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Who's in the Edmonton Area - Scarf Orders


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For those who already paid via Paypal ...

I want to ship the scarves via ExpressPost to RiverCity so that you Edmontonians can enjoy at least one game with the scarves by Sunday.

It will be up to you to pick the scarve(s) up from him, and he'll charge you for the shipping cost accordingly.

I'll ship out the order tomorrow morning, or maybe even tonight unless the shipping costs are outrageous.


River City



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24 Scarves were shipped out to Edmonton via Purolator. They will be in Edmonton tomorrow.


I noticed you placed an order, but I didn't have your address. I sent River City an additional 10 scarves, so maybe he can lend you "one" for the game. Apologies, but this was a rather rush thing and all Edmonton people needed to send me an email to J P (ATTT) N E T D X (DOOO.T) C O M in order to get their scarf on Saturday.

No exceptions.

I sent out scarves only for the following people:

Reza (2)

River City (15)

EzMac (3)

Carl_Valentine (4)

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Thanks for getting this done boys, they looked awesome at the match last night, too bad I hadn't contacted you earlier or else I would have been rocking mine too!

River City, I sent you an email, not sure if you got it though. Just wanted to arrange pick up logistics with you.

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quote:Originally posted by River City

Carl_Valentine, I'll email you shortly. I noticed I have a couple of emails on the yahoo account I don't use.

I'll switch the contact info on my profile....the website is even outdated.

Perfect. I replied back to your yahoo account, I wasn't sure if you had updated your profile yet.

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