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2021 Futsal WCQ


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The WC was originally scheduled for 2020, but was moved back to 2021 because of Covid-19.

All qualifying matches should be played in Guatemala.  Canada automatically qualified for the group stage.  In their group they will play against Costa Rica, Haiti, and the winner between St Kitts & Nevis/Dominican Republic.


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On 4/5/2021 at 8:48 PM, Canadamnt said:

A little off topic but does anyone know why Canada doesn’t have a beach soccer team. Is it because of funding/finances?

the question is not "why Canada doesnt have a beach soccer team" but "why CSA doesnt take care of their own beach soccer team"


they even made it to world cup back in 2006, even won powerhouses of Spain & Iran

it has a page on instagram named "canada beach soccer" but no related with CSA


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Kyt called the team for concacaf qualifiers

GK- Joshua Lemos | USA / Milwaukee Wave
GK- Louis-Philippe Simard | CAN / Spartiates Sports Club
D- Daniel Chamale | USA / Milwaukee Wave
D- Bila Dicko-Raynauld | CAN / Sporting Québec FC
D- Eduardo Jauregui | CAN / Toronto Idolo Futsal
D- Maxime Leconte | CAN / Spartiates Sports Club
M- Nazim Belguendouz | CAN / Spartiates Sports Club
M- Ian Bennett | USA / Milwaukee Wave
M- Nico Gonzales* | CAN / Calgary Villains
M- Safwane Mlah | CAN / Sporting Montreal
M- Robert Renaud | USA / Milwaukee Wave
M- Luis Rocha* | CAN / Toronto Idolo Futsal
M- Marco Rodriguez | CAN / Toronto Idolo Futsal
T- Damion Graham | CAN / Toronto Idolo Futsal
T- Frederico Moojen | USA / Dallas Sidekicks
T- Jason Quezada | USA / Miami

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boy its great to see all Canadian players singing national anthem..we need that on all natonal teams..lets get it going first game now vs haiti which has a squad and coaching staff out of quebec and lost their first game 0-7 vs costa rica

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selaidopoulos out there with his hands in his pockets..good thing hes going to forge has a lot to learn..bennett and moojen looked dead after 10 min..at 38 those couple spots should have been given to youngsters..theyve played enough with national team..they better step up and make a difference in the second half or it was a waste of space and big mistake to bring them..canada futsal can and should do much more

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25 minutes ago, Big_M said:



Up to next round and a sigle win away from World Cup in Lithuania



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vs panama 5 min in..we got some good chances including open net missed..really got a chance to beat them and go to world cup..they look weaker than costa rica..renaud maybe was good a few years ago but now overweight and garbage performance losing balls in important areas..looks like hasnt learned from the giveaway he made that lead to a goal last time

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