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  1. I do watch West Ham. When Antonio is on form he is unplayable. And 1 in 4 .... keep in mind that for most of his career at West Ham he was played as a winger (and at times even a right back under Pellegrini). Moyes has moved him to center forward in much the same style as he did with Arnautovic, and like Arnie, Antonio's strike rate has risen considerably since the move. I like Larin, but he's not (yet) in the same class as Antonio. Also, Antonio gives a real outlet to West Ham when playing against the larger Sky 6 clubs (when we tend to see even less of the ball). His hold up play and ab
  2. West Ham just booted Sebastian Haller back to Europe, leaving them with an oft injured Antonio as a lone striker. They should be in for a loan. Moyes likes to play crosses through his wingers and full backs, but I think they would do well to grab David and keep things on the ground slightly more. Moyes would also get David back to full fitness in a hurry - most all of West Ham's 11 have great engines these days. Antonio and David running at defenses would be lovely.
  3. Nobody builds a stadium if, when it is at full capacity, it loses money on the operational side of things.
  4. So this Pozuelo guy seems to be okay. He sure did the business tonight.
  5. Fun story. My youngster's name is Bennett. When he was a year or so old he, my wife and I traveled to Spain and hung out for a couple weeks at a friend's place in Malaga. While there the boy assume his Spanish alter ego: El Benito. He liked to play with a certain toy bus and really liked to 'park' it. The comparison was just too easy. Two years on and the nickname persists. Fortunately Floro's tenure doesn't.
  6. We need him between the sticks so that we can start Henry with confidence ; )
  7. Flights booked - 20% off Air North sale no less, so return to the Yukon for $360 all in. Woop woop! I'm getting in on Saturday morning and I'm considering the Matt Good show at the Vogue Theatre that night. The venue looks cool but not fun, y'know? Concerts shouldn't have seating : / ...... Anybody feeling up for this? Or has anybody seen a show here before?
  8. When are folks getting into town for this? If y'all are getting in on Friday night then I might catch the evening flip to Vancouver. Otherwise I can just take my time and get in on the Saturday. Also, if anybody else is thinking about splitting a spot to stay then drop me a line. I'm not sure if I want to stay solo or with others - so I could be talked into something if there's a decent plan.
  9. Hume vs Spain in the U-20s was pretty darn good, too. He hit the post right afterward from distance, too. Youtube Other quality strikes - Sandro Grande vs Spain Youtube - Radzinski's brace (especially the second, a stoppage time winner) in a vintage performance for Everton. Youtube
  10. Boom - ticket ordered. Super excited to be coming down for this as it will be my first Canada match since 2008 (vs Estonia in Tallinn and the Jamaica WCQ in Toronto). Also, the ticket ordering process is super smooth. Well done. It seems way easier than folks mailing cheques to my dorm room in Ottawa prior to the WCQ series vs Belize in Kingston, and then me having to snail mail the tickets out prior to the games.
  11. hmmmm ...... only $400 return from Whitehorse to Van. we'll see about this.
  12. I have met Morgan before. At the time (2001) he seemed to be in a logistics and organizational position, helping me arrange ticketing and access to meet with the team in Cairo. I don't feel like he is in our "technical director" type role.
  13. We did beat them the last time we ran out against them ... ; )
  14. You're right. I had to look it up though - totally forgot that the good guys won there last time out!
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