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  1. Klukowski spent many years at Brugge as well. EDIT: Next time I will actually read the thread before posting. Sorry for the duplication.
  2. Thanks for the heads up! 6 pieces, GST and free shipping to the Yukon for $112. No complaints from me!
  3. Love Junior after the match. Real feedback, right off of the pitch. I'm sitting here in Whitehorse ready to put some cash down on flights - can't wait to hit Toronto (??) in November for Costa Rica and Mexico at home. I want to be there. This team has me fired up.
  4. We are facking massive. I don't care how this ends - either way we are giving Mexico a match with out B team.
  5. I hear you, but Mexico is there for the taking. I want Davies, David, Hutch, Larin and Arfield there to unlock them.
  6. I'm thrilled with the match that we're playing to this point, but I can't help but wonder what this would look like if we had our first choice 11. The Mexicans are open to exploitation at the back, and I feel like some additional quality through the midfield would have us linking up better and pressuring their defense.
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