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Women at 2015 Summer Universiade in Gwangju, South Korea

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July 2-13, 2015


Official website - Football page (includes list of venues)

Schedule with venues (PDF)

Women's football - Wikipedia (includes schedule)

Canadian women's squad



Some of the grounds include...


Mokpo International Football Centre - Main Stadium




Honam University (turf and grass fields):



Gochang Stadium:



Yeonggwang Sportium Football Field:


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Position           Name                                       University       Hometown
Goalkeeper      Tori Edgar                                Western           Oakville, Ont.
Goalkeeper      Marie-Joëlle Vandal                 Laval               Longueuil, Que.
Defender         Meaghan Ramsden                  Ottawa             Ottawa, Ont.
Defender         Mélissa Roy                             Laval               Lévis, Que.
Defender         Victoria Saccomani                  Alberta             Edmonton, Alta.
Defender         Kelsey Tikka                           Laurier             Thunder Bay, Ont.
Defender         Amélie Tremblay                     Sherbrooke      Montreal, Que.
Midfielder        Kylie Bordeleau                       UOIT               Cambridge, Ont.
Midfielder        Katherine Koehler-Grassau      UOIT               Ottawa, Ont.
Midfielder        Audrey Lagarde                       Sherbrooke      Laval, Que.
Midfielder        Gabrielle Lapointe                   Laval               Montmagny, Que.
Midfielder        Arielle Roy-Petitclerc               Laval               St-Nicolas, Que.
Midfielder        Annalise Schellenberg             Alberta             Edmonton, Alta.
Striker              Karolyne Blain                        Cape Breton     Sudbury, Ont.
Striker              Jessie Candlish                        Alberta             Edmonton, Alta.
Striker              Joëlle Gosselin                         Laval               Quebec City, Que.
Striker              Rebecca Green                        McGill             Green’s Harbour, Nfld.
Striker              Mélissande Guy                       Laval               Quebec City, Que.
Striker              Marie-Ève Jacques                   Sherbrooke      Sherbrooke, Que.
Striker              Heather Lund                           Alberta             Red Deer, Alb.



Position          Name                                    University       Hometown
Goalkeeper      Kelti Biggs                               Alberta            Spruce Grove, Alta.
Defender         Kayla Evans                            MacEwan          Sherwood Park, Alta.              



Position                       Name                       University       Hometown
Head Coach                 Peyvand Mossavat       UOIT               Toronto, Ont.
Assistant Coach           Jose-Luis Valdes          McGill              Montreal, Que.
Manager                     Troye Flannery            Calgary            Vancouver, B.C.
Athletic Therapist        Jacqueline Bell             Waterloo          Cambridge, Ont.



Pool A: South Korea, Ireland, Italy, Czech Republic
Pool B: Mexico, Japan, Russia, Colombia
Pool C: Brazil, China, Poland, North Korea
Pool D: South Africa, France, CANADA, USA



2013 (Kazan, Russia): 10th / 12 teams
2011 (Shenzhen, China): 5th / 12
2009 (Belgrade, Serbia): 7th / 16
2007 (Bangkok, Thailand): 10th / 16
2005 (Izmir, Turkey): 5th / 12
2003 (Daegu, South Korea): 10th / 12
2001 (Beijing, China): 11th / 12
1993 (Buffalo, USA): 5th / 6

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Streaming news: livefisu.tv will cover soccer, so some (if not all) of Canada's matches should be available by stream, and highlights should be available as well. Registration is free and is required.


I've compiled a Twitter list for the Universiade. It includes the national associations of some of Canada's footie opponents, so there might be some irrelevant stuff included (e.g. French volleyball).


Here's the women posing at some media event:



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Result: Canada 2-0 South Africa


Jessie Candlish from Edmonton/UofA (15'), Audrey Lagarde from Laval/UdeSherbrooke (59')


Match report: English and French


Photo gallery (Facebook)








Other group result: French 5-0 USA. The Yanks got spanked for sending a single-college team as their national side, although the U.S. coach tweeted that France has 17 professional players in their squad and one as old as 27 years old. His claim looks legit, as French goalkeeper Amandine Guerin has a verified Twitter account. If so, it makes Canada's earlier 2-0 win over France all the more impressive.


Canada now leads the group, and plays USA in their final group match.

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That's misdirection by the American coach.  The French have hundreds of women who are "professionals."  Most earn a paltry sum which is below NCAA scholarship money.  Because the French have a strong league a lot of the girls are in school, like Lea Rubio who plays for Olympique Lyon and also played in the tournament back in 2011.  The goalkeeper Guerin is fourth or fifth in line on the senior team, but in Canada wouldn't even be 10th.  French goalkeepers are terrible.


If Canada beat the U.S. and win the group it means avoiding a crossover group leader in the quarter-final.  But a win there and by France in theirs and the two will meet again the semi.


Colorado College were 12-5-4 last year.  They had three Canadians on the team, one of the Beauport girls and a pair of sisters from Surrey.  None of whom are in South Korea.


The comments after the 0-5 France game by the U.S. coach were "This will help our team in the long run as we now know what it takes to play at the top level. We need to rebound quickly to get ready to put our best foot forward versus Canada."   An odd comment to be heard at a Universaide.

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Both goals by Lund from service by Jacques. Here's an exciting video clip of the Canadians shaking hands with each other, with a summary of the match result in French.
In the other group match, France defeated South Africa by a 1-0 scoreline (Lavaud 16').
Canada wins group D with a perfect nine points, and will play the runner-up from group A (Czech Republic) in the quarter-finals, Wednesday July 8 at 3:30am ET / 12:30am PT in Boseong (where Canada played their first and last group-stage matches).
Czech group-stage results:
* 3-1 loss vs. South Korea
* 5-1 win vs. Ireland
* 1-1 draw vs. Taiwan
If Canada wins, they would play the winner of the Brazil-Russia quarter-final on Thursday, July 9 at 10:00pm ET / 7:00pm PT at Naju Public Stadium.
If Canada loses, they would play the loser of the Brazil-Russia quarter-final on Friday, July 10 at 3:30am ET / 12:30am PT at the Mokpo Football Centre.
The Yanks tweeted the match report:
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2-1 over Czech Republic.  The Candian goals were in the 55th and 79th minutes.  The Czech goal came in the 93rd minute.  


Both Canadian goals came from two Laval attackers who are 21/22 but each in first year in their program.


8/11 starters were from the RSEQ in Quebec.  Six from Laval, one from Sherbrooke, and one from McGill.  The other three were from UofO, Laurier and Alberta.


Russia beat Brazil 1-0.  We play them Friday in the semi.  The other semi is France/Japan.

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Canadian goals: Melissa Roy (51' PK), Joelle Gosselin (55') [Vic: 79' was when Gosselin was subbed out]


Video highlights (including both goals)


Photo gallery (Facebook)


Official match report (by FISU): web and PDF


Match summary (by CIS): English and French


Some photos on Twitter by assistant coach Jose-Luis Valdes:








As Vic mentioned, Canada play Russa in the semi-finals on Thursday, July 9, 10:00pm ET / 7:00pm PT.


If Canada wins, they'll play the winner of the other semi-final (France/Japan) in the final on Sunday, July 12, 6:00am ET / 3:00am PT.

If Canada loses, they'll play the loser of the other semi-final on Sunday, July 12, 3:30am ET / 12:30am PT.


Both the final and the bronze-medal matches are scheduled to have video streams, so Canada's final match will be covered either way (and should be available on-demand afterward).

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Russia just scored to go up 1-0 after a half hour, the goal scorer was from the Russian league leaders Zvezda Perm who bring in internationals and have a well-known history in European women's soccer.  She played a single minute in their quarter-final win over Brazil.


After 40 minutes Russia with 60% possession and leading 10-0 in shots on net.

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70th minute. Elena Terekhova scores twice within 10 minutes to make it 3-0.
A pretty good run. Canada the only country of the four semi-finalists not to have a national league above the university level.
Bronze-medal match will have a video stream!
EDIT: match ended 4-0. Canada to play loser of the Japan-France semi.
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You mean Elena Terekhova the 28 year-old national team pro with 50 caps?


The clue for me something was awry was the game stats though.  Some more info on the game:


  • Russia's team has at least seven current national team players or women who played on it for 7-8 years
  • All but a handful of the 20 Russians study coaching, sport or football
  • All but a handful of the 20 Canadians study non-athletic related degrees
  • The average age of the Canadian team is 21.8, the Russian team is 24.1
  • The Russian team has one player under 22, we have 10
  • The Russian team has 4/5 of the Zvezda Perm back line and goalkeeper from last years Champions League quarter-finalists

Canada sends athletes with amateur status, but these strict rules don't exist in many countries.  The same thing happens in men's hockey in the Winter Universaide where Russia sends professionals.


France won in a shootout that went to nine players.  Lea Rubio their 24 year-old captain from Olympique Marseilles scored the winner.  She has been playing women's soccer since the age of 14 and has Champions League experience and despite her age already spent seven years in the French D1 league playing with and against all of France's national players.


Japan's ages are almost the same as ours but all have played nationally at the youth level and all but one of their starters yesterday study some form of sport.


Not all systems compare to the amateurism of the CIS.  So like you said - all things considered a pretty good run, and then some.

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Yes... not only was advancing to the semi-finals for the first time an achievement, but defeating finalists France during the initial group stage was a huge accomplishment as well.


I wonder how many of the Japanese players feature in their country's national league. They have three divisions with promotion and relegation.






Canada plays Japan for the bronze medal on Sunday, July 12 at 3:00am ET / 12:00am PT. There will be a live video stream at www.livefisu.tv (free, but registration is required). I expect that it will be available to watch on-demand afterward too.

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