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2022 GA CUP


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2 hours ago, Bison44 said:

Has anyone been watching these games...streamed free on youtube.  TFC U-15 is taking on LAFC today.  

I watched the first game when the TFC U15s played some Monterrey team.  Fun to watch.  There was one central defender that impressed me, but I think he might be American.  There was a lot of hype on the Chukwu (sp?) brothers.  One is a big striker and the other seems to be an attacking mid who is much younger.

I don't think they're streaming all the games but the ones they are are uploaded here: https://www.youtube.com/c/mls/videos  Looks like there are two TFC U15 games and one VWFC U17 game.

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I used to follow the GA cup.  But after a few years I started to notice that there was not much that you could project from the outcome and result either way.   Also the results from year to year were starting to look repetitive for TFC, always good but not good enough.   Occasionally they would go really far.    And finally,  what really matters or should count here is the individual players and not the team results. Tough to read that when you are only watching one or two games.

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