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  1. He’s made a lot of great passes this game. Dropping pretty deep like a 10, also switched places with Weah for a bit in the first half and spent some time on the right.
  2. Such a beautiful cut back pass to Burak. Should have been a goal.
  3. So in Vancouver the top Canadian contributors to this season are… 1. M. Crépeau - 23 GP 2070 min 2. R. Teibert - 29 GP 2061 min 3. C. Gutiérrez - 16 GP 1409 min 4. M. Baldisimo - 20 GP 1227 min 5. L. Cavallini - 17 GP 1192 min
  4. Looking forward to Russell’s top corner volley tonight!
  5. Davies is pretty well at the point where he’s irreplaceable for Bayern. They’re a different team with him on the field and I think it gives him a lot of power in this situation. Davies is pretty well set for life if he’s smart with his money, so I think it’s an easy choice to prioritize country over club. I do hope they figure out how to manage it though because I want to see Alphonso have a long healthy career.
  6. I have watched a lot of Whitecaps games and I can see why some can get frustrated with Teibert. He has been known to pass back a lot and he can’t really beat his man off the dribble but I have a soft spot for him… honestly, he’s been playing really well ever since Ryan Gauld came in. He’s played some decent balls up through the channels and I see a lot more confidence in his game. Wish he would start shooting more than twice per year though! I wouldn’t mind seeing him in a Gold Cup coming off the bench or something but would prefer a younger and more exciting player.
  7. Yep… we did pretty well at the gold cup against CR without many of our best players plus we will be at home this time.
  8. All I know is at this level the margins are thin and the games are played for a reason so I take any simulation or prediction with a grain of salt. Way too many variables to take in to account.
  9. Wheels for sure! His “Oh Canada, oh baby!” line is legendary now and it’s hard to imagine a Canada win without it!
  10. Anyone who isn’t happy with this result needs to open their eyes and look at the playing conditions. When the ball is bouncing on a pitch like that it’s so hard to play with speed and skill. It completely suited Jamaica’s physicality and there’s a reason why all their chances came from set pieces. I really think if Millar went for a low finish it would have had a much better chance at going in but it may have bounced up slightly and he got under it as he went to strike it.
  11. I don’t agree. Man for man with our best 11 I think we should be going toe to toe with Mexico and the USA. I think our players are undervalued and are improving every day. I do agree that Herdman is doing a good job though!
  12. Wow… it might hurt later us to use such a strong line up but holy crap I’m excited to see us go toe to toe with Mexico!
  13. To be fair Brian has 8 goals in his last 10 games and took his opportunity while Cav was injured. I think he would take the job of most strikers in MLS with that form.
  14. From what I saw Jamaica looked pretty horrible with all their new players. I watched most of the Panama game and they weren’t really creating much.
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