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U20 camp


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Morace speaks English. She's clearly not fluent and I'm sure that she might have issues expressing herself on the practice pitch from time to time.

When working through an interpreter, it is CRITICAL that the person doing the interpreting 100% understands what the coach is trying to communicate and has the ability to impart that message to the players. Ideally, Morace needs her interpreter to be a high level coach, similar to herself.

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quote:Originally posted by Richard

Then phrase you post as an opinion, not an apparent statement of fact.

Expression of opinion is fine and we do it all the time but don't express it as if it is a statement of fact without being willing and able to back it up.

You can claim that the moon is made of green cheese if you like then leave it up to everybody else to prove you're wrong. But don't then continue to believe it will leave you with even a modicum of credibility.

Maybe you missed the words "I think" contained in my post. Thinking of something does not make it a statement of fact. And for your understanding, this is an opinion too!

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U20 Camp in Boca Raton tomorrow running December 11-20.


G- Colpitts, Dayle | Fredericton, NB, CAN | CAN / NTC - Atlantic/Atlantique

G- Leblanc, Cynthia | Granby, QC, CAN | Unattached / sans club

G- McCurdy, Helena Brooke | Peterborough, ON, CAN | CAN / NTC - Ontario

D- Allen, Molly | Halifax, NS, CAN | USA / Virginia Commonwealth University

F- Casselman, Julie | Gatineau, QC, CAN | CAN / NTC - Québec

M- Charron-Delage, Catherine | Montréal, QC, CAN | CAN / NTC - Québec

M- Chénard, Laura | Ste-Luce, QC, CAN | CAN / NTC - Québec

M- Lamarre, Rachel | Laval, QC, CAN | USA / Penn State University

D- Legault-Cordisco, Vanessa | Ste-Thérese, QC, CAN

F- Leon, Adriana | Mississauga, ON, CAN | CAN / NTC - Ontario

F- Malette, Chloé | Roxboro, QC, CAN | CAN / Olympique Quebec

D- Marton, Lexi | Aurora, ON, CAN | USA / Penn State University

D- McCarthy, Bryanna | Ajax, ON, CAN | USA / West Virginia University

M- Murani, Rehana | Sherwood Park, AB, CAN | USA / University of South Florida

M- Oduro, Christabel | Brampton, ON, CAN | CAN / NTC - Ontario

M- Pachecho, Gina | Ottawa, ON, CAN | USA / University of South Florida

M- Patterson, Taylor | Edmonton, AB, CAN | USA / University of South Florida

F- Richardson, Jenna | Vancouver, BC, CAN | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC

M- Rivkin, Hannah | St. John’s, NL, CAN | CAN / NTC - Atlantic/Atlantique

D- Sansar, Bahar | Longueuil, QC, CAN | USA / University of South Florida

M/F- Stewart, Chelsea | The Pas, MB, CAN | USA / Vanderbilt University

D/M- Woeller, Shannon | Vancouver, BC, CAN | USA / Rutgers University

F- Zadorsky, Shelina | London, ON, CAN | CAN / North London Galaxy

May seem an odd question but it's actually relevant - did anyone see the Canada Games final?

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<s>Our defending CONCACAF Champion U20's Canada went down 4-0 to a U17-U23 team from #87 Cuba Wednesday. Second game is today in Havana followed by a third matchup January 22 in a group game in the CONCACAF qualifiers, the one for real and that matters. I imagine playing in Cuba you get the full run of communism from questionable officiating to overage players, but hopefully this isn't an omen of things to come. Cuba's U20 women lost to both Trinidad and Jamaica a month ago, and were steamrolled 9-0 by the USA in June of last year (all outside Cuba of course).</s>

Major faux pas.

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Maybe a Canadian club team or a showcase team because there are many teams from Canada in Florida or Cuba during the holidays.

I think Cuba U20 wants to get the feeling of playing a canadian team before CONCACAF. Because I taught it was odd that the U20 NAT would play twice a team that's in the same group just before qualifications. If it was so, it would have been great for Cuba, but I don't know what Canada would have got out of it.

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Yes that was the weird part. I was completely hooked by the "two friendly games against Canada" in the articles.

The American U20 was in Sunrise, Florida a week ago, not sure if they're still there. Boca Raton and Sunrise are about a half hour apart.

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