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  1. I liked the show! DJT do you have episode 1?
  2. This is still the main problem for the growth of soccer in our country. Owners who've never been pro players or even been part of a professional soccer organization, get involved because of their money, their experience on business (none related to soccer of course) or they have a hiding agenda, then the project becomes an outlet to show that they were worthy of a chance as pro players when they were young or they're going to show everybody else how is done or they want their name in some meaningless hall of fame in some provincial association or even my son deserved better and coaches are idiots for not recognizing my son's talent so I will pay off some people so my son can said he played soccer at a semi-pro level, etc..... These people harm the sport more than they can imagine or care for (it's all about me me me). Many of them are still involve with the CSL and I believe that's the main reason why this league doesn't grow properly. None of them cares about the sport and that's why the Ottawa Wizards folded as well as many other clubs did in the extinct NSL and CPSL and they will still disappeared from the present CSL too. For what I've been hearing this is the case in BC too but I'm sure this is the case all over Canada. A simple explanation comes to mind, results don't count in our country and there are no consequences for failure because there's not big money in play.
  3. I don't know about your soccer knowledge but I'm sure is better than DM and on top of everything you have a sense of humor........ just put your application in and we'll support it!!! [^]
  4. After this......... I want loyola to coach Canada!!!
  5. More champions here..... easy work I just copy paste from the CSL website The champions: National Soccer League (NSL) 1926: Toronto Ulster 1927: Not Played 1928: Montreal CNR 1929: Montreal CNR 1930: Toronto Scottish 1931: Toronto Scottish 1932: Toronto Ulster 1933: Toronto Ulster 1934: Toronto Ulster 1935: Frood Mines 1936: Montreal Carsteel 1937: Toronto British Consols 1938: Montreal Victorias 1939: Montreal Victorias 1940: Montreal Carsteel 1941: Montreal Carsteel 1942-46: Not played during WWII 1947: Montreal Stelco 1948: Montreal Carsteel 1949: Toronto Canadians 1950: Hamilton Westinghouse 1951: Toronto St. Andrews 1952: Toronto East End Canadians 1953: Toronto Ukraina 1954: Toronto Ukraina 1955: Toronto Ukraina 1956: Polish White Eagles 1957: Toronto Italia 1958: Montreal Hungaria 1959: Montreal Cantalia 1960: Toronto Italia 1961: Toronto Roma 1962: Toronto Olympia 1963: Italian Virtus 1964: Toronto Ukraina 1965: Toronto Ukraina 1966: Windsor Teutonia 1967: Hamilton Primos 1968: Sudbury Italia 1969: Toronto First Portuguese 1970: Toronto Croatia 1971: Toronto Croatia 1972: Toronto Croatia 1973: Toronto Croatia 1974: Toronto Serbian White Eagles 1975: Toronto Italia 1976: Toronto Italia 1977: Montreal Castors 1978: Montreal Castors 1979: Toronto First Portuguese 1980: Toronto Falcons 1981: Hamilton Steelers 1984: Toronto Italia 1985: London Marconi 1986: Toronto Blizzard 1987: Windsor Wheels 1988: Toronto Italia 1989: Toronto Italia 1990: Toronto First Portuguese 1991: Scarborough International 1992: Toronto Croatia 1993: Toronto Rockets Canadian National Soccer League (CNSL) 1994: Toronto Italia 1995: St. Catharine Wolves 1996: Toronto Italia 1997: St. Catharines Wolves Canadian Professional Soccer League (CPSL) 1998: Toronto Olympians 1999: Toronto Olympians 2000: Toronto Olympians 2001: St. Catharines Wolves 2002: Ottawa Wizards 2003: Brampton Hitmen 2004: Toronto Croatia 2005: Oakville Blue Devils Canadian Soccer League (CSL) 2006: Italia Shooters 2007: Toronto Croatia Excellent work Artoo
  6. Hey Gian Luca, do you work for the CSA?
  7. I am sorry if I offended you "Mr Thread Organizer" but that was not my intention at all, I was just responding to a previous insult by a "soccer fan" who does (like many others around Canada) more harm than good to the sport. No body in their right mind will suggests that supporting Canada and Canadian players is the cause of all the problems with Canadian soccer. You obviously chose to manipulate my statement to prove a very lame point. I'm glad that you're learning something new every day, but don't forget to learn that you also need positive attitude and intelligence to change things. There's a huge percentage of these so called "soccer fans" that all they do is criticize without ever helping to solve the game's problems we face today. Hooligans where "soccer fans" too in England not so long ago, of course they used violence to show their "appreciation" for the sport and where are they now?. In Canada we have "fans" that don't use violence but use fan boards to express their "appreciation" for soccer. Believe me, the sport doesn't need those fans.
  8. This has a lot to do with your criticism of Iarusci, as far as I know he hasn't been involved in an scandale of this magnitude against our MNT and yet some of the people involved in this dark pages of our MNT history still around and being respected by an blind group of fans like you who criticize for the sake of criticizing. I agree you are a good soccer fan, do every body a favor and stay just being that, pay for the tickets to watch a game, waive your team's flag high and when you get home forget about soccer, because thanks to ignorants and idiots like you we are where we are with the state of soccer in our country.
  9. No body can make the CSA look good, not even them self.
  10. I'm not absolving Iarusci from criticism in your part, what I don't understand is why a person gets condemn for saying what he thinks on the radio and others on TV say what people wants to hear even though their credibility should be at doubt too and everything is fine, but Bob gets hung from a tree and the others get national recognition and credibility. www.canadian-soccer.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=9813
  11. "What's the point? Like Mallet will address his disdain for Canadian soccer supporters? Or Mallett or Iarusci will back down on their stance that Canadians shouldn't play for Canada? I doubt that they will. Like I've said in the past, I would have more respect for the CSF if some of these guys stepped down for the good of the organization. You said yourself that the meeting went great. Why not get some people with more credibility to take their places?" This has to be the only country in the world where somebody like Massive Attack (who no body knows who he is and what's his level of knowledge in the sport is) can accuse somebody who made a professional career out of soccer as a player, including our national team, like Bob Iarusci of not having enough credibility in the sport because he expressed his personal opinion on the radio!!! No wonder we are where we are with the state of soccer in our country, too many volunteers and amateurs giving opinions and passing judgment on real professionals of the sport. P.S. No, I am not Bob Iarusci's friend or family member or teammate, I just can't stand some of the "volunteers" in this boar.
  12. I believe that what's behind the apparent animosity between the CSL and the OSA it has been obviously worked out http://canadiansoccerleague.ca/news2.php?news_id=81380 , so you won't be able to create any "animosity" by your self just to benefit your league this time Richard. You don't really believe the CSL needs the OSA acknowledging that they organize the Open Canada Cup!!! and in regards to your comment about "the few teams that participate" I hope you realize that you're not acknowledging the huge participation of amateur clubs from your province and lets not even mention the fact that one of them made the cup final, the Columbus Clan of the Vancouver Metro Soccer League's Premier Division............... that's not your league? probably NOT otherwise you'll be bragging all over this forum.
  13. Bill, would the CSL clubs be allow to compete among them with their youth teams or are they obligated to play at the OSA designated leagues? Would the CSL youth programs be allow to compete "legally" at the Academies League SAAC?
  14. Obviously that is the way they've been preventing soccer from becoming fully professional in Canada .......... don't allow the youth clubs to have pro teams and don't allow the semi pro teams to have youth in their system. When I say they, I mean the CSA through the OSA in Ontario and using the other provincial associations around the country!!
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