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  1. Why did the government hold Forge back from playing the game in Canada? If all other professional sports are receiving permission from the government, then why would Canada soccer not be able to receive permission?
  2. A little off topic but does anyone know why Canada doesn’t have a beach soccer team. Is it because of funding/finances?
  3. Canada has been screwed over due to some teams not being a part of fifa. Therefore no fifa points from those games. Since 2017 Canada has played a quarter of their games against these teams in gold cup/nations league with the likes of French Guiana and Martinique. All of them have been wins for Canada. It doesn’t get any better as we play Martinique again in this years gold cup.
  4. With an easy game against Aruba to come, I feel that this is Canada’s best lineup for an attacking minded game. It is similar to how Croatia lined up against Nigeria at the 2018 World Cup with 4 attackers.
  5. Yea, that is confirmed now so none of those teams are coming to north america. Initial rumors were those teams were coming to the east coast of north america.
  6. The rumour of the possibility of Croatia coming to play a friendly in Toronto and the east coast has shifted towards them playing their matches in the middle east.
  7. how do you make or calculate these?
  8. Borges has been sold from Forge to a second division team in Belgium. Does anyone know if he is still available for and will play at the olympic qualifiers for Canada?
  9. https://twitter.com/gwolff_sports/status/1200936493465780229?s=20 Could this possibly be true. A Canada vs Costa Rica friendly in January?
  10. Anyone planning to go to any concacaf nation league games? I know some places are difficult to get to.
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