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WC 2010 in Brazil?


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This is what AS thinks might be a solution.


Rough translation here:

J. Antonio Espina | 17/07/2008

Plan B of Joseph Blatter for World-wide the 2010 is… Brazil. Country South-American, that a few months ago was chosen as it soothes of World-wide the 2014, has become the first option now to replace South Africa if this one does not confirm its capacity like organizer del that must be celebrated within two years. According to it has been able to know AS, the FIFA already has informed to the surafricano Government of their decision to consult to the CBF (Brazilian Confederation of Soccer) on the possibility of advancing their preparations and to interchange you soothe both of next matches. Thus, it would organize it to Brazil in 2010 and South Africa, in time to solve many of its problems and without needing losing the great investment that has done (about 1,000 million Euros, until now) in 2014.

Lack that the CBF gives the approval. Days ago, I peeled assured that there would be “to put the batteries” so that Brazil was preparation. In six years? In two? Certainly the haste of the star have much to do with the intentions of an organism with which it collaborates for decades, the FIFA of their Blatter friend. “There are three bunds that would be ready to replace South Africa as it soothes of World-wide the 2010. It is a secret”. Ever since the president of world-wide soccer opened the box of the thunderclaps has not been stopped speculating on its mysterious candidates: that if Australia, that if Germany again, that if Spain, champion of Europe. But the Germans refused and the Federation of denied it to Billiards before other countries as Canada or Italy were added to the mediatic short list. Nobody repaired in which Brazil, that has 18 cities candidates to definitive the 12 you soothe, takes already plus a year of preparations, because she is the unique candidate from 2006.

Maracaná, finished. The Brazilian cities where it will gamble, in principle in 2014, will be designated by the FIFA in March of 2009. Many works are outposts and even finished in some sites, as it happens with the stage stars, Maracaná. The mythical temple of River was finished reforming a few months ago, like it happens with another stage, the Minerao, in the state Minas Gerais. Other fields, like the one of Belem, only need some reforms. Most complicated it has Brazil in his precarious infrastructures, as it is the case of freeways, I transport and airports. That one is its great disadvantage, and in which South Africa, in spite of the problems with the security, strikes and the stages, takes a clear advantage to the Brazilians.

Lula da Silva could fulfill its great dream

Lula da Silva, president of Brazil, was one of the great impellers of the candidacy of its country as he soothes of World-wide the 2014. But he will not be in the presidency when this one is celebrated, because its second mandate in 2011 finishes and the Brazilian Constitution prevents that it can return to appear to the elections. In more than an occasion he has been spoken of which the great dream of Lula was, indeed, to preside over the country during the celebration of a World-wide one of Soccer, to be placed in center of the theater box during a hypothetical end of the Pentacampeona in Maracaná. If finally South Africa is separated and Brazil feels enabled to advance the World-wide one, the president could fulfill what he wishes more. He happens what happens, his Government has taken the match as the excuse to undertake the most important infrastructure investments of all the history of Brazil: altogether, more than 60,000 million of real, almost 24,000 million Euros in transports, stages and urbanization of the cities.

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Germany, England, Australia and the USA have all been mentioned as official backup plans. That I don't see fifa moving it out of South Africa. Blatter and Company have too much invested to have it moved now.

Brazil hasn't even picked the stadiums for 2014, so there is no way they could be ready in 2 years. The USA on the other hand could host the tournament on Saturday if they were awarded the World Cup today ;)

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quote:Originally posted by piltdownman

The USA on the other hand could host the tournament on Saturday if they were awarded the World Cup today ;)

The same could be said of England, Spain, France, Italy, Germany and perhaps Portugal (based solely on their having the stadiums left over from Euro 2004).

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