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  1. Di Maria and Messi ensemble ce soir la-bas
  2. Ireland is getting David Moyes as manager it seems
  3. No, it would have been Panama all the way,
  4. I would not remove Shaffelburg, and I would swap some for Curbeanu Fraser Kennedy and Patrick Metcalfe
  5. That's the reason why the Colombian team and their subculture won't win a cup of prestige. Roy Keane was correct all along in Qatar with the Brazilian team too I can't believe Néstor Lorenzo authorized this, some spooky material TBF.
  6. La red Radio 24/7 football is dissecting Canada team, they said right now and I type, ( Gus López and Leo Gentile the pundits), "Kudos to Canada for a stalemate, they are swift and quick up front had their captain number 7 their best player by far and Davies as left back. At the back is where the Canadian have SERIOUS PROBLEMS of cohesive playing they are disjointed"
  7. Scott Kennedy was the man ,! For that spot .
  8. He is playing there in Austrian Bundesliga , other option is layrea as left back and Johnston rb
  9. He swapped jerseys with Messi , he is 17 years old
  10. Almost the 2nd Robots can run all day, but footballers are artists
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