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  1. FIFA Elite Coach and Whitecaps Applicant; I can recommend Stephen Constantine's diligence & expertise. He is a knowledgeable, conscientious football coach of high calibre." MLS types are a dime a dozen these days Bobby.... looking for a multilingual Differentiator with global connections? Shortlist Stephen if he is still willing to visit.
  2. Read in BBC Gossip EPL M'borough and Bolton I think are interested for 2 Million...
  3. Some are mentioning Stephen hart as the next MNT manager ... and tech director? I think the guy is skilled and has some merit within the CSA but should he do it all? Suggestions for Tech director please Ferdy wasn't interested when I spoke to him several months ago before SH was appointed. Was he the only applicant then?
  4. Do we even coach to the #10 mentality mentioned here?? http://www.soccer-magic.com/prog_fsmplayers.html
  5. Do we have a National Youth Development Program designed to positively affect individual player development by focusing on teaching habits that lead to exceptional soccer skills? The US has a 70 page Player Developement guide... http://www.ussoccer.com/articles/viewArticle.jsp_280734.html what do we have?? This guys School is geared toward children of all ages and abilities, but particularly targeted toward children 7-18 years of age. Imamgine what they will be like as adults if we build on these skills and love of the game? Video halfway down page of skills camp..
  6. Nice to see others find Warner a complete goof too!
  7. Former players seem to rate for some jobs without any Quals just experience in lesser leagues etc..Paul Ince. some click some don't ... wouldn't it be nice for a new coach to just coach without the national/concacaf soap opera anvil?
  8. It's the Association, lack of domestic leagues, dispersal of National Players, Concacaf foolishness that are also part of 'the package' any qualified coach has to take on also! Great money for any coach won't change the above mentioned things.
  9. The CSA and the rest of the Country should remember that; Like in Elections .... you get the product you vote for!! Hanging our hopes on a 34 year old W/F is a pretty poor statement of the Status Quo from our Best Soccer Mind!! DM There is so much wrong with our Program and the People at the top I may have to start supporting our Mens Field Hockey Team, true underdogs who fought their way to the bottom, in China but they did make me proud!
  10. I think I agreed with you in my first few words, but looking for ways to improve .... keeping the team together between the next few games should help and we are still too lippy with poor officials.
  11. It should not have been a goal I think PO is a true pro for taking ownership and not pointing the finger BUT .....did Stalteri fake him out - I think I saw an arm band, was it him?? Maybe I'm 'old school' (this goal is an arguement for keeping posts and goal line covered vs what seems to be a trend towards pushing out early) but it looked like the Front Post coverage went AWOL while Onstad left feeling he could move out and challenge(he raised his hands after the goal; it seemed to me, asking/pleading why our man moved away while the ball was in flight).... then the ball came back in to
  12. Considering Simoes has had fist fights in his past etc. streamers on CK's isn't so bad.... this is Hearsay anyway ... what respected CDN reporter?
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