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Next CSA headline Contest


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I've been thinking about this for about a month now, don't know if it will resonate with any of you and if it doesn't, no worries. There have been so many threads of late deriding DM and the players and it's got me thinking about the rose coloured glasses worn by the media people at the CSA.

I formerly worked in media relations, so I know what it is to "spin" a story....I despise everything to do with it, but the CSA appears to have taken it to a new level. Is everyone at CSA drinking tainted kool aid?

How can their stories associated with the MNT train wreck always paint such a rosey picture? We have 1 point of 9 and there's not one critical word on the campaign so far. Where are these headlines headed, how ridiculous can they get?

It's up to the V's to help the CSA media types provide their most insightful or comical headlines for the website. The CSA needs the V's help. Provide a quick storyline, then your headline.

I.E. Honduras 4 Canada 1 Headline: "Canada onto Edmonton".

Obviously if we win it'll give the CSA a legit reason for a positive headline, but how ridiculous and pathetic can the headlines get if we lose and are all but mathematically eliminated? This isn't quite the photo contest, but I'd be interested to have your input on the next CSA headline.

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Canada wins in Miracle finish 3-2

Canadian Coaches red carded

Unknown Voyageur takes over

( San Pedro Sula - CP wire story )Unknown Voyageur takes over the Canadian Men's National team.

Dale Mitchel and his assistant coach were ejected from Canada's qualification match against Honduras in front of 45,000 fans Saturday night, at the 38th minute with CAnada down by 2 goals to nill, the coaches appeared to begin a heated discussion on the sidelines eventually leading to pushing and shoving with members of the support staff trying to keep the two combatants apart, the fourth Official reported to the centre and all the involved partys were dismissed from the pitch leaving Canada with no coach on the field.

FIFA and CONCACAF regulations require at least one licenced coach on the bench in a World Cup qualification match.

Dominic Maestracci the CSA president was forced to ask a "Voyageur" if he was a coach certified by the CSA. Upon recieving a positive answer and being giving his creditionals to the FIFA match official the "Voyageur" coach took his place on the bench. The game was delayed for a period 20 minutes before the new coach called his players together at pitch side, and furiously identifying new roles to the up to that time hapless Canadian tactical approach.

Canada commenced playing agian with what appeared to be a new vigour, playing an as yet unseen short passing game in the midfield with tenacious defending against the white shirted Hondurans. Canada finished the half still down 2 to nill but seemingly playing with a verve and joy unseen with Dale Mitchell on the bench.

The Canadian dressing room door was locked and the team came out five minutes late, each of the players as the streamed out from the bowls of Olimpic stadium were marching side by side, a Canadian flag carried before them by a young Honduran pressed into service, as the Canadian team sang....

Marching to Pretoria

I'm with you and you're with me

And so we're all together.

So we're all together

So we're all together

Sing with me, I'll sing with you

And so we'll sing together

But so goes the chorus...

We are marching to Pretoria, Pretoria, Pretoria

We are marching to Pretoria, Pretoria today.

" I could not believe it the coach .. made us write out the words and practice at half time, getting us together the tenors and bass and our one alto.. but as we did it .. we laughed, no one has laughed on this team since we met up in Fort Lauderdale... then he said we are singing this into the stadium ... it was like some miracle we just felt good in the tunnel singing and it got louder the fans seemed to realize and only our voices rang out.."

Nik Lederwood scored at the 48th minute recieving a crossed pass on the ground and slotting it between the keepers legs. "Coach said, look to the five hole this keeper is bow-legged" no one in our preparations told us to look there we were practicing playing the ball into the net off our heads...

Canada went on to dominate the second half of the game scoring two more times.

When asked to identify himslef by reporters after the game the "Voyageur" just smiled and said he did not want attention and would return to his rightfull place as a fan, only a fan.

The CSA has refused to identify the coach citing privacy laws.

The future of Dale Mitchell is to be decided by FIFA for conduct unbecoming.

( I am off to the game.. remember believe )

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