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    • Jamaica is a very good team when they can pull in their full England contingent. But they only show traditionally only show up on big occasions.  For a March friendly they will get at best a B team, even  more likely a C team with NA based players. So if they agreed to a friendly would be a good bet.
    • I don't want City or Red Bull, but I'm quite excited to have Atletico and possibly Lyon coming in. I'm excited because they bring expertise on how to make money in football, how to develop players and how to build a lasting brand that is authentic. I'm also excited because thus far the CSB has been humble, has asked for help and Europe has answered. Unlike our neighbors to the south who think they know everything already. 
    • Great way for Cordova to start the season. Hope to see him selected in March as ZBG and Godinho will be needed for U23 duty.
    • Why would you prefer a foreign investor over a Canadian investor? All things being equal I’d much rather have a team with its own brand than something that is at least partly a marketing arm for a different soccer team. And even if it wasn’t something like a sky blue “Toronto City” type of team, I would still prefer a Canadian owner rather than foreign. Keep the money from this new soccer economy in Canada. Note, this doesn’t mean I am against foreign ownership. I just find it a bit weird for it to be a specific part of the dream for the league going forward.
    • Just the finalists make it. No other playoffs.
    • Played against Benfica today. Pacos had a formation change compared to previous matches. They didn't play with a DM to start the match (big mistake, a lot of open space for Benfica in the middle), so Eustaquio played as a CM this time making more attacking runs. Midway in the second half, he was playing as a DM. Looked MUCH more comfortable playing that position. Barking instructions, controlling the tempo, more space to hit long diagonal passes. Pretty sure he prefers this role. Sadly his tacking was underwhelming.
    • Insofar as these comments relate to the discussion of MLS-sponsored clubs in CPL vs foreign-sponsored clubs, I think these sorts of comments either misunderstand or misrepresent a lot of what is/was said about MLS.      The idea that MLS clubs should be treated differently than foreign investors isn’t some veiled anti-MLS sentiment.  Nor is the idea that the success of CPL will partly depend on its ability to cannibalize some support from the big 3.  It simply recognizes the current environment in a business context.     Prior to CPL coming online, anyone in Canada who wanted to support a Canadian footy team had 3 choices.  That was borne out every time I saw a kid wearing a TFC hat or a Caps jersey - and I have seen that sort of thing, many times. And that is in PEI - about as far from a local MLS market as you can get in this country.  But now, there is a buzz about HFX. It is mostly because it is the closest pro team and people can watch games - but some people are also excited about Sanoh’s signing since he lived and played here.  Hell, I have tried (poorly) defending against him. That is cool as hell to me.    Sure some people will support both HFX and TFC, but I am sure some have switched allegiances to the more local team. Any Canadian footy fans in HFX probably have.  And that is happening across the country.   It isn’t a knock on the MLS clubs or some anti-league sentiment. It is simply the way CPL’s success will work in non-MLS markets.     Similarly, the idea of excluding MLS B teams isn’t an attack on that league - it is just a basic business decision that seeks to preserve and maximize the appeal of CPL to fans.  That isn’t a “zero sum game” mindset - it is recognizing the reality of the challenges faced by CPL and the optimal path forward for the league.  
    • Well there's gratitude for you. A guy who is busting his butt and risking injury to play for Canada and this is how some react! That's a very disappointing attitude! Sure, he didn't handle that moment well. He was naive but he still deserves thanks for putting out for Canada.      
    • Moncton and St. John’s are the only two other viable locations for D1 soccer in my opinion.  As sad as it makes me, PEI simply wouldn’t get the required numbers out to games in my opinion.  Maybe a regional D2 team - I think the required level of support could be there.  But it would be extremely hard to get 5000-6000 out on a regular basis in a province of 152,000 - especially when islanders spend their summers squeezing in as much socializing as possible.  
    • Won a cool autographed HFX shirt in a local silent auction.  Very cool piece of memorabilia from the first season.  
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