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  1. Been a while since I posted, go Canada against the US in about 2 weeks. As for this U-17 team, lots of talent, and moments of true quality, but so many spilled balls, poor passes, and we were much slower than Angola. the kid on their right side up front had a free pass all night into our box, it was a matter of time before we lost. When are we ever going to win a game at this level????
  2. Manut Bol....er, no, he's from Somalia.
  3. As I have said before, Larin is over rated, if I could have a dollar for everytime he's been in a position to score and flailed/missed it left/right, I'd be wearing white shoes, a white belt, and playing bocce somewhere in Florida right now. My best TV impersonation of a Larin play summed up in 3 words: "LARIN!!!!!!!!! Goal Kick.."
  4. I say win tomorrow and just keep winning. I think the U.S. looks very vulnerable, so I relish the idea of hearing the Fox Sports homers trying to explain how an obscure country wearing red is running rough shod over there B side....yes, there will be much emphasis on this as there was against Martinique last night. Go Canada Go.
  5. I love all you analysts, with this information, and that formation, and only if we'd sub'd in this guy or that guy...I never played this game but without question, this was the best and most entertaining game I have seen our team play in years. I don't need to give you paragraphs, but the best way to tell you that we may have turned a corner is when Davies scored and I screamed YAAAA!!!! The last time I did that was the OT winner against Mexico when we last won the GC. Go Canada Go.
  6. I can't help but note the irony of this thread: We need a finisher. Every 6 months for the past 20 years someone has lamented this glaring weakness. We can't score, our defense is lacking and disorganized at the most inopportune times, and the brass are in a constant state of damage control and reorganization. We are a G 7 country whose Men's National Team program looks like something out of the Third World....without the corruption.
  7. Love this thread, and kudos to Lurker for such insightful comments. I agree, the hex must go as we've lost a ton of potential fans now that we are out of the mix....again....sigh...with only Gold Cup games and obscure friendlies against fringe Euro sides to look forward to going forward. Two groups of 5 with the 4.5 qualifying makes sense to me. Yes, you include some minnows....Canada might be included in that statement, but look around the world. Fiji topped NZ and made it to the Olympics, Iceland were the darlings at Euro, open the qualifying up a bit, the existing system does allow smaller nations to save some money, but if they make it to the final 2 group set up, they'll be rewarded for their efforts.Cheers, Gardencity
  8. gardencity

    Euro 2016

    Only just getting to see the Iceland/England game now on the pvr. Heard the entire tragedy on my car radio on my way to the lake. The words "rubbish" and "appalling" were used frequently by the radio crew. I say England deserve this result and it's been happening for 50 years now. They scored a tainted goal to win the World Cup in 66 and have basically done squat since then. Their style and tactics are ancient, I agree with Gareth Bale that they are arrogant, and with 48 million and the press breathing down their collective necks every waking moment, no wonder they soiled themselves and lost to a team with absolutely nothing to lose and the delight of being able to play vaunted England on a world wide stage. Good for Iceland, good for the professional coaches who teach their youngsters, obviously it is working and wouldn't it be nice if Canada took a page out of their book? Time to move out of the past and into the future England, the empire is long gone, and you are an average footballing nation.
  9. gardencity

    Euro 2016

    Automatic Red Card to Chiellini for wrapping his arms around the Belgian player....on several occasions in last nights game. He wasn't the only Italian to resort to this tactic especially when the Belgians looked to be on the break. This should be an automatic red card, not a "safe" yellow. Total garbage.
  10. One of the benefits of living in Canada is that you don't continuously lose the TV feed...no brown outs either....
  11. This just in at the Flash News desk: "Petty squabble hijacks Canada Mexico game forum, many feared hurt or bullied, we'll have film at 11", now, back to our regular scheduled programming.
  12. Canada's MOTM for me....the woodwork. The CSA would make a killing on selling crying towels, what a disgrace. There is no good news here, even if we have help and make it to the hex in the second spot, we are going to get fcking shelled.
  13. Arfield deep in Mexico end, makes an 8 foot uncontested pass to Henry, who lets the ball slide under his foot and into touch. Midfielders unable to move the ball forward to running teammates so they can receive the ball in full flight. For YEARS, this has perplexed me, how can't these "pros" make the pass so the runner can run onto it, rather than having to back track or come to a stop to collect the pass. This was a horrible display. Worst of all, Holliet, two shots 25 meters wide, Larin or Ricketts...it doesn't matter which one, they both suck. Tries a toe punch from 10 meters out and spills the ball 10 meters wide....how is that even geometrically possible. You all have many more preschool mistakes to highlight, I'm only scratching the surface.
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