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  1. Dicdan

    2021 Futsal WCQ

    i feel Bennett is for CanFutsal the same as Atiba for CanMNT
  2. Dicdan

    2021 Futsal WCQ

    in gold cup canada opened two nil and suffered a comeback in futsal haiti opened two nil and suffered a comeback lol OUR VENGANCE
  3. Dicdan

    2021 Futsal WCQ

    HUGE WIN BY THE CANUCKS IN FUTSAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Up to next round and a sigle win away from World Cup in Lithuania #CANADARED
  4. Dicdan

    2021 Futsal WCQ

  5. i think boakai will remain with fc edmonton
  6. Dicdan

    2021 Futsal WCQ

    Jason quezada is the same Jayzinho from FIFA 20's VOLTA Football lol anyway, help us clickin lads please https://canplbrasil.blogspot.com/2021/04/canada-anuncia-convocacao-com-astro-do.html
  7. Dicdan

    2021 Futsal WCQ

    Kyt called the team for concacaf qualifiers GK- Joshua Lemos | USA / Milwaukee WaveGK- Louis-Philippe Simard | CAN / Spartiates Sports ClubD- Daniel Chamale | USA / Milwaukee WaveD- Bila Dicko-Raynauld | CAN / Sporting Québec FCD- Eduardo Jauregui | CAN / Toronto Idolo FutsalD- Maxime Leconte | CAN / Spartiates Sports ClubM- Nazim Belguendouz | CAN / Spartiates Sports ClubM- Ian Bennett | USA / Milwaukee WaveM- Nico Gonzales* | CAN / Calgary VillainsM- Safwane Mlah | CAN / Sporting MontrealM- Robert Renaud | USA / Milwaukee WaveM- Luis Rocha* | CAN / Toronto Idolo FutsalM- Marco Rodriguez | CAN / Toronto Idolo FutsalT- Damion Graham | CAN / Toronto Idolo FutsalT- Frederico Moojen | USA / Dallas SidekicksT- Jason Quezada | USA / Miami
  8. https://canplbrasil.blogspot.com/2021/04/canada-conhece-suas-adversarias-nas.html?m=1
  9. yet on Cabrera... is there any issue with the league ????? His loan would end when canpl season starts and now it was renewed until december
  10. congratulations for him but may we get worried? guess Herdman gotta act as soon as possible, or we will lost another player to Trinidad
  11. nationals? did bekker won challenge trophy?
  12. maybe this thursday Diego Reveco for Atletico Pantoja vs Monterrey - Concacaf champions league
  13. https://canplbrasil.blogspot.com/2021/04/jogador-canadense-assina-por-equipe-do.html a canadian coming to brazil again !!
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