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Vote on best logo for new Korean footie club

Blue and White Army

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Same thing about the colours. They all look kind of "your team's name here" except for the last one, which seems to have some personality. And way too much text and an plain font for the others. The last one is the only one that actually looks like a true professional enterprise.

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I love a good logo debate and there's some decent efforts, but nothing that really grabs me.

I'd go with 2, but I don't exactly get what's going on at the bottom of that circle. And the text of the right side is lame.

6 is good, but too many typical elements that make no sense to me. Why the shield divided in four? There's a nautic theme so I get the swan (not that a swan heading a Champions League ball is cool), but where did the rose come from? It just seems tossed in.

3 is good too, but is there any reason for that ugly triangle shape and the colours are giving me a San Jose Clash circa 1996 flashbacks. Actually I've changed my mind. 3 isn't that good. The ball is bad and the more I look at it the more I dislike the red waves that are very fat and lazy looking waves. Unless that's something else I don't get.

1 is okay, but I don't like the colours and the since 2005 that big? Yuck. 4 and 5 are terrible (well five looks good for a TV station or something).

And can I say how lame 'since 2005' is?

Why did I put thought into this? I don't know?



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well.. I can say (in no particular order):

- The rose and the white crane (not swan) are the provincial symbols of Gyeongnam province

- Baekno means "White Crane" in Korean

- No other K-League team has Hangul (Korean alphabet) in their logo either.

I wonder how I know all that? - Bonus points to Cooks!

Unfortunately, only the first 5 are actually the "semi-finalists" in a competition for the crest, apparently the one that Blue and White Army and I submitted didn't even make the final cut. Am I discouraged? Not particularly... I have a strong feeling that the whole thing is rigged.

Take a close look at those 5 logos, you'll notice that the EXACT same ball image is used in 3 & 4, and that the same "FC" font is used in logos 2, 4, & 5.. and possibly 1. The chances of 5 seperate designers coming up with that many similar elements is astronomical...

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the last is by far the best (with only 4 being tollerable, but thata a green and white thing for me), but up against some bad logos league wide it shouldn't matter. Just whoever this lot is and where ever they will play out of (got my parole a few months back and havn't kept up too well) they had better start soon. With 'they of the stupid name' having gone eight games on the trot (not including the embarasment of ACL) with out a win, new minnows are in dire need.

Q. Where in Kyeong Nam will this team play? Masan? Changwon? Jinhae? can't think of any other city sized places? Will they be building a fresh ground or is another track instore for the K league?

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