lot of holes to fill. There can be slight changes in the groups but for the most part this is what we have to work with. 9 players in the definite column.  7 in the foot in the door. At best we have 16 players that can play. But how many are of WC quality? This tells me in the next 3 and a half years we need to start integrating our up and coming young players: the Nelsons, Jebbisons, Koleoshos, Corbeanus.
    • He will leave this World Cup as a Canadian Legend.    20 years, 100 CAPS, Captain of the NT. His time is done & I hope the whole squad has learned from his experience.   I hope he gets a farewell in the last game, or in the Nation League in Toronto next spring.
    • Indeed, this is the big question.  Borjan a little less concerning than Vitoria.  Good news is if there is a dual-nat out there looking to contribute to an exciting project, we don't need to work too hard to convince them anymore after the way we showed up.  What I would like to see is Tomori and Cristante bump into each other in at elevator and ponder what could'be been if both had commited to Canada and were our starting CB duo. 
    • Waited 36 years for a World Cup and we got people already moving on to new teams before we’re even done playing games. Corny.
    • Whatever helps him get the biggest bag possible. I think Turkey's tax exemption for super lig players might net him a better salary than he'd earn in MLS, but if he can earn it back home, even better. We'll need him for those concacaf games, and lord knows the flight from istanbul to san pedro sula isn't the most comfortable one.
    • Yes. And normally I consume as much World Cup as possible.  For me this feels like when the Leafs or Raptors are eliminated and I stopped following those playoffs 
    • I would try to get a bigger salary in MLS if I was him,  he will languish on a bench in Europe, he has too many weaknesses. His heart makes up for his lack of skill.
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