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U20 CONCACAF Qlfyng Sched for Canada in Honduras


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Men's Youth (U-20) Team

Thursday, December 02, 2004

CONCACAF announces fixtures for Under-20 Group B Qualification

2.12.04 - CONCACAF announced today the fixtures for Group B of the CONCACAF Under-20 Final Round Qualification that will take place at Estadio Francisco Morazan in San Pedro Sula, Honduras from 26-30 January 2005.

Honduras, who is hosting its third overall CONCACAF U-20 Qualifying event, will greet Canada, Jamaica and Mexico at Group B that will qualify two teams to the 2005 FIFA World Youth Championship in Netherlands.

The CONCACAF U-20 Group B begins on 26 January, when Mexico meets Canada at 17:00, while Honduras faces Jamaica at 19:00.

Jamaica takes on Mexico at 17:00 two days later, while Honduras greets Canada at 19:00.

The U-20 Group B Final Round concludes on 30 January, when Canada faces Jamaica at 14:00 and then Honduras host Mexico at 16:00.

The other two CONCACAF representatives to the FIFA Youth Tournament will come from CONCACAF U-20 Group A as Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba/Trinidad & Tobago and the host, USA compete in at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California from 12-16 January 2005.


Caribbean Zone – Second Round

Series 1

10.12.2004: TBD, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO;


Trinidad & Tobago leads 3:2 on aggregate


Group A – Carson, California USA; Home Depot Center

12.01.2005: COSTA RICA – PANAMA (17:30); USA – CUBA/TRINIDAD & TOBAGO (20:00)

14.01.2005: CUBA/TRINIDAD & TOBAGO – COSTA RICA (17:30); USA – PANAMA (20:00)

16.01.2005: PANAMA – CUBA/TRINIDAD & TOBAGO (12:00); USA – COSTA RICA (14:30)

Group B – San Pedro Sula, HONDURAS; Estadio Francisco Morazan

26.01.2005: MEXICO – CANADA (17:00); HONDURAS – JAMAICA (19:00)

28.01.2005: JAMAICA – MEXICO (17:00); HONDURAS – CANADA (19:00)

30.01.2005: CANADA – JAMAICA (14:00); HONDURAS – MEXICO (16:00)

* Top two teams from each group qualify to 2005 FIFA World Youth Championship in the Netherlands from 10 June – 2 July.

CONCACAF All-Time Youth Final Round Tournaments

Year – Venue (s) – Champion – (FIFA WYC Qualifiers)

1962 – Panama – Mexico

1964 – Guatemala – El Salvador

1970 – Cuba – Mexico

1973 – Mexico – Mexico

1974 – Canada – Mexico

1976 – Puerto Rico – Mexico – (Honduras, Mexico)

1978 – Honduras – Mexico – (Canada, Mexico)

1980 – USA – Mexico – (Mexico, USA)

1982 – Guatemala – Honduras^ – (USA)

1984 – Trinidad & Tobago – Mexico – (Canada, Mexico)

1986 – Trinidad & Tobago – Canada – (Canada, USA)

1988 – Guatemala – Costa Rica – (Costa Rica, USA)

1990 – Guatemala – Mexico – (Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago)

1992 – Canada – Mexico – (Mexico, USA)

1994 – Honduras – Honduras – (Costa Rica, Honduras)

1996 – Mexico – (Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, USA)

1998 – Guatemala, Trinidad & Tobago – (Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, USA)

2001 – Canada, Trinidad & Tobago – (Canada, Costa Rica, Jamaica, USA)

2002 – Panama, USA – (Canada, Mexico, Panama, USA)

From 1962 – 1996, CONCACAF staged 16 Under-20 Tournaments with a winner being crowned in each. Eleven of the CONCACAF tournaments (1976 – 1996) doubled as qualifiers to the FIFA World Youth Championships. In 1998, the U-20 CONCACAF event became a Final Round Qualification consisting of two groups of four, each in a different venue, with the top two teams from each group progressing to the FIFA World Youth Championship.

^ Honduras disqualified for ineligible player, USA progress to FIFA WYC 1983

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I was going to carry on with the other U20 Thread of a few weeks ago, but decided not to when I saw the terrible deterioration here-in.

Howzabout we have some basic ground rules for this one:

1. Discussion about player's terrtorial or name origin's permitted,

as long as it is clearly non-racist and non-disparaging.

2. No mention of the following entities: Pipe, Sharpe, Yallop, Holger, Senior National Team members not eligible for this tournament, Lennarduzi, OH

3. No mention of the following issues: Toronto vs whatever, George Bush, MLS, the Canadian Military, the Ukraine Elections, reality shows, historical attendences, money to female teams, the Aviators.

4. No personality conflicts between posters.



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I agree to all your points. And in that spirit:

I really think that the WYC Qualifying Schedule looks like a real schedule.

Vive le Canada!

(And really, what sort of Froggy-Ukranian name is "BEAVER" anyways. Even Whoregreaves, that Bush-loving neo-fascist traitor, would recognize how faggy the name is. I mean, is the Beaver willingly donating all his funds to the useless Women's program? You might as well ask HolgerLenarduzziYallop to come back as coach, though I'm sure they're too busy giving the pipe to Pipe and the damned leaches at the CSA, who by the way are hell-bent on bringing the MLS to Kitchener so that the Beast can STILL NOT ATTEND ANY SOCCER GAMES. I feel like I'm missing something--perhaps the bit about Sharpe's recent success in securing a spot on next seasons' Apprentice, where he'll compete against a dozen other third-world soccer association presidents for the honour of working for one of Trump's soon to be bankrupt casinos.

Did I mention the Whore?

Love you guys. ;)

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Beav, that's one dozen extra beer for me for that post alone!

Alright, no word about U-20 friendlies or preparatory camps. The U-17's just had a long trip to Ft. Lauderdale and El Salvador in October, and a 12 day camp in Mexico a few weeks ago. Any rumours about the U-20's?

How about this as a possible line-up for Dale Mitchell?:









GK: Lindley, Waagenar

Def: Davis, Ramahlo, Edgar

MF: Rago, Wilson, Charkowski

F: O'Neill, Lombardo, Roselund

The trouble is, how many of these guys can we get to commit to be away from WEurope for a minumum 3 weeks?

I know that Kassaye is usually listed as a defender, but I have seen him do some awesome things as an attacking left wing with the Edmonton ThingAmabobs.

I would be the first to admit that this is based mainly on reputation and game reports, I've actually seen only about three play.

Eligible players are only those born since January 1, 1985.

Can we get Jonathan DeGuzman to come and semi-commit?

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I hope that we soon see a dispatch from the CSA site about Dale having a long

Ft. Lauderdale camp (with a couple of friendlies against teams in the other groups) starting shortly after English pantomine week, with a healthy and reasonable 24 man camp roster announced just before Christmas. Please.

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yeah, I am chomping at the bit to hear some news about U20 camps, friendlies etc. I know Dale will do his best to get these guys ready, but they need loads of time together and I'm not sure they have a player the likes of Hume who can make things happen out of nothing. I get the impression that DeGuzman has been approached--via his brother and probably directly--but he seems reticent to even try the team despite the fact he could still play for Holland in the future if he chooses. Am I wrong in thinking this year's crop of U20s are really young?

If we get properly prepared and gell fast, then I think Dale should have a good chance of getting us past Honduras and Jamaica. Qualifying starts in January, right? When are they holding their camp and friendlies, dammit?

(Beaches--I own you a dozen, eh? You mean I don't get some sort of bonus points for the attempt at humour. Doesn't matter, I wouldn't begrudge you a dozen anyways.)

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I love this tournament!

A Canadian team with no bias, prejudice or preconceptions, nothing but a pool of talent that no one really knows too much about!

Uccello, Lalli, Czoli's teammate Rivas, a kid named Kerr McLeod who's in Holland are all in contention.

I know nothing about these guys and I can't wait to see them play!

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In July Canada played Jamaica twice. Drew one (0-0) and won one (2-1, I think?). So that bodes well for our last game.

FWIW, Yallop has mentioned that he's talked to De Guzman and with Mitchell as his right hand man for WCQ, I'm sure Dale must have contacted him at some point as well. I doubt he'd forgo his club commitments for so long.

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From what I can see according to the Savona Web Site apparently they have confirmed that Julian Poalo Uccello of the 86 class will be excused for attending a camp somewhere in Florida from the 1st of January 2005 to the 10th here is the Web site. Apparently Franco Lalli as well but do not have a confirmation as of yet due to an injury he sufffered back in early October. I know that he played in the last match going in at the 22 minute mark so it appears he is healty and ready to travel. When I get confirmation on him and Lombardo I will let this forum know!



note: edited to clean up widening effect from urls

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quote:Originally posted by beachesl

El Hombre, amigito, that's one beer on my ledger from you, no mention of the "Y" word here, it's largely irrelevant...and do you want to attract you-know-who like a fly to you-know-what?

Dammit! These rules are tough.

Just trying to shed a little light on whether De Guzman has been approached.

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That is great news about Uccello and Lalli! (Or am I wrong?) Uccello could be the sort of player--like Hume--that could cause all sorts of problems for our opponents. Too bad Peters didn't have the chance to sign and train with a UK club prior to this tournament. Still, I look forward to this tournament. Dare I ask: Any chance that we'll see the games televised? Should we push Sportsnet to try to find a Honduran feed? I'd love to see what this young batch of dudes look like.

(Did I break any rules? My beer fund is starting to run dry.)

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Get with the program, guys, I've imposed my self as moderator and dictator of this thread, so lump it.

Thanks for the link, Alberto, very interesting news:

"Canadian striker Julian Poalo Ucello, class of 1986, Milan school on loan to Savona, has been called by the Canada National Under-20 squad for a tournament to be held in Florida from January 1 to 10, 2005. In this tournament, Julian will face the U-20's of Panama and Colombia. The football player has expressed wonderful satisfaction about dressing in the jersey of his nation." (my translation)

So, it looks like the approval of the clubs is well on its way, and that we already have friendlies set up with Panama and Colombia in south Florida (perhaps other than at the Sunrise Hilton in Ft. Lauderdale, especially for the Colombians who may even outnumber the Cubans in Orange Bowl country) in the first week and a half in January, which should attract good crowds from the Latino emmigres. I hope there will be some more continuity before the January 26 opener, but I guess we should be happy about a preparatory camp and friendlies for Canada. What a concept!

Wonder when the CSA site will get around to announcing it? They will probably be the last, maybe even waiting until they feel they can settle on the announced roster. There will be both an official

non-binding provisional roster that can be changed, as well as probaly a larger camp roster, announced in late December. The final roster of 18 need not be released until a few days before the first qualifying match on January 26.

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quote:Originally posted by The Beaver

That is great news about Uccello and Lalli! (Or am I wrong?) Uccello could be the sort of player--like Hume--that could cause all sorts of problems for our opponents. Too bad Peters didn't have the chance to sign and train with a UK club prior to this tournament. Still, I look forward to this tournament. Dare I ask: Any chance that we'll see the games televised? Should we push Sportsnet to try to find a Honduran feed? I'd love to see what this young batch of dudes look like.

No your not wrong Uccello will give any denfender from any team problems. He is smart and very much aware of his surroundings and always open to recieve the ball. He is an excellent one touch killer and a accurate shot on two and he will score if he has two! Can strike the ball from anywhere. He thinks like Van Rudd in and around the penalty area and has a shot like Roberto Carlos over 110 Klm per hr. He is no easy push over he plays rough too like Gattuso. If he is open he will score and if you stand in front of shot you will duck!. I am almost certain of that, he has proven it here in Serie D and will as well to you in Canada.

Beaver here is Julian (Player Stats and Game Analsys) so far this year.

8 goals in 13 matches on 18 shots on net

Has two yellow cards

Has played just under 900 minutes

2nd in scoring title in his Divison out of the total 320 goals scored in the 18 teams format

13th over all in Serie D out of the 164 teams. Out of just over 3000 goals score so far this year in al of Serie D.

Stands 1.82 meters and weights 81 kilograms.

Beaver hope this give you and idea of Julian's profile current to date


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Roster Rules:

18 players must be named on a provisional list by December 26 (1 month before first match), but this is not binding at all, so as many players as Dale can get can go to Florida to try out (and up to 6 substitutions may be made at the friendlies), so lots of room for competition amongst the players showing up in Florida. The list need only be pared down to an actual 18 at the time of arrival in Honduras. No need for a reserve list for injury is needed. Replacements (unrestricted) for injury may be made 24 hours before first qualifying match on proof of injury. I expect that one extra goalkeeper and 2 or 3 other players will be on standby when the team flys to Honduras on or about the 23rd or 24th of January. The host country only has to provide hotel rooms two days before the opening match, so I expect a short minicamp in Ft. Lauderdale again for a few days, where they would be more comfortable.

"C. Rosters for Final Qualifying Tournaments

1. Provisional List of Players

Participating National Associations must provide their “List of

Players”, on the official form, to the office of the CONCACAF

General Secretariat, at least thirty (30) days before their first

match. The list is not binding and must contain the names of at

least 18 players. The list will be used for event promotion and

data management.

2. Final Roster

Participating National Associations must provide their Final Roster

of 18 players, on the official form, to the Venue Coordinator upon

arrival in the venue.

3. Replacement of Injured or Ill Players

a) Players included on the Final Roster who suffer serious

injuries or become ill so that they cannot play, as certified

by the team’s Head of Delegation, may be replaced up to

24 hours prior to the team’s first match. In those cases,

the National Association concerned will be authorized to

add players not already included on the Final Roster and

will immediately inform the General Coordinator in writing.

The General Coordinator must be provided with all required

information (if not previously provided) and passports upon

the players’ arrivals.

B) No changes will be permitted within 24 hours of opening

matches or thereafter.

4. Confirmation of Eligibility

a) Inspection Meeting – The General Coordinator, his designee

or the match commissioner will check the passport details

with each player the day before their opening match.

B) Uniform Numbers – The numbers on the back of the shirts

shall correspond to the numbers indicated on the Final



Head to head, followed by goal difference, then goals, then finally by lots. Unfortunately we play our last with Jamaica before Mexico and Honduras play, so we could be up hard if we don't have at least two victories (and even then we could be out). I hope we don't suffer the same fate as our U-17's in Victoria in the spring of 2003, and go out on goal difference.

"5. At the end of group play, if two or more teams are equal on

points (including ties among third place teams), the manner in

which teams will advance to the next round will be resolved as

follows and in the order indicated:

a. The result of head-to-head competition between the two

tied teams;

b. The difference between goals for and goals against from all

group matches;

c. The team having scored the most goals from all group


d. Failing this, the qualified team shall be determined by a

drawing of lots carried out by a member of the Organizing



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beachesl, with these thread rules are you revealing your own inner crypto-fascist? :D

Some of these rules make it tough to make points of comparison!

This should be a really cool tournament as we get a chance to see the development of potential players for our Senior Men's... Fo.o..t. erm FALCONRY team, yes, Falconry team. I have never seen Edgar, Uccello, Lombardo as they play abroad and not for any ...Minor Libertine Society teams of our southern neighbors, teams that can be readily seen on t.v.

beachesl, does Mitchell have carte blanche to dictate formation strategy or is it something passed down by the Conundrum Society of Apprentices and Ferdinand Yakushima? I ask because sometimes European clubs dictate the same formations for Reserves/youth squads as first team. Is there the same parallel with the U-20 Men's? Oh and a point of clarification. Can Peters still play for the U-20's after playing on the wing for the Senior Men's Falconry team?

As well, do you know how we stack up against Mexico, Honduras, and Jamaica?

Oh and Alberto, could you give us a break down of the differences between Uccello and Lombardo? You've given us a good picture of Uccello, but what of Lombardo? Perhaps you can save the commentary for when/if he confirms participation.


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I'll tell you a little bit about the two. First off there two completely opposite players. Lombardo is much more taller and has great speed. I'll never forget when I went to Vaughan Grove in Woodbridge,On and went to go watch the final match of the Ontario Cup U-15 Boys which Lombardo was playing for Woodbridge at the time. I think he must of scored 6 goal minimum. With his speed and physical play he dominated. He also had a great team around him but boy did he stand out. That team later on won the Ontario Summer games and the Ontario indoor Cup. LOmbardo then wnet on for a challenge his last year before he left to Italy he was playing a year up for the same squad Jaime Peters played for. That team was coached by Carmine Issacco. This past september they captured the National title in Edmonton. Andrea is more like a Henry as appose to Uccello being like a Totti but more physical then Totti. Now Uccello like i just mentioned his style is amazing. I've never seen a player anywhere near Uccello in Canada before. The kid is a very smart player. Just recently this past summer when he was on his break he visited the Woodbridge Soccer Club. He also attended a few diff age groups practices. He was at my brothers practice U-16 and when they finished he was taking penalty shots on the goalie. This is a provincial may i add. Now its not the fact that he never missed one shot out of lets say 12 but how powerful the shots were. He also did something with having his right foot planted to the right of the ball, and bringing his left foot from behind to hit the ball. It's hard to explain. But he is very creative and is willing to try new things out. To me I find him more as a playmaker. I personally would like him as a half striker my oppinion. But as whole I personally like Uccello style better then Lombardo.I'm not bashing him, it's just my personal oppinion. Now with the U-20 world cup qualy coming up I really like to see how face off to some of these teams. I'm a coach for U-14 boys and I watch all sorts of games at diff levels. And let you tell you something are future is bright really bright.The CSA has to make up there mind and start cracking on it. Either Mls franchise or create a Canadian league. It has to be done fast.

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And Lombardo is an 87 right, so he and Peeters and Edgar and Begovic will be around when Canada hosts? Those guys seem like there ready to do more than just make up the numbers this time round too.

Starting to look like a good 05 team, my boy Gyaki leading the way!

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Thanks for the great description Champs. That helps alot, and only builds more excitement for the qualifying tourney! I only hope that both commit to the team.

Oh and beachesl, yet another question. Has Dylan Hughes confirmed his desire to help the Canadian cause, or is he still considering Wales?


canso, speaking of Gyaki, i was loitering around the Blades' website, and they have match reports for their u-18s squad. Apparently Gyaki was injured for some time but returned Oct 30.


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No problem. If anyone needs information about any youth players from Onatrio I could help. I know alot about the 87's and under. I'll tell you that in Ontario the strongest age group right now are the 89's. The tallent in that age group is amazing. So CSA picked the right year to host the U-20 World Cup. There are a few good 88's but man the 89's know how to play the game, the difference is they have the skill.

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