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  1. There's a rumour that as part of the Pan Am 2015 games, the Ticats and the Argos (with new ownership being the current BC Lions owner) being involved and building a new 25-30,000 seat stadium in Burlington/Oakville where both teams would play. This is probably a long shot. I didn't believe they were serious about BMO, but it probably makes sense for the Argos. It comes down to how many tickets are they really selling currently. The official number I believe is 27,000 or something like that. But how many are actually sold and at what price? There's enough demand to sell out BMO. T
  2. This is the main problem for the CSL. Male soccer players (especially at this level) are in their prime in their late-20's/early-30's. However, anybody at that age playing in the CSL, ain't going any higher. As well, most guys that age have jobs or families or other responsibilities that they can't play semi-pro sports for half the year with a lot of travel. So, many players choose to play in the city league instead of the CSL. So, team's in the CSL end up being younger, as most of them are. Then the problem becomes, "well teams in the city league are better than the loca
  3. I don't think the issue is about sanctioning and what division each league is. The USSF can't deny sanctioning any legitimate league as they would get laughed out of court on anti-trust issues (especially when the commissioner of MLS is one of the people deciding). And what does the division status actually mean? Nothing from what I can tell. The issue is whether the TOA teams had legally binding contracts with the USL or not. If you own a McDonalds franchise, you can't just turn it into a Burger King just because you feel like it. If the USL believes they have a court case, and they
  4. Bond - $50-100K? Why not just buy a franchise then (more accurately, equity in the league)? Since the league will keep the money for the season, and I assume this would have to be put down every year (for at least 2-3 years minimum), why not just buy a franchise? I would expect more of a $5K bond and $5K annual membership fee. I doubt they have a plan in place. This seems like a last breath desperate attempt at having any sort of relevance. It seems like they just sent out the press release and see what comes up and then they can go from there. Gambling - first, anybody gambling
  5. The story in Hamilton was that Real did have a problem because their coach was not qualified or something like that and that Hamilton Croatia filed a protest after the semi and Croatia was going to replace Real? I guess that's not the case? Or the issue has been solved or was it just bs all along?
  6. I guess there were basically only positives with Kaplan. He did what he could with the league ownership that exists. Although he seems like a good fit to lead the CSL to "achieve its bold aspirations during the next year or two." Yet he decided to resign... CSL Inc? Chairman? Is this something new? Are new investors/partners coming on board, or is this same old fantasy fiefdoms.
  7. What is success? Well, it depends on what you want to see happen in Canadian soccer. I want to see Canada win the World Cup. I don't really care about pro leagues. Therefore, any "pro" team below the MLS level, is useless to me unless it develops Canadians. For example, the Thunder Bay Chill winning the PDL championship with a 90% non-Canadian roster is a complete failure to me. It's useless and pointless. As for the CSL, if all it becomes is a league for construction workers to pretend like they are playing in Serie A (meaning the elite men's senior amateur beer league in Ontar
  8. ^ Yeah but then everybody is still whining because now TFC would host the final and win 1-0 instead of losing 2-0 away to the Caps. Granted, the Caps would still have a shot on the field, but everybody here will still be whining. I guess a neutral site game could be played. The only 100% way to make sure it's "fair" is a knockout format where other games have zero impact on other teams. But then people would whine about the draw. Now supposedly a knockout tournament is not acceptable to Concacaf. The fact of Concacaf setting standards is a whole other highly hilarious issue. Any
  9. If anything we learned, is that a fourth team is needed so it would lower the chance that tonight gets repeated. Well, I guess not so much stops what happened, but it would have given the Caps a shot as well at pumping in the goals. Then maybe the fourth place team misses the next tournament. So say Montreal finishes fourth due to goals, then they are eliminated from next years CCL. As for the tiebreakers, they do use the FIFA rules do they not?
  10. http://concacaf.com/view_article.aspx?id=4776 TFC* will play the Puerto Rico Islanders in the first round. If Vancouver qualifies, the 2 USL teams will play each other. What a coincidence!! Must be those magic balls Concacaf uses for their "draws". Group C Columbus Crew (USA) Saprissa (CRC) Cruz Azul (MEX)-Herediano (CRC) Canada (TFC/Caps)- Puerto Rico Islanders (PUR) * MTL-TFC 0-5
  11. So it's all the fault of the private company? lol Sounds like typical public sector employee bullsh*t. As for CSL owners buying land, thanks for the laugh. They won't pay the what, $30 in gas for the North York-London game, but they are going to buy land. I got some for sale if they want.
  12. ^ Yeah, I see FC London's next 3 home games are at the Portuguese club, German club, and Marconi club. I guess they figure they'll be lucky to get 200. Is TD not available? Or this some way to reach the ethnic communities or spread the games around which seems sort of dumb to me. My point is the potential is there. Sure, many people were there because it's the first game and all that. But you can't tell me all 3,500 are just a bunch of sheep that have no interest in soccer.
  13. Wait, was this game in London, England? No?! You mean in a small Canadian city, 3-4 000 people showed up to watch a seemingly well-funded/run/marketed, amateur youth team in a half-decent stadium? Wow, that's like out of this stratosphere. What's next, a man on the moon? That's just crazy talk.
  14. Rocket Robin in an other thread posted that the stadium is being resurfaced.
  15. LOL. An other thing people should maybe ponder is irony. And simply selling tickets for real cheap and announcing it at the game is not marketing. If anything, people devalue a product when it's cheap. As for the original question, I think you have to answer it in a bigger context of where you see (what you want) pro soccer in this country. If for example we have 3 MLS teams and 6-7 USL D1 teams, then there really is no place for the CSL.
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