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  1. They broke the bank because he’s a young promising player with big potential. They were not expecting 20+ goals.. 10-15 goals is a pretty good first season to build on. I’m not disappointed at all especially if you consider the style that Lille have played all season.
  2. I don’t think Borjan would have ran in to Vitoria if Vitoria wasn’t pushed from behind. The push made it seem like a more awkward situation than it should have been. I’ve noticed a lot of pushes in the back from Central American players in the Olympic qualifying games as well and if I were a ref I would crack down on it because it could be dangerous.
  3. If David got a red for Lille I would turn the game off but Bayren are so entertaining to watch... Lewandowski is a beast!
  4. Where would Lille be without the 37yo Fonte. Very frustrating, I think David should be playing deeper as well and Weah should play more minutes.
  5. I remember a goal being called back on a Toronto FC game when I think it was Osorio who committed a foul in the build up. I wasn’t a fan of the call at all but overall I think VAR is a positive. I think using possession change but not exceeding over a certain amount of time is a good way to break the game up when it comes to how far you can call a play back with VAR. It would suck if a goal was called back because it touched a hand 80 passes ago at centre field. The NHL’s video review is a lot worse though in my opinion but I do like the coaches challenge. Don’t think it would translate to soc
  6. This is the first full game I’ve watched of Liams since the Toulon tournament. I don’t think he put a foot wrong. Excellent defensive work rate and tidy on the ball. The pitch was pretty rough and there were a few times his teammates should have got the ball over to him on the counter. I’m pretty high on Liam and I think he’s going to be a championship player minimum and a great replacement for Hoilett.
  7. I wish Weah would get on the pitch more with David. Seems like they get along quite well and from the games I’ve seen he likes to combine with David. The only thing I like about watching Lille other than David is their back line. Like many have said, Botman is probably my second favourite player on the team and I think Fonte is a great leader. Sanchez is overrated and I prefer Soumarè in the middle.... Ikone, Araujo, Bamba and Sanchez are all so frustrating to watch. Idk how they’re still even with PSG on points..
  8. I totally agree. Who cares if the team he’s going to is at the bottom of the table. He’s going to be playing against some good teams that will challenge him and dealing with the pressure of avoiding relegation will be good for him. It will be interesting to see if he can help them improve in the league. Maybe he really helps them out? Like when Eustaquio went to Pacos. I also think his mobility is something a lot of our other CB’s lack. The most noticeable example I remember is when he came on against a speedy Jamaica in the gold cup.
  9. Huge CPL supporter here and I totally get where Aird25 is coming from but at 27 James needs to be getting minutes at the highest level possible. At the moment I think the CPL is for young players starting their careers and old players coming back, mentoring and raising the quality of play. (Haber, Edgar, De Jong etc)... and with the Canada centre back discussion there is definitely no clear and obvious answer. I personally think Henry or Vitoria are our best CB’s but that doesn’t mean I’m comfortable with them back there... so James should definitely be in the discussion and if he ends up play
  10. With European football I have a hard time investing myself in any team without a Canadian. I like some clubs more than others but it usually comes down to style of play and entertainment so I love watching big games. So now that we are seeing Canadians playing in big games it’s a lot more exciting. I’m from BC so the local teams I support have not been the best... so it’s been fun to jump on the Bayern/Besiktas bandwagon!
  11. David had a pretty good moment where he dribbled by a few coming off the wing and then made a good pass... but the whole time the commentator was calling him Ikone...
  12. Where can you watch Primeira liga in Canada?
  13. Imagine if we had Tomori in that back line... oh well, we have somehow managed to build some decent depth at every other position it’s only a matter of time before we have a centre back or two blossom. I bet our B team could beat our A team from 5 years ago.
  14. I can’t get over how awesome it is to have 2 Canadians playing in top form making a huge impact for a team like Besiktas.
  15. I’m guessing if the Wolves coaching staff have an 18 year old on their bench they probably see something in him. I haven’t seen too many highlights but I’m guessing the Wolves coaching staff is better at assessing Theo’s talent and potential than One American is. I wouldn’t expect him to see the field but he’s only 18...
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