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  1. David had a pretty good moment where he dribbled by a few coming off the wing and then made a good pass... but the whole time the commentator was calling him Ikone...
  2. Where can you watch Primeira liga in Canada?
  3. Imagine if we had Tomori in that back line... oh well, we have somehow managed to build some decent depth at every other position it’s only a matter of time before we have a centre back or two blossom. I bet our B team could beat our A team from 5 years ago.
  4. I can’t get over how awesome it is to have 2 Canadians playing in top form making a huge impact for a team like Besiktas.
  5. I’m guessing if the Wolves coaching staff have an 18 year old on their bench they probably see something in him. I haven’t seen too many highlights but I’m guessing the Wolves coaching staff is better at assessing Theo’s talent and potential than One American is. I wouldn’t expect him to see the field but he’s only 18...
  6. I agree with this and think his crossing is underrated. He was pretty good at finding Kamara’s head as well. I think he’s even better at cutting the ball back and finding a man making a late run. The type of run that Jonathan David likes to make... I don’t think there are too many wrong answers and it should depend on the opposition. How Herdman deploys Davies is one of his most important coaching decisions IMO.
  7. I watch as much Whitecaps as I can handle and I think he looked solid as well. I can only think about one game against LAFC where he kept getting isolated 1v1 against Blessing and he kept getting beat. The stat someone pointed out on the Sam Adekugbe thread about him getting dribbled by once this season is pretty impressive.
  8. So... Cav. David Arfield Davies Osorio Eustaquio Layrea Miller Vitoria Henry Borjan James also had that one good game recently😁
  9. You’re probably right. You don’t play in the premier league if you can’t defend but he’s still not a fullback. Junior is a lot a lot better than Layrea at cutting in for a shot on his right foot, especially from long range. On the right Layrea does a great job of overlapping and dribbling down the goal line for a cut back or drawing a penalty, similar to Davies. I think It comes down to who we are playing but I generally think about line ups that I would put out against strong teams. I think if a team is pressing us and trying to play a high line I’m in the boat of having Davies in an advanced
  10. I like the idea of Junior on the left too but I don’t think Junior is as committed defensively. I think if Davies and Layrea are interchangeable on the left then we don’t have to debate about having Davies as a LB or LW. On the right I like Junior and Buchanan but you could easily do Layrea and Buchanan on the right with Junior and Davies on the left. Cant wait to see or full strength squad play together again....
  11. What do you guys think about putting Layrea and Davies on the left side. They could interchange positions at any time and Layrea could cut in on his right and have Davies overlapping him. If we play with with a back 5 with wingbacks I think having them on opposite sides is better though.
  12. Yeah, I did mention in there that the passes that were missed under zero pressure was frustrating to see. If those were cleaned up the possession and chances created would have been even higher. Reminded me of watching hockey when your team can’t get set up on the power play?
  13. So before we were frustrated with the players always playing the safe pass and that our players were afraid to try things. I know this wasn’t the best team but it is hard to play against any team that puts every player in the 18 yard box. I think our personnel suits a counter attacking style of play where our players can utilize their speed. Tabla is probably used to breaking down teams that bunker because that’s the Barcelona way... where as Davies has played with a team that gets most of its goals from counter attacks and set pieces. It was frustrating to see wayward passes when players had
  14. There’s no reason why he can’t be comfortable playing in multiple positions I just want those positions to be attacking ones.
  15. This goal was a pretty good example of him being able to cut in from the right. I think he has the aptitude for it, we just haven’t seen much of it so far.
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