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Radz further pisses off Everton fans


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Guest Jeffery S.

That is the classic "transfer me now and get what you can, since next year you won't get a shilling for me" tactic. It is risky, as the club could always threaten to bench you, leave you without play for a year, and reduce your marketability when you are a year more into your thirties. But in the end they are putting out your salary and if the results don't look good you end up looking like a victim in the end; the team is bad without you, and even fans come over to your side vs. the club management, "maybe he was right after all". The club has other problems too, like Goodison, even proposing sharing a new stadium with Liverpool. Don't think the fans like that too much, sounds like a poor man begging.

So the club can simply look for a taker, and there will be some, take whatever transfer can be had, and wipe their hands. Probably better for Radz. Only Everton is up against the wall since Rooney won't be healthy until the season has started (they say around late August). A risk of a bad start to EPL. The deal would then be to transfer Radz, take what they can get, and use that to bring in another body to cover for the wunderkid.

All of this bodes well for our national team, I think without the promise of our semi-final round Tomasz would not have put himself out on such a limb.

An aside: has it ever occured to them that Rooney performs better for England because they actually play a more positive game of football that enhances his ability? Since he is not unlike Radz (mobile, pesky, but not necessarily a guy to get more than a dozen a year) even without our man they should be thinking of going beyond just paying Wayne a lot to stay; they should be thinking about building their team around his potential.

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Well being a Toffee fan myself ... I know we are looking for a better preformance from the squad and with Radz trying to parachute out is really upseting a team that has some good news for a Change with Rooney and a new major sponsor.

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A little bit more information re. Radz' contract dispute and his advice to Rooney:

Radzinski: Rooney should quit Everton

Canadian Press


Canadian striker Tomasz Radzinski, embroiled in a contract dispute with his English club side, may have hastened his departure from Everton after blasting the Premier League club and its manager in an interview with the Liverpool Echo.

The story topped the Echo sports section Friday under the headline: Everton Rocked by Rad Attack.

Radzinski poured gasoline on his contract fire by doing the unthinkable - saying teenage England star Wayne Rooney should quit the Liverpool-based club.

``Wayne has shown in Euro 2004 that he can play at the top level and I think he needs to move on to further and better himself,'' Radzinski told the Echo.

``My feeling is that Wayne will definitely move and I hope he'll go somewhere where he can improve and grow as a player and sadly I don't think that is Everton.''

Everton has offered Rooney a new five-year, 12.5-million-pound ($30.6 million Cdn) contract, the richest in club history in a bid to keep the 18-year-old in the fold.

Rooney, who has two years left on his existing deal, has reportedly also drawn interest from Chelsea, Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Radzinski, who cost Everton 4.5 million pounds ($11 million Cdn) in 2001, has one year left on his contract.

He was unhappy when the team only offered him a one-year extension, submitting a transfer request that was turned down.

When Everton upped its offer to a three-year deal, it was the Canadian who said no.

``Last season was a disaster,'' Radzinski was quoted in the Echo. ``I ran my arse off for the club and in January the manager said as soon as we were safe I would get my rewards which I took to mean a new contract.

``But I was only offered a one-year extension and the indecisiveness of the manager was affecting my form. Anyone who knows David Moyes will know he cannot make a decision. It was so frustrating.

``Then finally they offered me a new three-year contract at the end of last week. But my frustration had become so big that it was too late by then.''

Radzinski, 30, told the Echo that Moyes had not called him in the two months since the end of last season.

``That makes me think the club does not want me and for any player that is difficult to accept.

After his outburst in the Echo, Radzinski can count on a conversation with Moyes, a hard-nosed Scot.

According to Everton's official website, Moyes wants to speak to Radzinski first before commenting on his outburst.

``All we can really say is that we are aware of the article but what we don't know is whether it has been written accurately and whether Tomasz has said the things he's supposed to have said,'' assistant manager Alan Irvine was quoted on the website.

``It doesn't sound like Tomasz to me. He's back on Monday and what we'll do is we'll have a chat with him and see what his feeling is about the article and see whether it is something which he actually did or if it's something he didn't do or he's been misquoted.''

Everton has already opened pre-season training but Radzinski was allowed to arrive late, because he missed some of his summer playing for the Canadian national team.

``I think of better places I would rather be on Monday but I have got a year left on my contract so I will be there and see what happens after that.'' he told the Echo. ``I would like to stay in the Premiership because it is a great league.

``But I'm 30 years old, I'm ambitious and I want to achieve big things in my career.''

With one year left on his contract, Everton may shop the Canadian immediately if it wants rid of him rather than get nothing when he becomes a free agent.

But the team will be without Rooney for the start of the season after he fractured his foot at the European championship.

Other forward options include new signing Marcus Bent, Duncan Ferguson, Kevin Campbell, James McFadden and Radzinski.

Radzinski also told the Echo he expected Everton to be fighting relegation this season and said Bent isn't enough to stop the team ``struggling again.''

The Canadian had eight goals last season for the Toffees and 11 the year before.

He has played for Canada 22 times, scoring seven times, and is a key member of the team slated to resume World Cup qualifying next month.

Notes: Vancouver goalkeeper Pat Onstad has been named a starter for the West at the MLS all-star game. The San Jose Earthquakes 'keeper was chosen MLS goalie of the year last season, his first in the league. ... Games between Canadian and German under-15 women's teams have been scheduled for Sept. 3 in Charlottetown, Sept. 5 in Moncton and Sept. 6 in Halifax ... A Canadian under-17 men's developmental camp starts Saturday in Blaine, Minn. The Canadians will play four games there, including two against the U.S. ... Canadian under-20 coach Dale Mitchell has called in 18 players for a camp in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., from July 16 to 27.

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quote:Originally posted by El Hombre

Canadian Press:

...But the team will be without Rooney for the start of the season after he fractured his foot at the European championship.

Other forward options include new signing Marcus Bent, Duncan Ferguson, Kevin Campbell, James McFadden and Radzinski.

Radzinski also told the Echo he expected Everton to be fighting relegation this season and said Bent isn't enough to stop the team ``struggling again.''

The Guardian has listed both Campbell and McFadden as possible departures, and they are both on free transfers and off contract at the moment. Both have had problems with Moyes.


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Guest Jeffery S.
quote:Originally posted by Bxl Boy

He already did it in Anderlecht and that's how he landed to Everton

Only difference was he was younger and on the rise, and the Everton contract was his big one. Now he is older and maybe the curve is a bit downward, an he'll likely have to take a step down. That will surely mean he'll make less money, though perhaps for more years.

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I don't know much about this, but it looks like Rooney pulled a move to guarantee him leaving Everton. From what I've heard he did a feature interview in the Sun which is still villified for their irresponsible coverage of the Hillsborough incident. It's not even a Liverpool FC thing, but a Liverpool city thing where showing aliegance to that paper is seen as an afront to the city. Since he's from Liverpool Rooney is either a) remarkably thick or B) trying to get out of town and to a bigger club. He's had numerous death threats apparently in the last week since the article was first published.

So for Radz to say Rooney should move on maybe isn't going out too far on a ledge. If Radz knows Rooney is following him out the door, why not make a statement to piss off the powers that be knowing you'll be proven right soon? Still a risky tactic, I hope he gets some regular time soon and isn't stuck on the pine heading into fall.



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I don't think Radz realy has too much to fear for want of playing time. Last campain he was stung more than enough times so it's hard to see how it could get much worse. Through no fault of his own as often as not.

So what's Moyes going to do? Play him half the time? Not-at-all certainly isn't an option. Especially as Everton are going to be cellar dwellers right out of the gate and the directors of this bankrupt organization aren't going to be too keen to provide Radz an extended paid holiday just to satisfy Moyes' ego.

Pretty sure Radz.'s agent already has something lined up. This all seems a bit scripted for something spontanious.

Kinda interesting and encouraging situations with some of our lads this last year or so. JB gets a free out from Forest and goes up to the Premiership as a Canary while Nottingham sink like a stone. JDV isn't happy with his offer at Wigan and gets grabbed by an ambitious Ipswich instantly. Poor Blades miss the playoffs as Pesch. jumps (gets pushed) to Derby. And now I'll guess Radz. is looking to move onto bigger and better things too.

Wonder if he can bring Lars along for the ride?

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I'm not sure if the fans want Radz to play anymore, I'm pretty sure they'd be ready to lynch him if he pulled on the blue and stepped out onto the Goodison pitch.

He's basically assured that he will not play another game with Everton with his comments.

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quote:Originally posted by An Observer

In said in the Guardian today that Everton will sell him to Fulham for about £1m. I think it would be a good move for him and Fulham certainly suits his style of play more than Everton.

Interesting. He'd be paired up with Brian McBride again. Most will recall the McBride and Radz had a pretty good partnership during McBride's loan spell with Everton a couple of seasons back.

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