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  1. Ciman was the only starter in the back 4 tonight. Donny Toia (Injured)------ Laurent Ciman------- Bakery Soumare (Bench)------------Victor Cabrera (injured or Hassoun Camara (injured) Is the back 4 that featured in the CCL. Cameroon international Ambroise Oyongo has obtained is visa, and is expected to help at left back.
  2. Impact staff in love with Reo-Coker. Funny shit (parody)
  3. Three Canadians in the lineup. Article from LaPresse quotes fromer IMFC coach and current Ottawa Fury coach as saying that the key to beating FC Edmonton is through working out wide and into space. The two central mids for FCE, pretty much block the middle, (Colin Miller ball) so the speed of Nyassi and Smith will be key.
  4. He'll be around next season as well ... at the very least. In the mean time hope he picks up a few things from MDV.
  5. Yeah that's right ... cause paying $6M for Michael Bradley isn't over paying, for a guy who rode the pine at AS Roma. Piatti has scored some important goals leading San Lorenzo, to the coppa libertadores, and viewed by many as that teams best player. Nick Sabetti: Ignacio Piatti would be an exciting signing for the Montreal Impact http://www.goal.com/en-ca/news/4175/major-league-soccer/2014/03/28/4714357/nick-sabetti-ignacio-piatti-would-be-an-exciting-signing-for-the-
  6. Stefano Mauri linked with Montreal Impact. 34 year old offensive midfielder, Captained Lazio. Was also implicated in Calciopoli betting scandal for non divulgation. http://www.transfermarketweb.com/?action=read&idsel=136009 http://www.calcioweb.eu/2014/02/mercato-lazio-il-montreal-vuole-mauri-il-giocatore-ci-pensa/82484/ Also Nick DE Santis confirming that Santiago Gonzalez will sign with IMFC, but not as a DP Olivier Brett ‏@Olivier_Brett 2h Nick De Santis confirme que si Santiago Gonzalez signait avec @impactmontreal, il n'aurait pas le statu de joueur des
  7. Bernier underwent successful knee surgery in the off season, and is being brought back into the fold slowly. I don't believe they wanted to play the same role. Bernardello is at home just ahead of the back 4, Bernier loves to set up shop in a more offensive capacity. If anything, they compliment each other, and by leaving Bernardello with more of the defensive responsibilities, he might just prolong his career. I'm a believer in Bernardello. He seems to be enjoying life in Montreal, where his family has settled well. Now that he knows the league better, is accustomed with the traveling d
  8. The players brought in last season were on loan journeymen; Pisanu, Paponi, Romero. Along with these players, they brought up some Academy players; Tissot, Lefèvre, Messoudi, and first round draft pick Blake Smith. The summer transfer brought in Bernardello and Lopez. I don't think it was that these players didn't work out, I believe it's mostly that they were never given a real chance at succeeding. Schallibaum was hell bent on making the playoffs, and ran down is players cause he refused to turn over his bench. While I agree that Pisanu and Paponi were busts, I haven't given up on Bernardell
  9. When on, Rivas is a beast. The club really has very little to lose, if they factored in his injury problems in the contract they offered him. Thus far, the depth chart at CB looks like Matteo Ferrari, Nelson Rivas, Adrian Lopez, Wandrille Lefèvre, Karl W. Ouimette. It's not bad, but could be better. Rivas looking in shape.
  10. I think they liked his generation adidas contract as much as they liked the player. Should provide some salary cap relief as well. Klopas has a good track record in Super Drafts, hoping he's found a few more gems.
  11. Nyassi received his U.S green card on January 31, 2012, which qualifies him as a domestic player for MLS roster purposes.
  12. Jeremy Gagnon-Laparé should be the next one. He also earned his first senior team cap for Canada. http://www.impactmontreal.com/en/news/2013/09/jeremy-gagnon-lapare-makes-debut-canadian-national-team Canada under 20 midfielder Zakaria Messoudi signed to the first team this season, but did not see any playing time. He is perhaps the most technically gifted of the bunch, but has to work on his strength and conditioning. http://www.impactmontreal.com/en/players/zakaria-messoudi
  13. It's difficult to say. He's 19 and has done quite well in reserve games, but hasn't seen any first team minutes yet. It also depends on who the first choice keeper will be. I would guess that he could back up an experienced work horse keeper, but I can't imagine having him back up someone with less experience like Evan Bush.
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