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  1. They didn't have a back up keeper? lol...I love the professionalism of the MLS.
  2. I agree totally with you, because at this age players can be very easily influenced by coaches, they can be motivated and a good coach can get the most out of them. Well, they didn't have a good coach and that's why they're out even though they were good enough to go at least to the next round.
  3. LOL, good point but you can't influence who doesn't want to be influence. (I really like "robbed us of a sure world championship)
  4. There're a fews things to rescue from our participation in the u-17 WC, but there are far more to correct and change. POSITIVES: 1. We improved our ball possession, not to the point where it can make a difference to the way we play yet but we're considering the option of playing that way from now on. 2. The skill level of these group of players was a bit higher than previous ones, which shows that maybe more capable coaches are being hire by youth clubs. 3. This team represented the ethnicity of our country more than others before, that mentality will definitely benefit the program in the future. NEGATIVES: 1. The approach was not the required for such an important competition, I blame the head coach for that because he is in charge. His interview after the game shows the conformist attitude and the content to just be there without any real pressure to make it to the next round. 2. Our players still have the same inability to resolve basic problems on the field, such as understanding the intensity required to change the outcome of a game, when to accelerate and when to kill time, be proactive and not just reactive on the field and above all they need to be more passionate. Now these qualities need to be engraved on the players already already, even at this age. This is out of the a coach's hands. 3. The mental preparation is very far away from what is required at this level, only coaches who've coached at a professional level can implement that, because there's a high degree of experience working under pressure to win and psychological understanding of high performance athletes. In that whole coaching staff only Tobo has been expose to that, but he's not the head coach, therefore he doesn't call the shots. 4. Our players were cramping up all over the field, obviously the fitness was not the required at this level, I'm taking the altitude factor in consideration but England, Uruguay and Rwanda are at sea level as far as I know. I understand and appreciate the fact that these are mostly 17 year old players, but players that age in other countries, already understand the value and the commitment when they go to an event of this importance, after all is a FIFA WORLD CUP! not the Canadian national championship. All these players can talk about in the future, is that they participated in a world cup and the fact that their keeper scored a flukey goal. We need real coaches if we want to start celebrating some wins some day. I'm tired of these house league coaches that made it up the ranks based on regionalized politics and ass kissing to suits that don't even understand the sport.
  5. Excellent report DJT, my predictions for today's games are that ENG and URU will tie probably 0-0 and RWD will beat CAN 2-0, I hope I'm wrong but considering what I saw so far from these four teams and the fact that URU doesn't really need a win to finish in first place and ENG will guarantee themselves a second place with a tie, I just cannot see it any other way.
  6. Garden, don't guarantee anything cause you'll lose, I can assure you of that. Don't patronize me either cause you really don't know what you're talking about, stick to the gardencity maybe you can talk about soccer in that side of the country, but about what happens in Ontario, you obviously have no clue.
  7. I thought the same thing when I saw the re-play and I also thought that players interfered with the keeper's view of the ball.
  8. That might have been the norm before, but it's over now so no need to discredit them.
  9. The England keeper made an excellent save period. The surface of the field was wet and that ball was going in. What I don't know for sure is if our striker meant to hit the volley downwards or he missed kicked the ball either way that was a beautiful goal.
  10. No dude, I saw Tobo working for the OSA provincial program for the last 4 to 5 years, and I saw how he trained and made it to the Nationals finals with many of the players you see here now, and others that made other national teams. Don't be so quick to jump when you don't know the facts.
  11. ^ Obviously you didn't read what I wrote properly, I've never say that Canada was crap, I said England was, based on all the fluff and fuzz they make about their team in this board. Is that straight enough for you? PS. I kind of agree with your PS, yes players should be influenced by a coach if they've been with him for at least two years, but it doesn't have to be a professional environment necessarily.
  12. Brethers, I understand this is our first ever point in the U17s world cup. Now the fact that it was against England makes me more happy, because shows how crap of a team they were (at least in this game). I would agree this is one of the most talented and cohesive Canadian teams I've seen in a long long time (for which I congratulate Patrick Tobo who is the coach that put this team together using the OSA provincial program) but we can't be so complaisant with this fluky result, please, you can't be proud because a hoping ball kicked into the box which took a normal bounce in raining conditions but the keeper happen to misjudge it for the third or forth time in the game, ended up going in! you should be happy and pleasantly surprise about that...but proud? give me a break. Now when you say "I saw some promising play and promising youngsters draw a team who has pedigree in producing top talent" I can only agree with the "some promising play and promising youngsters" part, because the top talent part I completely disagree, what top talent? compare their top talent with the real top talent in the rest of the world (including the foreigners in the EPL) and let see where they rank. And when you say "(some of their players have first team experience, Redmond for one and the Brighton player)" that ads even more to my point, we don't have any players with first team experience and we still got a positive result against them! It's ok though, believe whatever you want to believe, buy whatever TV and British articles sell you but I will never buy that crap because I know the game and I believe only in what I see. I hope the CSA takes account of what Patrick Tobo has done with this team over the years and gives him an opportunity to coach his own team, so he won't have to be given most of the information to the players during the game and at practices behind the shadow of yet an other politically appointed coach.
  13. First of all, I can't imagine you are much of an athlete either, and certainly you're NOT the English teacher either, so come down to your level. If the FA doesn't send their top players, it's their problem, all I can talk about is the players I saw on the field, I'm obviously not english and I don't know if they have anything better than what they show at the game, back home. So unless you can provide that information, name of players, club they play for and reliable info that they are u-17s, your guess is as good as mine. You seem to be very informed about the efforts the FA is making to recognize the "importance of these youth development tournaments" as you put it, isn't a little late to realize that now? the rest of the world has recognize that in the 1980s? sorry dude, the FA has their head up their ass and they think their **** don't stink, that's why they're average. Now the sad thing is that the CSA takes them as an example of how to move forward with our players and coaches development....very sad and it shows. I want Canada to win every game, just like probably you and every other Canadian soccer fan wants, but I don't wrap my head with the flag and ignore what's really going on. Garden, now you get with the program.
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