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Type of stadium needed in Canada?


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quote:Originally posted by bettermirror

132 metres! holy crap. i thought it looked big! or wait, how long is a yard when translated to metres?

Roughly a yard equals 0.9 meters. Easy, and fairly accurate way to convert yards to meters and vice versa is to add or subtract 1/10th, keeping in mind a meter is longer than a yard.

So Cooks' math checks out and he gets a gold star for his math scribbler ;)

Is cozy. No roof though. Guess there isn't much call for one way out west although you'd think just keeping the sun off the spectators would be quite important.

Wonder what it would cost to build from scratch?

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This is a 25 million Aussie Dollar redevelopment if Perth gets the Super 14 Rugby Union side.

The best soccer stadium in Australia in many peoples perception is solely used by soccer Hindmarsh Stadium


All the best from Australia...hope this helps...feel free to talk in the forums, we do have a World Stadiums section;)

P.S I am not an owner, just write articles for the site;)

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quote:Originally posted by CanadianSoccerFan

I like the fact the York stadium won't have a big ugly concert stage at one end like Chicago's will.... seem's every new MLS stadium being drawn up has a stage. I guess they need the extra revenue

That's the whole point.

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