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Attention - DO NOT RELY ON THE GROUP BUY for Oct 13th


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Anyone who was in contact, I am trying to get hold of you every way I can.

Do NOT rely on the group buy.

Get your people to buy some memberships and buy in the pre sale tomorrow. 

I only found out the details today how it works, and it will not work for us.


EDIT: This applies to group buys in the supporters section, not the rest of the stadium

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7 minutes ago, Club Linesman said:

To confirm those are the 25 + correct. For groups under 9 we will have no problem right?!?


They can't get to the group buys until Monday.  We still don't know if it is 1500 or 3000 seats.

If we are at 1500 seats, there will not be any by Monday

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