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November FIFA Rankings

David C.

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quote:Originally posted by MM2

For what it is worth the ELO world rankings as of Nov.21 http://www.eloratings.net/


ELO ( )

20 Mexico (19)

31 USA (26)

46 Cuba (60)

56 Honduras (36)

58 Jamaica (54)

68 Costa Rica (51)

72 Panama (83)

82 Canada (59)

87 St. Vincent and the Grenadines (116)

90 Trinidad and Tobago (72)

92 Haiti (97)

102 Guatemala (76)

What in the sweet Texas toast? are these new FIFA rankings for November for real? does Winnipeg actually get to +30C in December?? Wow!! What a joke. How can St. Vincent and the Grenadines be ahead of Haiti and Trinidad and Tobago?? How Can Cuba be ahead Jamaica, Canada, Honduras and Costa Rica? Someone at FIFA needs to get the marbles shaken out of their heads. I elect the ELO rankings to replace the joke of a FIFA Rankings.

When the average Canadian who doesnt understand the "Beautiful Game" looks at these, they will wonder, just how bad we actually are?

I wonder if FIFA will actually get their rankings system right.

Also how can Mexico and the USA place so low? That does not make sense either.

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Just for fun, here is an attempt at a CONCACAF ranking (top-12), based heavily on recent World Cup and Gold Cup performances:

1. Mexico: Clearly our best WC performer, respectable (though not great) Gold Cup.

2. USA: Great WC qualifying run, followed by poor showing, won the Gold Cup.

3. Costa Rica: Third WC qualifier but modest showing, respectable Gold Cup. Most consistent of the CONCACAF "wanabees".

4. Trinidad: Fourth WC qualifier with surprising showing, poor Gold Cup though.

5. Guatemala: Almost secured fourth WC spot, getting to HEX from a strong semi group, poor Gold Cup. But are they for real?

6. Panama: Came back to earth during HEX, after passing Jamaica to get there and losing the Gold Cup final in a shoot-out. Likely to drop in next competitions.

7. Honduras: Questionable WC qualifying in a tough group but had very good Gold Cup showing.

8. (tie) Canada & Jamaica: poor WC qualifying and modest Gold Cup. Both teams very inconsistent, though with potential.

10. Cuba: Unlucky to draw Costa Rica in WC pre-qualifying round, taking the series to a shoot-out, poor Gold Cup, still unproven outside Carribean competition but with potential to scare.

11. St. Vincent: Recent Digicel Cup results lifts over Haiti as "best of the rest".

12. Haiti: Drops one spot due to Digicel Cup second round, after great first round.

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