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  1. I know I read somewhere that David didn’t want to go to Liverpool but it seems like a really good fit for his style of play…
  2. How do you guys think Eustaquio compares to Kimmich? Do you think it’s crazy to compare them?
  3. One thing that I would like to add about Crepeau is how safe his hands are. If he comes out to grab a cross he rarely drops the ball and when he decides to punch he gets a lot of power on it and it usually goes to a safe place. I think Borjan is a better shot stopper overall but I think Crepeau might be stronger in every other aspect of his game.
  4. Haha yeah, I think that kind of thing only happens to Canucks fans when the Leafs go in to overtime on HNIC😜 so glad I don’t have to wait until 10pm for this game though 🙂
  5. The 2007 gold cup is what got me following the MNT and reading this forum. I remember after the gold cup we played a friendly against Brazil and we did really well against them. De Guzman scored a nice goal but also made a bad back pass. I have a feeling Eustaquio is going to have an even better career than De Guzman though..
  6. I want the Americans to lose… but my absolute preferred outcome would be for them to win and us to win so we can meet again in the finals.
  7. I have to agree. This was one of the best games I’ve seen the whitecaps play in a long time. I wish Caicedo would make better decisions though… seems like he ignored Guti’s overlapping runs every time and tried to force something himself. I think it was last game against Huston Guti hit a direct free kick off the top corner of the near post that was almost inch perfect… then a few minutes later from basically the same position he whipped in a super dangerous cross toward the far post that just needed a touch but like 3 whitecaps players missed it by inches.
  8. Piette wins possession so often and rarely gives up possession. I’m a big fan and I think he’s our best pure defensive mid. I had to laugh when he tried that “shot” from 25 or so yards out yesterday lol… would have been one hell of a first goal for the CMNT. One thing that I didn’t care for tactically yesterday was the amount of times Piette was in the box for set pieces, I feel like he’s more useful outside the box to stop counters.
  9. I’m pretty sure there’s more to it than comparing Liga mx vs Süper Lig or what ever 11-20 ranked league in Europe. I would want Larin and Hutch at Bestikas over any club in Mexico but I think I would choose a team Iike Club America over a team like Kayserispor. Anyways, every player and situation is unique and what I think is important is that the player is being challenged and playing at their highest level. Someone in Liga MX would still be a very useful CMNT player and until we out grow that we should still want players playing in Mexico.
  10. Looks like Cav has that near post free kick that he scored in preseason dialled in.
  11. I always wonder how many players are being looked over in smaller communities. When you look at NHL players so many come from small towns… Carey Price, Shea Weber etc.. I also feel like soccer and basket ball are pretty popular in the Okanagan but soccer doesn’t really have a BCHL or WHL.
  12. So is everyone so hard on Liam because he’s a Liverpool academy player? I think he did a pretty good job last night but I can see that there’s more there. I remember a couple of nice plays where he cut inside and drove through the middle. He got that one hard shot off where he looked like he wanted to open up his body and go far post but had to adjust at the last second so it wouldn’t get blocked and it went close to the keeper. I feel like he could have scored with a little more luck...
  13. Does anyone else really want to see David vs Davies? It would be hard to chose which side to cheer for but I would hope that it would be David’s turn to shine.
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