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  1. Just into Vancouver, weather warning for snow, we call them flurries in Ontario.
  2. CPL needs to launch with over the air TV exposure, not cable sports network or streaming only, but weekly on TV game at consistent time point ( CBC soccer night ? ). CPL needs to launch with an in place method for Promotion and Relegation from Provincial D3 leagues to Regional D2 leagues up to CPL D1 status. CPL needs to launch with no geographic limitations on clubs playing in league based on Promotion. CPL should not have upper Salary Cap, but should limit expenditure on salaries to % of club revenues. CSA needs to indicate that a ten year phase in for PRO/REL, and at end of ten years to only award clubs winning CPL the CONCACAF Champions League spots. CSA needs to indicate maximum size of CPL D1 ( it can get to 20 teams in my opinion ). CSA needs to phase out any clubs playing out of Canada in US based leagues, excepting the single entity MLS franchises. CSA needs to indicate a Canadain/International ratio for all three Professional Divisions CSA needs to impose the Canadian/International ratio on any MLS franchises in a ten year phase in process. CPL/CSA need to recognize the single entity concept will not succeed in growing D2 and D3 clubs as access possibility to D1 would not exist for smaller clubs.
  3. As an observer of expat Torontoians living out west I can confirm that petty regionalism is alive and well and that Toronto elitists love to denigrate Westerners for not seeing Toronto as the centre of the universe.
  4. As an observer of expat Torontoians living out west I can confirm that petty regionalism is alive and well and that Toronto elitists love to denigrate Westerners for not seeing Toronto as the centre of the universe.
  5. Players who play for a team in V-Cup, are cup tied, they cannot play for another team in the competition, standard practice in football. Where it gets dicey is if/when the brilliance of Dalglish coaching gets Fury to play Impact in final, how is an Impact player on loan going to play, when losing to his bosses results in losing 3 Millon in CCL revenue?
  6. Well said jpg75, it is not real until on the field. The MLS announcement on domestic status re players is a first volley by MLS to stop a north of the border league that competes with the single entity. MLS involvement in sanctioning Canadian youth clubs allowed to produce MLS passport players is a second volley. That an outgoing CSA president is doing this wearing a CONCACAF hat is worrying as It is clear MLS/SUM control USSF, and CONCACAF needs USSF to have CONCACAF tournaments in USA that fund CONCACAF operations. SUM has Mexican national team to sell in USA, sells MLS and US national team, do we have a place at the table or has it been shopped cheap?
  7. It's the fault of the MLS appointed match commissioner, she/he is supposed to ensure its all done properly not just eat and drink assuming staff of the club get it right.
  8. From the FIFA website: More investment We are significantly increasing our financial support for member associations and football development to 5 million USD per four-year cycle for each member association from 1.6 million USD per cycle.This means each association has access to 750,000 US dollars per year for football projects such as pitches, competitions and women’s football.And every association also receives up to 500,000 US dollars per year for running costs in areas including administration and governance So an added 1.25 million dollars a year to CSA from FIFA, what will the fund be used for ? Put to supporting "Women's Soccer" we could see many more players pushing for National Team spots. A $25,000 subsidy to 50 Senior Women's clubs would fund travel for Regionalized Women's leagues in BC, Prairies, Ontario, Quebec, Maritimes ( ten clubs per regional league ). That kind of subsidy would help to create a Vibrant level of Women's senior soccer with leagues running May to October.
  9. Based on what ? What difference making has he shown in terms of the sport in Canada from an organisational view ?
  10. So if we take your criticism of club youth coaches to heart ( and I do ) let's ask why those coaches are clueless? What organisation is responsible for coach education? Which individuals have been responsible for running coach education? If they have failed to give student coaches a clue over the last twenty years, why are they still employed?
  11. MLS as club schedules so parents can go to the cottage on weekend, remember they are working with US Thanksgiving.
  12. Public transit, train/ bus looks like an hour, but I don't know what a by car time on a Sunday would be, most critical is traffic out of stadium, onto freeway will check out the Reddit intelligence.
  13. Thinking of doing two games in Metro NYC, game one in New Jersey, finished by 18:00, then Uber to Yankee stadium, anyone from NYC think it's doable based on traffic after a game at Red Bull Arena?
  14. Let Montreal win first, then when USSF says you do not get CCL birth sue United States government under NAFTA provisions.
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