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  1. Interview with Michele Paolucci of FC Manitoba from today (google translate) "Now all the owners of the club are organizing to create a new independent league in Canada and we are therefore committed to the development and planning of this league. This year we will start with a sort of tournament, around Canada that will serve us to attract sponsors and our forecast is to start in 2022 to start with a real season , starting from scratch. A new and exciting project " . https://footballnews24.it/michele-paolucci-in-esclusiva-la-juventus-un-sogno-in-un-momento-sbagliato-su-pirlo-e-ronal
  2. Serbia - U17 Nikola Borjan had the start in goal today for Grafičar Beograd in a 6-0 win over OFK Vršac.
  3. April 28 Sali came on in the 56th minute for FC Viitorul U17 in a 6-0 win over LPS Buzau U17.
  4. I live in the Czech Republic and have watched a few club matches. I am aware of the level. The league and national team have improved over the years but support for women's football is very low here. At least Slavia and Sparta have raised the awareness level of women's football with their respective runs in the Champions League.
  5. To be fair most women's leagues in Europe are below the level of the CL semi final. Not just the Czech league. For what it is worth, she has more experience than just the Czech league. Olga Zadinová » Matches as referee (worldfootball.net)
  6. Jeronimo Sabbatasso came on as a sub (I don't have the exact time) for Empoli U17 in a 4-2 win over Lazio U17.
  7. Surname is also common in Albania and Macedonia. He could have Aromanian heritage like Hagi.
  8. I collect Canadian soccer (national teams) programmes but they can also get expensive.
  9. Bulgarian 1st tier - George Atanassov started and came off in the 81st minute for Arda in a 4-0 loss away to Tsarko Selo.
  10. Italy - U17 - April 18 Jeronimo Sabbatasso came on in the 78th minute for Empoli U17 in a 4-1 loss vs Roma U17. This was his league debut with Empoli.
  11. In cyrillic his name is Георги Атанасов. You will probably find more info on him using that name. (1) "Сините" таланти на Академия Левски: Георги Атанасов - YouTube (1) Георги Атанасов: Искам да играя с АРДА в Европа - YouTube
  12. Born in Canada and left when he was 4. He has played in the Bulgarian youth set up (U17) in the past.
  13. Emilio Estevez is now with Ourense CF in Spain (4th tier).
  14. George Atanassov (2004) came on in the 76th minute for Arda today in a 1-1 draw away to CSKA Sofia (Bulgarian 1st tier).
  15. I am not sure of the status of Busti with his club. I do not think he has been in the game day roster for months.
  16. I was not comparing Serie D and the CPL. I never said Serie D players should be called up, only that they exist and are playing. That is all
  17. Simon Thomas has been without a club since January. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think he is still without a club. I am not so sure that just because a keeper is playing in the CPL, they deserve to be placed above a keeper playing abroad. Keepers who are playing abroad (and not in the CPL) generally have close to year round training, and more matches than keepers in the CPL. Hopefully that changes in the future with regards to the CPL.
  18. Nikola Curcija (2001) plays for Le Havre II and has been on the first team bench (2nd tier) a few times this season. Aldo Commisso (2002) plays for Roccella in Serie D. He has started 15 matches so far, but unfortunately his side has lost most of them.
  19. Rejjan Abazi (born in Montreal - 2002) made his debut for FC Shkupi in the Macedonian 1st tier on March 14. He was an unused sub this past weekend. Rejjan Abazi – FC SHKUPI
  20. He is not part of the 26 man squad called up for the Euro qualifiers later this month. https://bfunion.bg/news/47471/0
  21. Seems as if all non essential travel is banned. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/from-other-countries.html
  22. I understand your point, but I do not think this is the best comparision. Before going to Russia, Ennin had more professional experience than Di Chiara had when he signed with Sovetov. I am not saying Ennin should be called up to the national team. He and Di Chiara have had different career paths.
  23. Interview with Stefan from January. Talking about his future with Canada or Serbia
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