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    Loyal Company of the River Valley - Episode 209

    The Loyal Company of the River Valley podcast is the result of Nathan and Adam just having a few conversations over some beverages about FC Edmonton. Eventually they just decided to add a couple microphones to these conversations and make it a podcast. While they may be lacking in the analytic knowledge, they certainly make up for it with passion and optimism with all things Eddies. #FearNoFoe


    On this weeks episode, we go a little off topic with some nerd talk because not much has really happened in the league over the last week.

    We also look ahead to an unfortunately scheduled Al Classico and how it speaks to a larger topic we’ve focused on in the past with the schedule mishaps the league has had.

    We then talk about the other game this week against Pacific and the travelling contingent of FCE supporters that will be there.

    Listen & subscribe via the NSXI Network

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    • I 100% think they would have major trouble retaining 10k season tickets and drawing an average of 15k.  Your best comparable here is the CFL.  Your 3 weakest markets in the CFL are in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.  
    • It's a permanent transfer. Curious to know what the fee was... His salary last year was 80 k and transfer fees come with a cap hit and we know he'll be on gam, so I am thinking Montreal paid somewhere between 200 and 400k, but probably closer to the lower end of that.
    • Football forgives almost anything so long as you produce. So when you hear football politics as a reason for a player’s decline, that’s a definite alarm. Sidelined at Rangers once in the second tier and not more than a year at any club since, including United where he had a two year contract. Hope he turns it around and makes the most of the Rangers cache.
    • As a first gen Canadian of Latin american parents, who also grew up in a 80% immigrant neighborhood, the sentiment Lucas has is shared among many. Many dont feel Canadian, for many of us we are taught that to be canadian is just the passport and oppotunity this country gives us.... Our identity and who we are is based off our parentage and their culture, nation etc. Many people I knew growing up only identify as canadian when it provided them with a benefit. I always wanted to connect with other latin american youth but because I didnt have much connection to any family members or the latin community, I ended up identifying with like white canadians who played hockey and listened to rock music. Since I met many latinos and have tried being apart of that community but for me I never felt at home, I personally feel more at home with people in Bradford or Hawkesbury, Barrie or other small cities in Ontario. I think Lucas at least has a leg to stand on with his sentiment, because of being away from Canada since he was 16. It's an unfortunate reality, we are taught to be proud of Canada because it isnt the USA, because it has "free" healthcare, public education, a welfare system, etc. I personally identify as a Canadian, until I was 16 or 17 I never said I was Canadian, and until recently I always identified as Uruguayan-Canadian but I look at my interests, my own person values, culture,  and the fact that I feel so foreign with other Latin americans. I have more in common with Ukrainians and Poles, who make the majority of my close friends. Given all those friends identify as Canadian generally.
    • I don't think that's the team name. It's the name of the company operating the team
    • Huh? That's actually not half bad.
    • Nice. Two year loan or transfer?  Big year for him.
    • We could make a half decent squad of released players from last season. While they are the dregs and cast offs there are now and will be every year a speight of players out their with CPL experience which will be useful for clubs wanting to start up or starting up. Everyone is improving and the experience positive or negative will be passed on. 
    • Was pretty clear from that article he was going to Pacific. Winnipeg and gale reunion boxed checked. Learning under Kah with a better squad. Pacific can be contenders with Bustos  Valour will still be Valour Bustos or not. It's a natural progression. Watch him sign for Edmonton now.
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