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  1. heard that Amuz got injured and Cristian Gutierrez denied but what about Nassim Mekideche?
  2. the team that denied a home league to die. **** fury
  3. Amuz will be our captain in our 2nd gold medal ever! ✌️
  4. BC crowned Challenge Trophy Champions at 2019 Toyota National Championships Teck Finals Day in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador saw British Columbia crowned champions at the 2019 Toyota National Championships Challenge Trophy competition. Central City Breakers from Surrey defeated Ottawa’s St. Anthony SC 2:0 to take the Gold Medal and Challenge Trophy. Dartmouth’s United DFC earned the bronze medal with Quebec’s Kodiak Charlesbourg winning the Fifth Place Match, Newfoundland & Labrador’s Holy Cross winning the Seventh Place Match and Manitoba’s FC Winnipeg Lions taking the Ninth Place Match. Challenge Trophy: Central City Breakers FC Ottawa St. Anthony SC United DFC (Dartmouth) Edmonton Scottish SC Kodiak Charlesbourg Fredericton Picaroons Reds Holy Cross FC (St. John's) Saskatoon Revolution FC Winnipeg Lions Yellowknife YK Galaxy FC Gold: Central City Breakers FC (Surrey) (BC) 2:0 (ON) Ottawa St. Anthony SC British Columbia’s Central City Breakers defeated Ontario’s Ottawa St. Anthony 2:0 to win the 2019 Toyota National Championships Challenge Trophy competition in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador. After a scoreless first half, Surrey’s Caleb Clarke (65’) put BC ahead 20 minutes into the second half and Milad Mehrabi (90’+2) got a second with Ottawa pushing forward to equalize in injury time. Bronze: Edmonton Scottish SC (AB) 0:2 (NS) United DFC (Dartmouth) United DFC finish in third place with their 2:0 victory over Alberta in the Bronze Medal Match at the Challenge Trophy competition in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador. Andrew Serieys (28’) put Dartmouth up mid-way through the first half and Derek Gaudet (90’+3) sealed it in second-half injury time with a beautiful free kick from the top of the box. Jensen Brown earned his fourth clean sheet of the competition. Fifth Place: Fredericton Picaroons Reds (NB) 0:4 (QC) Kodiak Charlesbourg Marc-Olivier Dibongue Kouo’s (30, 41’) scored two first half goals and Julien Morissette (65’) and Jeremy-Nathaniel Tothaud-Mouandza (87’) scored in the second half to secure fifth place for Quebec. Seventh Place: Holy Cross FC (St. John's) (NL) 2:0 (SK) Saskatoon Revolution Jacob Grant (16’) and Isaac Bonisteel’s (37’) first-half goals were enough for hosts Holy Cross as they defeat Saskatchewan to take seventh place in the Challenge Trophy competition. Ninth Place: FC Winnipeg Lions (MB) 19:0 (NT) Yellowknife YK Galaxy FC Ryan Ramjiawan (4’, 6’, 22’, 39’, 47’, 62’, 68’, 76’, 82’), Stuart Hodges (35’, 65’, 71’, 75’), Andrew Aitken (10’), Krzysztof Szulc (31’), Aaron Hidalgo-Mazzei (60’), and Zach Harrison (80’) scored for Manitoba. Source: https://www.canadasoccer.com/bc-crowned-challenge-trophy-champions-at-2019-toyota-national-championships--p162439&t=nationals_article&site=15493
  5. sorry lads, had some problems with my PC then i couldnt follow the cup as i wanted...
  6. looks like Biello is already following him, so he has good chances to make it in olympic qualifiers
  7. i just logged on twitter to see some news damn
  8. prob its Paul Beirne !!!!!!!!!!
  9. maybe they didnt held a tournament ? it has few infos about provinces cup
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