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(Rumour) CSA is talking with a coach...


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Here's what squid2 wrote in another thread (I think this deserves it's own thread because it seems like a serious rumour).


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Posted - 09/12/2008 : 22:20:51


Maybe a good news bad news post, but a very reliable source shared this with me.

The good news is that the CSA initiated talks with a replacement for Dale Mitchell prior to the Honduras game, hypothetically speaking of course. Follow up discussions have since occurred.

The contract terms reflect how far the program advances.

The downside for supporters and the CSA is that Mr Fix-It knows much about the CSA and how they operate so he’s looking for specific guarantees.

The stumbling block is $$$, the CSA doesn’t have it and the candidate knows this. The candidate is an outsider.

For those who are going to BMO tomorrow, keep an eye out… he’ll be there. And no, he's not affiliated with TFC.

Here's hoping...."

So TFC fans, keep an eye on the crowd...

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I'd take Holger any day of the week

As far as not being liked by players TFB, players can stay away then.

Until they start winning I refuse to cut the players any slack, they must take some responsibility for this as well, and start acting like the professionals they are.

I don’t care how the team is run and by who, dictatorship style Holger or let the players be Hart.

I just don’t care anymore, all I want is wins, wins, wins, and more wins. I don’t care how ugly or how skillfully beautiful.

Please, before I die, just qualify for 1 more world cup, please!

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