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Olympic roster released


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Some new faces here:

Men's Olympic (U-23) Team

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Twamley Releases Olympic Team Roster

Ottawa, Ontario – Canadian Men’s Olympic Team Head Coach Bruce Twamley today announced his 18-player roster for the home and away CONCACAF Olympic qualifying series against the US Virgin Islands on September 7 and 10.

The team will depart for Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on September 1 and will hold a four day training camp before leaving for St. Croix on September 5. They will play the first game of the two-game series against the US Virgin Islands on September 7 at 4:00 p.m. (local time). The team will fly to Saint John, New Brunswick on September 8 and play the second game of the series at Canada Games Stadium on September 10 at 5:00 p.m. (local time).

The winner of the series advances to face El Salvador in a home and away series on November 15/16 and 19. The winner of that series advances to the qualifying tournament involving two groups of four teams in Mexico from February 2-12, 2004. The winners of each group automatically qualify for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

Teams must use players born after January 1, 1981 for Olympic Qualifying.

Media who require accreditation for the game in Saint John, NB can register online by visiting the CSA website and proceeding to the media section or follow the link: http://www.canadasoccer.com/eng/media/accreditation.asp?sub=1

Canadian Men’s Olympic Team Roster (US Virgin Islands Series)

GK 1 RAYNER, Simon unattached 08-Jul-83 Vancouver BC

D 2 HARMSE, Kevin Tromso (Norway) 04-Jul-84 Coquitlam BC

M 3 THOMPSON, Justin unattached 09-Jan-81 N.Vancouver BC

D 4 POZNIAK, Chris Orebro SK (Sweden) 10-Jan-81 North York ON

D 5 BRAZ, Adam Vasteras SK (Sweden) 07-Jun-81 Dorval QC

M 6 NSALIWA, Tam SSV Jahn Regensburg (Germany) 28-Jan-82 Edmonton AB

M 7 WILLIAMS, Chris Montreal Impact 01-Jun-81 Toronto ON

M 8 CHIN, Gordon Vancouver Whitecaps 26-Mar-83 Burnaby BC

F 9 GODFREY, Elliott Watford FC (England) 02-Feb-83 Hempstead UK

M 10 MASCIANTONIA, David FC Frosinone (Italy) 17-Dec-81 Frosinone ITALY

F 11 FRIEND, Rob Moss FK (Norway) 23-Jan-81 Kelowna BC

M 12 PLACENTINO, Rocco US Avellino (Italy) 25-Feb-82 Montreal QC

M 13 HUTCHINSON, Atiba Osters IF (Sweden) 08-Feb-83 Brampton ON

M 14 PETERS, Jaime unattached 04-May-87 Pickering ON

D 15 SAVARIA, Mathieu Fairleigh Dickinson University 14-May-81 St-Hubert QC

F 16 MESANOVIC, Semir Indiana Blast (USA) 01-Jan-81 London ON

D 17 ARANGO, Andres Montreal Impact 23-Apr-83 Etobicoke ON

GK 22 OLIVIERI, Andrew Montreal Impact 27-Mar-81 Montreal QC


NAME Responsibility

BARRETT, Angus Head of Delegation (USVI)

WISDOM, Derek Head of Delegation (NB)

TWAMLEY, Bruce Head Coach - U23 Men

MITCHELL, Dale Head Coach - U20 Men

MULDOON, Kevin Equipment Manager/GK Coach

CAMPBELL, Mike Doctor

TILBURY, Ted Therapist

COCHRANE, Earl National Teams Administrator

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Masciantonia is new to me. Some homework from the CSA, perhaps.

No DeGuzman or Hume but this is not a surprise. Neither is the absence of Ngon since the Impact really need him for the playoffs. We should have enough strength here to beat the US Virgin Islands.

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Many players are missing, but if you check the list under "Players" on the CSA site, its actually consistent with that list indicates. For example, Hume is considered a member of both the senior team & U20 - but not the Olympic team, and he is absent from the list. I guess they don't want to have players on three different national teams as it would hurt their club positions (the only player who is listed as a member of three different teams is Atiba Hutchinson). De Guzman & Klukowski are listed as senior team only & also haven't been called. There are a couple of inconsistencies though - Tam is listed as senior team only but has been called, while Jamie Peters is listed as a member of the U17 team only (not even U20) yet has been called to the U23 team (he's only 17).

Many many names are missing - most I guess for club reasons, or perhaps Twamley just didn't select them. A few Impact players are missing (Ngon, Matondo) who play regularly, while all players connected with Bundesliga squads aren't here (no De Guzman, Canizalez, Ledgerwood or even Jeremy Sheppard or Dylan Hughes - both of whom are young, but, I believe, older than Jamie Peters who has been selected). Suprised to see Placentino, as I thought he was injured, while its interesting that neither of the keepers from the U20 2001 team were selected for this tourney (nor Thunder Dan).

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Just checked SVV Jahn Regensburg's schedule next league match is Sept 14. They play DFB Cup this Saturday so no significant game conflict for Nsaliwa. I suspect SVV Jahn Regensburg considers it to be ok to let Nsaliwa go. Also may be calling in a favour for missing Gold Cup?

Hutchinson and Pozniak play Sept 1 but not again until the 14th so they are free as well. Only question mark for me is De Guzman but maybe the CSA feels they need to focus his availability on WCQ. Klukowski has begun training with his club but hasn't played since his injury.

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Actually according to a Bxl Boy post a couple of weeks ago Klukowski did play two weeks ago, coming on as a sub in the 66th minute. He didn't play the following week (last weekend) suggesting that he still isn't 100% healthy, or the player who replaced him while he got injured playing for Canada has done really well & taken his starting spot. In which case I can understand the need to leave him with his club, even if he doesn't miss a club match. But if the CSA site is to be taken literally (and thus far it seems like it should be) neither he nor De Guzman will be used for the Olympic team in any event.

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Also would have to suspect that Dutra is still on trial in Croatia, while Oppong would be in the same category as Canizalez, Ledgerwood etc. as having club matches that weekend. There are probably more names we are still forgetting, we have a lot of players in the U23 & under levels.

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Masciantonia is said to be an attacking midfielder who doesn't speak English, according to a Neil Davidson article that came out today. I wonder if he can play on the left-side of midfield? With two right-sided midfielders already on the team (Nsaliwa & Williams - I assume Nsaliwa would start), Chin & Hutchinson available in the middle, that leaves the left side of midfield open (Canizalez is injured for the next few weeks with a knee injury & Josh Simpson wasn't called). I recall Placentino being more of a right-sided player (& striker) for the Impact, though I obviously don't know where Avellino intends to play him. I'm curious about Peters - any of the Victoria Voyageurs know where he played for the U17 team earlier this year?

As for Justin Thompson, when did he become a midfielder?

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Seems like wise startegy.

Surely, we could send an U-17 provincial team and win against the USVI. The real test will be against El Salvador in mid-November, as they will field a strong team. Again, winning that will be a mixed blessing (and we want to be sure that the strongest U-20's go to the UAE later in the month, as the Youth World Cup is a lot more important), as sending a competitive team to Mexico in January for the final tournament to choose the two to go to Athens, and Athens in August if we happen to qualify (doubtful even with a strong team), will cause problems for fielding a strong team for the WCQ's next year.

The Olympics are great, but the soccer gets completely lost there. Go with the North American based up-and-comers, and who knows who we'll discover!

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Peters is an Ontario based player, who plays for CS Azzuri U17 and he actually was born in 1987 which makes him only 16 years old. Maybe he's Canada's new Freddy Adu.

I actually play against him on an opposing team and he has very good pase with a great touch. I heard he was offered a trial at Manchester United, but I do not know if thats true.

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