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Caps v. Impact 06-17-2008 [R]

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Shaping up to be a verrrrrry interesting matchup tonight...

If Vancouver's back line brings its A-game, Montreal's anemic offence will have very little success getting ahead in this one.

However, if Vancouver plays like they did against Seattle & Rochester, the Caps could easily lose this one 4-nil.

Vancouver is looking to repent for the recent Rochester embarassment, and they'll be hungry for goals. Montreal is equally hungry to please their new coach and their victory-starved fans at their new home.

I thinks there's a LOT on the line tonight. Top of the league vs. the unlikely bottom-feeder, with national bragging rights, to boot.

I'll venture to guess that we'll see at least four yellows tonight, with Jarun getting an ejection for a lazy or sloppy foul.

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first post here :)

two live stats of the match are here:



I think the one on the Impact's website will be updated quicker, based on previous experiences with Soccer Canada's so-called live updates.

Listen live here in English: http://streaming2.wecreate.com/team990/wmp/index.php

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