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Canada vs Czech Republic - Friday June 11 - Cartagena, Spain - 11am Eastern / 8am Pacific

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3 hours ago, Weng said:

We were definitely the better team.  The Czechs barely got a look at our goal.   We dominated possession, but like mentioned previously it was our finishing that just was not there.  It was Huitema that should of had the tap in. She also had a few chances heading the ball that were off target.  Buchanan headed the ball right at the keeper off a corner.  We passed okay, but were overall just sloppy and not clinical.

If you're talking about the Rose miss, it was Viens who first missed it.

People say Wheels is a homer but I can't stand the earnest homerism of Jenkins vs the raw passion of Wheeler. Jenkins gave them a B+ grade at half and said they did everything well except score. My grade is a C.

They barely had any shots on goal and the Czech keeper didn't have to make a single decent save. First half was low energy, slow and lots of bad passing. Second half, they started to create chances mostly via Lawrence. Four good chances to score from Prince, Huitema(2) & Rose but all missed the net.

Carle & Riviere as fullbacks didn't contribute much offensively. St. Georges showed more in her 10 mins. Nothing much up the middle from Schmidt & Fleming - missed Quinn. Sinclair's touch with the national team continues to be poor. Leon probably provided the most energy but nothing to show for it.


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Watching that replay 10 times in a row, it looks like Viens was drawn towards the ball, possibly by the goalkeeper coming out. If she makes a run more towards the back post she has the time to get her foot on it. It wasn't as eggregious as I thought it was when I saw it originally, but she still misjudged it.

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