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Viewing Parties - Canada vs. El Salvador - Mar. 22nd


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Canada vs. El Salvador

Time: 6:30PM EST/3:30PM PST

TV Coverage: Sportsnet East, Ontario and One

The following is a list of gathering places for Voyageurs to view the game (details to be added to this post as they are received).

Calgary - Fiddler's Courtyard (confirmed)

Edmonton -

Halifax -

Kingston -

Montreal -

Ottawa -

Quebec City -

Regina -

Saskatoon -

St. John's -

Toronto -

Vancouver -

Victoria -

Winnipeg -

*confirmation requires a Voyageur to call the establishment to confirm that they will be showing the game and that they can accomodate X number of fans.

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Because the game starts at 4:30 PM Mountain Standard Time, I will be recording the game in HD, and having a viewing party at my place for anyone who is interested.

I'm temporarily down in Vermilion (and going out of my mind) right now. I've been here from February 'til April 20. If the match were on Friday I would make the drive across ...

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If anyone is interested in watching this game in Montreal, Frappe is willing to show it but you would have to ask the bar to put it on. There is an event on the 1st floor but they are willing to put it on the 2nd floor which also has a big screen. I am working tonight so I can't go unfortunately.

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