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Miller & BMO grass


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Miller pledges real grass in video interview


Last Updated: 21st September 2008, 3:55am

In a video posted to YouTube, Mayor David Miller said the much-maligned fake grass at BMO Field could be replaced with the real thing next year.

Filmed in Shoeless Joe's bar on King St. W. after last week's rainy Columbus game, a soaking wet Miller claims to have built BMO Field himself.

"That's Stuart right there, standing up for me, because we built the stadium," a happier-than-usual Miller says, pointing out his spokesman and fellow TFC fan Stu Green. "Actually that's wrong. He didn't build the stadium, I built the stadium."

At one point, the interviewer asks Miller how long it's going to take before real grass is installed at BMO.

"Next year," Miller says in the clip. "Next year, but no guarantees. But we're trying."

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quote:Originally posted by Grizzly

Miller looks pretty drunk. Not sure that is the best move for a politician to be filmed while drunk. On the other hand it is pretty cool that the mayor of Canada's largest city drinks with a soccer supporters group.

Yeah, he's been known to frequent the various supporters bars following TFC matches (he's season ticket holder, not in the prawn seats but in the upper deck).

With the appearance of this video, however, I think his post-game drinking with the supporters will be curtailed just a bit. :D

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