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  1. I tend to drift in and out of here, so sorry for the lateness of my reply. The Storm was a major uniting force for Calgary soccer fans because they drew from a number of clubs, both in Calgary and Edmonton, and were a truly Albertan team. They drew fans from a wide spectrum. They only ran afoul of the clubs with the idea of an academy that would have pulled away their best players. The AMSL weren't fans because they lost their best players to the Storm. In their PDL entity, the Storm were a major success. Their mistake was jumping to the A-League too early.
  2. Sorry about the low attendance, but there are only so many Foothills supporters out there. There are a number of other major clubs in Calgary who will have little to do with anything related to a rival club. That is not meant as a callous statement, simply positing - why would a Chinook or Callie be compelled to go to a Foothills match? This is not a team that will unite Calgary soccer fans. Hence the low turnout.
  3. Sorry lads. A last-second invite by one of the speakers at the Spur Festival means that I'm out for today. Stay warm and cheer loud.
  4. I go away for a while and you get a PDL club. Well done! Perhaps I should disappear again and return to find an NASL club... I'll try to make the match on the 26th. It will be good to see some of you old muckers again.
  5. If you want an outsider's perspective, kit #2 is beautiful. It's crisp and distinctive. As somebody said, don't worry about looking like another team in this wide world. Any jersey you choose will look like somebody else somewhere. Just go with what looks good.
  6. He would be referring to Rotary Challenger Park, situated on the corner of McNight and Metis Trail. It was built primarily for disabled athletes, but they let anyone use it. The field is surrounded by an 8-lane running track and seating is limited (mostly meant for wheelchair spectators). There are no lights. The McNight-Westwinds station is the closest, but shuttles would be needed because that is a long walk. It has the same issues as other options presented, but it is further out than most. Unless, of course, he meant the Irish Rugby fields which, I believe, are slated to be gone when
  7. We have to be honest. Every option that has been mentioned thus far, including McMahon, is a temporary option. Without an SSS, no long-term commitment will have been shown. If I hear that an SSS is on the way (with shovels at the ready), then I would put up with any of the temporary options. The timeframes of other projects dictate which of the temp options are most feasible. A lot is hinging on the Field House at Foothills. Since it is the first step in the project, and would be built directly over the Foothills track and Burns Stadium, those options disappear very quickly. However,
  8. Until I see actual shovels in the ground for the fieldhouse (5 years away, minimum) I'd say go with the baseball stadium. I've measured it and it works. A quick configuration of stands along the third base line and you could start next year, with proper concessions, washrooms, and the lot. Make it a footy stadium, because baseball is dead in this town. My two cents.
  9. As much as I would love to see a team in Calgary, I'm hearing all of the wrong things from Petrone. He mentioned his plans to build the team: first from Calgary, then from Alberta, then from Canada, then from around the world. This model was tried before and yielded a pair of 4-win seasons. You gather the best you can get from anywhere. If no locals make the cut, too-bad-so-sad, you develop local talent through the academy. He mentioned long-term plans out of McMahon. McMahon is a cavern and it was impossible to generate any atmosphere. Previous owners meant well, but were living hand to m
  10. Petrone on CBC radio this morning talking about bringing NASL to Calgary. A whole lot of "ifs". Looking for owners. Talking about playing out of McMahon. Here we go again...
  11. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Hate me because I can't make it to Fiddler's for the match. Sorry, lads. I owe you many tall drinks.
  12. I will try. I'll be so cross-eyed from writing report cards that I'll need a break.
  13. If we get a team I will ensure that you get to design their logo.
  14. Tried. Failed. I'm all for someone trying again. I'm in. (man, I haven't been here in ages - Hey, peeps)
  15. That was one of the most enjoyable games I have watched in a long while. While I have faithfully supported TFC since they began, I was pulling for Vancouver today. There is some real talent there. Chiumiento and Hassli were fun to watch. It was good to see a striker finish when he had to. I have to say, I was so pleased for Dunfield - the smile that he had after his goal was priceless, you couldn't wipe it off. I'll still cheer loudly for both clubs. Success to both. We in Calgary can only be green with envy. Cheers.
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