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Canada needs to respond!!!


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quote:Originally posted by northboys

My name is Clint mothaf*cka, the sensitive one,

break your f*ckin' face with the butt of my gun...

Y'all may not know, but they call me the Deuce,

Tread on Me and you'll find yo'neck in a noose...

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quote:Originally posted by The Beaver

Maybe we can have some sort of Nickelback song, something about "being down to the bottom of FIFA's rankings." (the meter is right.)

If there's one thing worse than rap, it's Nickleback (NickleCrap as they are commonly known in these parts).

Well except maybe for the Barely-talented Ladies, Our Lady Piece of $hit, I Mother Dearth of Talent, The Tragically $hit, and Great Big Sack of $hit. If we go with a Canadian response, it has to be something from our good musical heritage, not our crap one.

How about "Landon Donovan, stay away from me!" to the tune of American Woman?

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Organized Rhyme - Check The O.R.

Listen to it here: http://www.mixtapehost.com/~marymac/visitation_rights.mp3


Check the O.R., you like it so far?

Check the O.R., you like it so far?

Check the O.R., you like it so far?

Check the O.R., you love the O.R.

Here we go, ready to set it off

From coast to coast, it's the most and it hits rough

Organized Rhyme's here to start it up

You got some trouble with your mouth you'd better shut it up

Think twice before you act and try to tackle the funky stuff

I take you suckers out like meat on a shish kebab

And you don't know it, but your girl's doin' kiss-and-rob

And you're the one who wants the corn, but you missed the cob

So here's a bit of something new:

Gimmie a toot, and salute, and I'll give you my boots

We're your need, and while I'm playing the thespian

I got a ride and you're just a pedestrian

I grab a horse and I jump like equestrian

I talk smooth like Lando Calrissian

Deal with the leader of the convoy

Make some noise for the boys as we rip points

Move your joints in a motion if you can keep up

If you can't, here's a hanky to clean your weep up

Poetics I drop, then no time for coincidence

Check the O.R.

(Chorus x2)

Check the O.R., you like it so far?

Smack your back - Can you deal with a deep scar?

I will test ya from the west of ya

Now ya know that I'm better than the best of ya

I remove you quicker than a Band-Aid

Paid backstage and I'm gone like a renegade

And I don't delay, want the replay?

Like Sinatra, got ya my way

I feel lowly so I lay low

Never lonely now that I clock dough

Flippin' women over like a pancake

And I will make mistakes in a heartbreak

Recieve honours, make you goners

Break the deuce like Jimmy Connors

I'm not a phony, preaching testimony

Send you down to the bank for the alimony

I make light of everyday establishment

With content sticking like Poli-dent

But I pay my dues

I lay more chicks than Mother Goose

Pass the O.J., 'cause I got juice

Break the silence, and make the truce

So yes yes, y'all - And you don't stop

To the beat, y'all - And you don't dare stop

To the hip, hop, hibby, hibby-dibby hip-hip-hop and you don't dare go off

Go off like a canon, you're a copier

Much sloppier so I'm gonna' drop ya

You got a demo? Well I guess I'm gonna' shop ya

Take a risk, like a disk you're floppier

Uplifted 'cause I'm gifted

Tough like algebra, but I'm twisted

You mistfit, meet the better man

Gonna' razz you just like Letterman

Hip-hop, not a weasel goin' pop

You don't stop

Check the O.R.

(Chorus x2)

Back at last to compose the next swift rap

Broom in my pocket so I don't need a hip pack

Hip-hop tactics is what I be practicin'

I don't act, I see heads and I crack 'em

Only if they need it. I'm really a nice guy

Still, I got a temp', but to the ladies I talk fly

Makin' 'em smile for a while when I begin

(Pin the chameleon) Comp'nies, here I am

Headin' the right way and I won't stop this

I'm knowin' the time, but I don't wear a pop Swatch

Play MCs when I jump like in hopscotch

Climbed the ranks, so consider me top-notch

Take control of your system when I'm in it

You wanna' get with this? I hit with persistence

Swing, the countdown, 1-2-3-4

Smooth it out, now check the O.R.

(Chorus x6)

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To be sung by Adam Braz:

Landon Donovan, stay away from me!

Landon Donovan, you're a cry baby-yyy!

I don't want you hanging around our goal

So shut your ugly filthy hole

I've got more important things to do

Such as laugh at the dives of Freddy Adu

Now Donovan, I said stay away

Landon Donovan, listen to what I say-ay-ay!

Landon Donovan, stay away from me!

Landon Donovan, you failed in Germany-yyy!

I don't want you hanging around our goal!

So shut your stupid ugly hole!

Adu's dives can hypnotize

Crappy concacaf ref's eyes

Now Donovan, I said stay away

Landon Donovan, listen to what I say-ay-ay!

Prima Donovan, said get away

Prima Donovan, listen what I say

Don't come floppin' in our 18 yard box

Or I'll kick you in the chops

I don't need your diving team

Or you'll face the wrath of Mr. Clean

Garret Kusch can terrorize

and put fear into your eyes

Now Donovan, get away from me!

American Donovan, you sucked in Germany-yyy!

Go, gotta get away, gotta get away now go, go, go

You're a prima Donovan

You're a prima Donovan

Bye-bye Bye-bye Bye-bye Bye-bye

You're no good for the team

The team's no good for you

Gonna look you right in the eye

Tell you what I'm gonna do

You know I'm gonna leave

You know you're gonna blow

You know you're gonna heave

You know you're going to blow, Donovan

I'm going to leave

Goodbye Landon Donovan

Goodbye American prick

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I think this might need its own thread, but with Gian-Luca's song, it works here:


quote:Originally posted by Landy Cakes

And yet there is an almost eerie bond between the two. Although they had their sibling arguments, Landon has such faith in Tristan that he has told her if he ever brings home a girlfriend she -doesn't approve of, he will break up the next day.

"I don't know if you can print this," Landon says, "but when she had her period, my stomach ached all night."

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