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  1. Panama played very well this tournament. They didn't resort to cheap shots or diving like many of their Central American counterparts. I hope they qualify for the world cup.
  2. Definitely a little of both but Panama might be the region's most improved team. I really like Gabriel Torres. I'd love to see an MLS team snatch him up.
  3. I should have bought a lottery ticket. USA 3 Honduras 1 and Panama 2 Mexico 1. Looks like it will be a repeat of 2003.
  4. Don't count Panama out. They have been playing very well and Mexico have not. I could see Panama stealing the match.
  5. De Jong is quality. Haber just looks like a 3rd division player. If Canada can steal a goal on a set piece and clean up the marking they could walk away with a result.
  6. Lmao. The US was up 3-1 at half time with 80% of the possession. Martinique was the better side both the 1st and 2nd half against Canada.
  7. This is Canada's best chance to beat the US in a long time. On paper the US is a much better team BUT they are mired in their worst streak in recent history. They have a moron for a coach. Several deserving players were left off the roster in favor of guys who contribute very little. This is Mexico's cup to lose.
  8. This is best U20 cycle in US soccer history. We have a pool of more than 30 professional players, most of whom are already contributing to their club's first team. Josh Gatt plays in current top club in the Austrian 2nd division. A 5-0 loss in this case isn't as bad as it seems. A brand new back line is thrown on for the last part of the game, against some very strong attacking players with a man advantage, playing with the momentum as well.
  9. What if Bunbury ends up playing for the US, as he recently suggested he would be interested?
  10. I would take a wait and see approach about this guy. A lot of NCAA players have come to MLS with gaudy stats and flamed out. That said this guy is doing the smart thing and leaving after only 2 years. The guys who play 4 years of NCAA ball rarely do well. They rarely even get a better offer than a developmental contract.
  11. I don't see any possibility of a US-Canada friendly next year. Canada doesn't match up stylistically (is that even a word ?) with anyone we'll play against at the world cup. I definitely think Canada's best bet is to play against top nations who didn't make the world cup. Scotland, Ireland, Costa Rica, etc......would all be excellent opponents.
  12. Personally I thought it was pretty hot. I'd nail her like the savior []
  13. Crazy_Yank


    I think this is a great idea. It's ridiculous that New Zealand could qualify for the world cup without playing anyone in FIFA's top 100.
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