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  1. No, he is done, saw him put in an impressive sub appearance against the Fury, I think in their first season. I no longer have him on the radar.
  2. The complete EODSA statement from their website: May 3, 2017 Re: Ottawa Player Development Program (OPDP) Dear Members, The Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association (EODSA) is sending out this communication to provide clarification and an update regarding the situation involving the Ottawa Player Development Program (OPDP). A number of Clubs within the EODSA chose to withdraw some of their team entries from the Grassroots divisions being offered by the East Region Soccer League (ERSL). Clubs are permitted to withdraw teams from league divisions a
  3. I heard that some of the info, if not the site was taken down, I will see if I can track down the link.
  4. They first tried to set-up a Sunday night league (for u9-u12) that would have set strict minimum requirements that would have excluded most other clubs from the league except the mighty 7. As a result several players from our small club have already moved to one of these clubs to be able to play "Tier 1" soccer. When the EODSA prevented this from happening they set-up the rogue league, including a website with standings, contrary to the OSA development program. Ottawa soccer is in a mess right now including OCSL (senior) teams looking to set-up an unsanctioned league and the poss
  5. I was surprised to see him in the starting line-up and he was invisible unless he was making bad plays, TFC even lost him in the expansion draft to NYCFC and traded to get him back!
  6. Reports that Harry Shipp coming from Chicago to Montreal. http://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2016/02/13/chicago-fire-trade-harry-shipp-montreal-impact
  7. Yesterday the Ottawa Sun had a two page spread on the Fury, which is great coverage for this time of the year, later in the day the writer Chirs Hofley was laid off in the consolidation of newspaper offices.
  8. That's 11 Internationals on the roster, how many I spots does Vancouver have?
  9. As a member are you able to bring your concerns to the board of this type of branding? Agreed, very interesting.
  10. My understanding is that MLS only signs a senior to a contract when at least one club agrees to draft the player. So if for example if Colorado committed to Irving and if when their last pick comes around and Irving is still undrafted, then they have to draft that player.
  11. Mark-Anthony Kaye signs with Louisville City FC, shows the value of the 2 teams, gives opportunities to player to continue playing while opening up other options.
  12. Talk about Drogba going to Chelsea heating up, Montreal sports radio commentators this morning seem to feel that it will happen. Would be a devastating loss to the Impact both on and off the field after their late run last season.
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