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"Montreal, Soccer Planet"


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I had some pretty negative comments to say but will save them because I have not lived in Quebec for quite some time.

However, that "jerk" who talked about soccer being his life but chasing a ball was equivalent to a woman being pregnant...huh?

I appreciate that the direction of the film was toward a couple of particular segments of Quebecois society but at the same time ...nuf said.

Was that Centre Marquette?

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I believe that the documentary it's self was trying to portray the impact of soccer on Quebec's ethnic communitys. The game allowed the communities to inter mingle, and ties were formed. People like Tony Incolling....father to mighty and over hyped LEO......yeah thats right !!! Daddy has deep pockets......small time theif.....self employed. So Tony forms famed local montreal football club...... Jean-Talon Rosemont....which some how attracted the best of each montreal ethnic communities, Greeks, Italians, Haitians African, Jamaican...Latinos.....Magreb....all wanted to wear the Yellow and Black of JTRFC !!!!.....bring back found memories Daniel:D???

I also enjoyed the fact that some french quebecers actually learn to love the Game......even though they shouldn't go around driving in their Renault 5's through the streets of LaSalle and NDG[8D][:P]:)

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F'in Jean-Talon.

They would always finish ahead of us (NDG) and my second year (U13), they swooped in and got one of our defenders and our top house-league prospect (great player). We beat them for the first time in years in the return leg during the season (1-0 at Kent, we had lossed 5-0 at Marquette), but I believe that year a certain Wyn Belotte won the league with newly-admitted Montreal-Nord. We did have the last laugh, besting ASJTR (their acronym) in a semi shootout at the Granby tournament. They were in tears - it was *awesome*. We then went on to lose the final by *mercy rule* (7-0 in the 2nd half) to Scarborough, who had formed a AAA team before there were any in QC (LSEQ starts at U14).

I think that they would pay for the season and offer shoes or something, which is how they would poach the best players in the city. They didn't have a houseleague and I believe they went under recently. Also, club sides can no longer make AAA (LSEQ), with that league being now completely reserved (at junior levels) for regional selects - AS Concordia was one of the last ones added on there. I got to play LSEQ under the maroon of NDG during 3 seasons.


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Repeated on CBC Newsworld this morning , thought it was a great[8D], well-paced documentary, one of the best done in Canada I think, even if it ewas done in French (good subtittling in English).

Best quote was from the local Haitian paper sports writer, Mountaga Fané:

"I think soccer is so popular because the ball is shaped like a woman's belly...that's why dogs and children chase it on the street, I've thought about it a lot, and I think this is very profound.":D

On Christmas Morning on CBC Newsorld as well:

Sunday, December 25, 2005, 7:00 a.m.

Montreal Soccer Planet

The passionate world of soccer as seen through Haitian, African and Latin American soccer leagues in Montreal.


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