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  1. I'm in for this one, but really need a PayPal option to contribute. Can you give me an option on this?
  2. It might only be available on BEin in the United States. The Canadian version may not hold the rights to show it here. Hoping for the best.
  3. The biggest issue in dealing with this embarrassment is that there are no clear-cut enforceable laws on match-fixing in Canada. As the article states, the RCMP regard the fraud being committed as a "Victimless Crime", and friends of mine who are lawyers told me that a case like this would be difficult to prosecute. So, if we want a project, I would suggest approaching whoever wins the election on Monday with this problem and asking them to kindly and quietly create some match-fixing legislation that would create a deterrent. That's the only way this gets stopped.
  4. Inductions announced today. Pat Onstad, Jim Brennan & Kara Lang amongst the inuctees. http://www.ontariosoccer.net/about/osa-news/678-hall-of-fame-announces-2015-induction-class
  5. Just once-a-year harmless fun :-). BCSW has already issued a retraction. "From the editor: It turns out that our sources for this story were neither accurate or sober. We retract the story, but certainly do not regret the error. Happy April 1st!"
  6. Is this the new league everyone here is talking about? http://www.bcsoccerweb.com/articles-april/bcsw-apr-01-super-league.htm
  7. The 86ers filled the stadium the majority of times they played, in the CSL, APSL, A-League, USL and USSF D2. The only times they didn`t sell out (or nearly sell out) were on rainy nights (which seems to happen now and then in Vancouver). When the CSL folded, Vancouver was the only long-term survivor. (Both Toronto and Montreal folded before being resurrected by new owners), You`re really comparing apples to oranges here.
  8. The driver was the fact that a CSL team playing out of BC Place would have been suicide. The budgets and quality of the CSL was at a level far below the original NASL, even when it folded. Swangard (originally a 7,000 capacity stadium) was capped by the City of Burnaby to 5,000 due to the parking restrictions in the area. To this day, Swangard is still the largest available soccer facility in the city after BC Place. As for D1, the CSA can`t make a league materialize out of nowhere. It needs knowledgeable investors who are confident enough in the league structure to take a chance. USL, the
  9. These folks won't even be able to get qualified referees...let alone players. Know how much of a "threat" to the CSA they are? About as much as a co-ed indoor gym pickup game on a Tuesday night. In fact, I recommend that CSL threads be moved to a new sub forum called "Recreational pickups and other Non-Fifa soccer".
  10. Know what? This league will be perfect for any player currently suspended by FIFA for match-fixing. How thoughtful...they could have the best fixed league in the world! :-)
  11. WHAT FIFA’S CLARIFICATION ON HEADGEAR MEANS FOR WORLD FOOTBALL http://www.friendsofsoccer.com/?p=174
  12. No...turbans and patkas are tied...there's no chains or clips. http://www.friendsofsoccer.com/?page_id=121
  13. Baptised Sikhs have played professional and International football in India. http://www.friendsofsoccer.com/?p=154
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