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  1. Playing devil's advocate for the CSA here, the Ontario Soccer Association recently had to downsize staff. The in person part of my National C coaching course has been delayed and they have emailed us about it. I'm guessing this is not just happening in our province, but nation wide. They must be really tight budget wise for this camp.
  2. Honestly, I want to see him get mad on the field. There have been times where he has been completely open and Ikone or Bamba decide to dribble through 3 or 4 guys when a simple pass to an open David would do. After these plays, I always see David just get back into position or even dap them, probably saying "nice try". Zlatan and Lewandowski would have stared down their teammates and demanded that ball be played to them next time. Even Calvert-Lewin, who is gaining confidence, does the same. Not saying he is on the level of the first two, but I can see the argument that he has the p
  3. In all seriousness, I don't think he'd be eligible even then. I believe to use your one time switch you can only switch to a country you were eligible to represent at the time of your youth cap. So he'd have to have been eligible for Canada at the same time as his youth England caps, which I'm guessing he wasn't.
  4. One of the top 55 players nominated for 2020 FIFA FIFPRO Men's World 11 https://www.fifa.com/the-best-fifa-football-awards/fifa-fifpro-mens-world11/
  5. No worries. To be an OPDL club you have to meet certain standards that are not just in regards to the level of certification that coaches have. Facilities, certain types of staff such as physio and medical, the right ratio of coaches to players and some other criteria are all taken into account. The OPDL clubs that meet these standards are considered by the OSA to be the best place for kids to train. My club has two UEFA B certified coaches and several with their National B and Provincial C (which apparently is National now). However, we trained on garbage grounds for years when our
  6. I really like this idea, but it will be harder to implement and get buy in from local clubs for this, at least in the area where I coach. An example, our initial path to the provincial program involved coaches sending their best players to a weekly identification camp for the region. This worked well for a number of years as the coaches from these camps were a mix from the different clubs. However, as certain clubs upped their coaching standards, the representation of coaches from the different clubs in the region started to dwindle down to only a few clubs. This led to a massive amo
  7. Hi All! Long time reader, first time poster. Us Wexford SC coaches have banded together and there's about 25 of us going to tonight's game (families included). Gonna be a great experience. Hoping to see Wexford alumni Mark Anthony Kaye hit the field. Go Canada!
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