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  1. The U20's embarrassed themselves, to say the least. Saint Kitts and Nevis has the same population as North Bay, Ontario. Mind boggling how can anyone defend these type of results when for the most part you're playing against Caribbean minnows.
  2. If you watched Sheva play, he is too soft for the MLS.
  3. Oh man, I get too excited when Ukraine plays, especially more so against Canada. With all the other qualifying matches going on ... Thanks ...
  4. Ucello should have been subbed in, just for the sake of cap-tying him to Canada. I don't understand why Canadian Brass haven't got this figured out.
  5. The way it's going, Ukraine is sure to put another one in the net ... Canada has just folded up.
  6. Good save from Hirshfeld on a Husev Shot...
  7. Change for Ukraine, Aliev IN -> <- Rotan OUT
  8. Ah, yes, I mean Aliev instead of Milevsky who is as slow as a tank.
  9. Ukraine doesn't have a coach. The current one is an interim coach, as the previous one Markevych resigned in protest because the Ukrainian FA deducted several points from Metalist Kharkiv (for match fixing) which he coached and was heavily affiliated with during that period.
  10. I think to save face, Husev, Milevsky and Tymoschuk will come on for Ukraine in the second half.
  11. Speaking of which, does anyone know where I can get Nemiroff vodka in Toronto???
  12. Because C in Ukrainian is really a K ... like Canada is Kanada.
  13. 11 is Yevhen Selezenov ... he's more less a regular. Scored against Poland in a friendly a month ago.
  14. Outstanding passing by Canada. As long as we don't collapse in the second half, we'll win this game.
  15. 7-8 thousand in attendance. Halftime ...
  16. Husev, a Ukrainian regular will more than likely come on during the second half.
  17. Ucello warming up ... the commentators said another name, but the feed is chop-a-matic.
  18. 12. П’ятов, (Regular) Pyatov 17. Кучер, (Regular) Kucher 18. Мандзюк, (Not) Mandyuk 3. Федецький, (Not) Fedetskiy 2. Романчук, (Not) Romanchuk 19. Ротань, (Regular) Rotan 14. Гай, 22. (Regular, but on his way out) Hay Кулаков, (Not) Kulakov 7. Шевченко, (regular) Shevchenko 10. Воронін, 11. (Regular but hasn't started many lately) Voronin 11. Selezenov (Regular)
  19. Tymoschuk (Bayern) is warming up for the Ukrainians. Panic!
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