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  1. Definitely wish him all the best in the future. Nolan's worth it! <clap, clap, clap-clap-clap>
  2. I thought York agreed to let TFC host? Probably just wishful thinking on my part. In the FA Cup in England, the team that gets drawn to host can let the "bigger" team host for a share of the gate revenue. It is one away small clubs can make some money from these games.
  3. As a totally biased person I think PFC should get home-field advantage for sporting and business reasons. Sporting: the mismatch in "quality" measured in salary dollars and experience of TFC should be slightly evened out by whatever we can get on the pitch from being on our home field. Business: I guarantee we will put more people in the stands than TFC did last night and provide an atmosphere that is far more attractive to TV coverage. Hopefully we are lucky in the coin toss. LOL
  4. That sucks. What happened to the "smaller" club getting to host? And PFC have a league game the same night as TFC.
  5. Yeah not really sure that Mexican clubs would see it that way. That would be declaring MLS was better then they are.
  6. Yep, jinxed it. LOL Thank goodness for another late equalizer. 🤪
  7. We may be favoured but our bench has been a little sparse lately. Do we have anyone to rotate? We don't have another home game for four weeks but we have four more home games including this one. The schedule got changed recently due to VCup and our remaining home games are: Sept 19 - Ottawa Oct 16 - Winnipeg Oct 26 - Edmonton Oct 30 - York Looking forward to Booing Verhoven.
  8. Gotta say I like our chances in this game. Pacific goal differential +12 Ottawa goal differential -16
  9. Match is at 2:00 pm local (5:00pm ET) on One Soccer. It is also International Talk Like a Pirate Day in case anyone coming to the game wants to join in the Shenanigans.
  10. We were lucky to come away with a late draw. It has been us at the wrong end of that trend the last two seasons.
  11. Right?!? This is a topic that really should be addressed at the beginning, middle and the end of the season at most. Harping on it game-by-game is just being obsessive.
  12. And the games are free for students and none of them go to the next game(s). I have been to Vikes games and they get friends and family and nothing more.
  13. OK, but it takes a lot of cynicism (which I totally get) to read it that way. I simply read it as, we backed you, now we expect you to back us. And BTW, why would UEFA be in support of the biennial plan when it would destroy the Euro's just as much as it would the Gold Cup? UEFA has more to lose under this proposal.
  14. Where are you seeing anything passive aggressive towards UEFA, let alone, "barbs"?!?
  15. I don't think that is controversial at all. The stadium location is very much the biggest part of the mix. When I talk about connecting to the community, that includes physically. Locating the stadium in such a prominent location provides both practical and emotional connection. If PFC and the City for Victoria had made the same investments at RAP instead of Westhills/Starlight out in Langford and identified as "Victoria" I believe our attendances would be closer to those of Halifax.
  16. As someone without any local connection (beyond having lived there for a couple of years 40 years ago) I suspect you are right in saying it wasn't the, "Canadians for Canadians angle". Football is too localized for that. It is more about the City of Halifax and the surrounding community. It is more likely about the same thing makes successful clubs around the world: being a part of the community that lives within reasonable travelling distance to the stadium. If the league really understood what happened in Halifax I like to think they might be doing much better overall. Sadly there is no magic "how to connect with the community" kit that can be used everywhere.
  17. Actually they have had to move the beer garden, the VIP area, and the food trucks because BC Hydro changed the rules. There are no longer any spectators on that side at all is what we where told.
  18. Being generally a pessimist when it comes to the teams I support (Canada, Pacific, Arsenal) I am very uncomfortable being as optimistic as I am about this game.
  19. Not sure who that favours more. Dixon is a rock for us and Farsi provides spark for them.
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